Optimized-philippines call center services

It has been a widely reported fact that the Philippines overtook India as the new number one destination for call center services in the world. While both are progressing, Third World countries, there are strong reasons why Philippine call center services have been preferred over their fellow Asian counterpart. These are the most common reasons why companies worldwide choose to work with call centers in the Philippines over anywhere else:

  1.    Superior English communication skills. Choosing Philippine call center services gives you access to the pool of one of the best English communicators available today. Compared to their Asian neighbors, Filipinos have a neutral accent which contributes to a better conversation and customer experience for your clients. Their high proficiency in the English language guarantees your clients will be understood and also understand the agents’ response. The Filipinos’ Business English skills actually bested other native English-speaking citizens’ in 2012.
  2.    World-class hospitality and customer service. Another admirable quality that Filipinos possess is their customer service skills. The Filipinos’ naturally friendly and helpful personality makes them among the most customer-centric call center agents there is. Choosing Philippine call center services increases your chances of creating positive customer experiences with every call. The result? Happier, more loyal customers and a growing bottom line for your business.
  3.    Strong government support. Choosing a call center from the Philippines means you are entering into a legal, professional and reliable business partnership. The steady growth of the IT and BPO industry in the Philippines is linked to the strong support that their government provides. Investments in education and infrastructure and favorable policies such as tax incentives for foreign call center investors have all added to the growth of call centers in the Philippines.
  4.    Westernized culture. Choosing a call center from the Philippines can actually help you engage your customers better. The Philippines was a colony of the US for over four decades, and their influence can still be felt to this day. Filipinos grew up immersed in the Western culture, from sitcoms to music to fashion. This makes it easier for them to converse confidently and establish rapport with customers from the more developed, Western countries.
  5.    Cost-effectiveness. Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of outsourcing – regardless of the task or service – is the cost-savings. Choosing Philippine call center services instead of your local call center provider, or setting up your own call center, is almost guaranteed to be much less expensive. Considering that the Philippines is a developing country where the cost of labor and living is very low compared to the more developed, Western countries, the financial benefit of choosing a call center from the Philippines is too big to ignore. Plus, the quality of Philippine call center services is at par with what you may get from your locality.

Philippine call center services offer businesses a cost-effective and secure option of working with an English-proficient, customer-centric, Westernized workforce, which can all help your business grow across the board.