Fb Pixel Why Set Up a Call Center in the Philippines?

Why Set Up a Call Center in the Philippines?

philippine-call-centersSo you’re a thriving business looking to move up in the world. For this, you’ve started to put in place various tools and tricks to adapt to the growing marketplace you’re set to play in. And one of these is considering partnering with a customer call contact center.

Yes, you’re not dead serious on hooking up with a call center to better serve your clients. It has been said that nowadays, it isn’t enough to offer great products and services; you need to likewise back it up with excellent service. And, according to many, this is where that call center comes into play.

With so many of these service facilities being offered all over the world, you somehow wonder where it would be best to set up shop to take in and attend to client concerns. A look at several reports and studies, including the latest 2014 Tholons International Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations reveals that the Philippines has ranked 2nd place—a consistent top finisher with more than a few of its key cities in the list (and even moving up).

The survey further reveals that your choices aren’t just limited to Metro Manila-National Capital Region, (which, itself, sits comfortably at 3rd place—outpacing India’s Mumbai). You can likewise set up operations in Sta Rosa, Laguna (82, up two places), Bacolod and Cebu in the Visayas, Baguio City up North, and Davao in Mindanao. There are lots of possibilities should you wish to work in the only non-Indian destination on the list.

Whichever Philippine city you choose, you’re assured of reliable infrastructure, as well as the well-educated and highly skilled team who is friendly and will definitely attend to all your clients with the utmost attention. Plus, they’re all part of that English-speaking workforce—the one that was cited as being the Best in the World.

So yes, the Philippines would be a wise choice to look for a call center partner.

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