7 Amazing Cases of Outsource Customer Service Philippines

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Here are the list of businesses that outsource customer service Philippines and reap exceptional value


Outsource customer service Philippines caters to businesses worldwide from industry players to SMEs and startups. There is no debate with regards to the country’s reputation as the World’s Call Center Capital. 

Customer support outsourcing in the country is among the top services offered by its BPO industry. Here, you can expect excellent customer service outsourcing Philippines to manage and handle inbound calls to your business. 

Voice services cemented the Philippines customer service outsourcing in the global outsourcing industry. Innovation and improvements in technology now highlights its non-voice customer support as well. 

Popular Customer Service Practices in the Philippines include:

  1. Email Support
  2. Live Chat Support
  3. Phone Calls
  4. Social Media Chat Support


7 Successful Cases of Partnership with Companies in the Philippines with Good Customer Service


Below are real world benefits that businesses sprawling across industries gained after getting outsource customer service Philippines.  

Case 1: Top Music Producer

This company needed to outsource customer care calls for products related to a popular artist in their portfolio. While they have an in-house customer support group, they get swamped by the increased number of customer calls. 

After customer service outsourced to the Philippines , the first 90 days provided the following results:

  1. First Call Resolution (FCR) increased to 93%
  2. Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) improved to a level of 95% satisfaction
  3. 90% of calls answered within 10 seconds or less
  4. Outsourced agents are able to resolve 93% of e-commerce customer support issues on first contact


Case 2: Provider of resin-based household and garden consumer products

This company was unhappy with their current level of Customer Experience. In-house team is unable to process and handle the seasonal spike on customer call volumes. Thus decrease in customer satisfaction rate.

After outsourcing, they managed to reap the following results:

  1. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) increased by 21%
  2. Significant decrease in the client’s Average Handling Time (AHT) by 34% in 30 days


Case 3: Online Retailer of CDs, DVDs, and books

This retailer outsourced another contact support center to manage their customer care. They added another outsourcing partner as First Contact Resolution (FCR) hovered around 76% and there was a spike in the Cost Per Call (CPC). 

Philippines outsource customer service provided the following results: 

  1. First Contact Resolution (FCR) rose from 76% to 91%
  2. Cost Per Call (CPC) reduction by 25%


Case 4: Global Sports Media Network

First time to outsource a contact center to handle inbound customer support for their live-streaming platform. Customers are from the United States and Canada, who subscribe to the service through cable TV or satellite TV operators.

After getting the services of an outsourced contact center, results were the following:

  1. From existing email-only customer support, added phone and live chat channels support that allowed customers to receive quicker responses
  2. Average email response time decreased from 3 days to 3 hours
  3. Email volume dropped by 50% as there is a significant speed in speed on the response and resolve of the customer issues


Case 5: B2B On-site Entertainment Provider

This business specializes in enhancing retail store experience. This is through curated musical playlists and the equipment to play it. 

After outsourcing customer support, they reaped the following benefits:

  1. An increase of 38% in customer interactions handled 
  2. Call Abandonment Rate (CAR) decreased by 65%
  3. Increased an average of 85% on Customer Initial Response Time across all channels


Case 6: Leading Energy Company

Major player in the energy and utility sector was seeking to strengthen its overall customer experience (CX). As the company noticed that its Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Rate was below the defined expectations. 

They outsourced a contact center to increase customer satisfaction and to gain deeper insights into brand perception. Key benefits are:

  1. Email CSAT increased by 25%
  2. There is a 33% improvement on customer communication scores
  3. Increase in response rate across all channels – voice and non-voice customer support
  4. Improved business decision and speed-to-market


Case 7: Leading Insurance Company

The insurance company’s digital strategy was not yielding the complete value of omni-channel engagement. This is despite having customer support channels such as web chat, sell-service portal and instant messaging.

After outsourcing to a third-party customer support provider, key outcomes are the following:

  1. Increase of 35% in the overall process efficiency
  2. Reduction by 15% in Average Handling Time (AHT)
  3. There is a 45% improvement on Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Rate 
  4. More than 80% of customers using web chat get their needed services within 30 seconds compared to 55% earlier for the same duration


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