Why You Should Outsource Lead Generation to the Philippines

Why You Should Outsource Lead Generation to the Philippines

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B2B lead generation is a key task that provides support to sales. Top-notch b2b lead generation is based on in-depth market research, independent opinion, a high level of expertise, proper timing and industry knowledge. It should be able to establish a robust sales pipeline for your sales team.

India is a global leader when it comes to IT outsourcing. However, as the country gains international renown for its outsourced services, the cost of transferring processes such as lead generation becomes more and more expensive. The high demand for their services gives India-based outsourcing companies the impetus to charge more. In the face of the country’s continual growth, clients based in the United States must look for affordable but competent alternatives.

Off-shoring Lead Gen in the Philippines

The Philippines is also known as a reliable offshore destination for companies that want to lower overhead costs while at the same time have access to a pool of skilled employees. The country is known for voice services, back-office processes and sales-related services such as b2b lead generation.

Manila, the Philippine capital, ranked as the second outsourcing destination in 2014 and 2015.

Here are the most common forms of lead generation:

• Email marketing
• Web research

Here’s why you should outsource cold calling to the Philippines:

1. Lower costs

Compared with India and its rapid economic development in the last several years, outsourcing costs in the Philippines have remained relatively lower. Outsourcing to the country would enable clients to scale back on their expenses, maximize investments and increase profit margins.

2. High level of English proficiency

Filipinos are known to have a high level of English proficiency since English is the primary medium of instruction in schools. Some can converse with foreign clients as if they were native speakers of the language. This ensures that lead generation tasks go smoothly, with any language barrier to overcome.

3. Neutral accent

Filipinos also have a neutral accent, making it nearly impossible for foreign clients to know whether they are speaking with an American employee or not. This makes Filipino telemarketers easy to understand over communication lines.

4. Work ethic

Filipinos are highly committed to their work. They are willing to come to work on the Philippine holidays and adapt to the working hours of clients in a different time zone. They are known to meet the sales targets and generate leads on a regular basis.

5. Regional growth

ASEAN integration is positioning the entire region for growth. This means that the economy will progress, and this progress will have a trickle effect on client organizations. As the country grows, so will its business process outsourcing center, with local companies making more investments in their people and their facilities. This means bigger and better lead generation services.

The Philippines is a low-risk high-reward destination for business processes with numerous benefits for your organization. Meet, if not exceed, sales targets, and build a strong sales pipeline for your business by inquiring about our lead generation services.

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