When is outsourced customer service good for small business?

When is outsourced customer service good for small business?

The strategy most businesses use these days is how they can effectively handle their customers. Successful companies can attest that the key to achieving growth is running a well-defined outsourced customer service.


Like most organizations, small businesses work hard to make money. They also look for ways to cut expenses. Successful companies can say that the key to achieving growth is running well-defined customer service process. But before you go out and look for a call center provider, here are 5 basic questions you need to answer before considering outsourcing:

1. Do you want to save money? This is a question that is quite common among owners. There are many cases when call volumes are so high the company needs to invest more in new phone systems, customer relationship management, getting a bigger space, and hiring additional people. Hiring a call center can keep these costs at a minimum because they can delegate agents to manage more customers.

2. Is the product fairly easy to handle? If you have a product or a service, outsourcing offers tremendous business growth potential. Products or services with complex sales cycles or with in-depth troubleshooting can take up a lot of man-hours. This type of business is not good for outsourcing.

3. Do you want to grow significantly? Outsourcing your customer service reduces the hassles that come with high volume calls. Companies need not worry about hiring more people to handle it. The call center can take good care of it.  Their task is to focus on their core expertise.

4. Are you anticipating changes in the future? If the business foresees customer management requiring 24/7 on-call support, outsourced customer service can offer you peace of mind.

5. How many calls can your business handle? Call volumes that increase are easy to handle. For calls that go high in certain seasons or with some unpredictable volume changes, your best solution is to get a provider to manage them.

There are no hard and fast rules for everyone who wants to consider outsourced customer service. Small business owners must understand the reason why they should consider it in the first place. Is it right for them? Will it be hard to manage? Smaller companies with little or no experience may want to start with this strategy to gain a better understanding of their customers and discover new ways to satisfy and retain them.

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