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Non-Voice Call Center
Outsourcing Services

Some clients are not comfortable talking live on the phone. Explore other options to expand your reach. Outsource your email or live chat support to a non voice call center in the Philippines. See our non voice call center services below.

Non-Voice Call Center Outsourcing Services

Why Outsource Your Non-Voice Call Center To Us?

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What Is A Non Voice Call Center?

It is a type of call center that provides non-voice customer services via email or live chat. Sometimes, customers prefer to seek help from a support representative without the need for phone calling. For instance, customers who shop online or surf the web for information want to see if they can reach out to an agent using the same channel. There are also customers who want to address their concerns using a professional platform like email.

Non-voice services give your customers the option to reach out to you, which in turn, can lead to better customer experience.

How Can We Save Costs By Outsourced Non-Voice Services?

You can avail of our company’s services which are worth every buck you pay.

  • Quality and competent agents for a lesser price compared to personally hiring multiple agents.
  • Have access to a wide variety of experts for a reasonable price.
  • Competitive pricing system. Instead of fixed prices you are in control of your budget by adjusting the number of agents hired, their skills, and other options to choose from.

Non Voice Customer Support For Your Brand

Magellan Solution’s agents are versatile enough to handle different types of service accounts; may it be voice or non-voice. They will take care of all your requested services. Leave us an inquiry below.