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Difference Of Outsourcing Philippines Vs. India's BPO Sector
Difference Of Outsourcing Philippines Vs. India’s BPO Sector
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9 Ways Healthcare BPO Takes Advantage of Social Media

By M. Edosma

Updated on January 22, 2024

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Many Healthcare BPOs are Overcoming the Challenge of Connecting Patients and Doctors Amidst the Pandemic

Social Media plays a vital role in all industries, especially health care. 

As more people become active on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, medical companies embrace the possibility of taking advantage of it to deliver care.

Healthcare leaders are now enlisting healthcare BPO support services to help them examine the role of social media in doing business. And it turns out that social platforms can not only aid patients with their immediate needs, but they can also be a way to support hospital staff, nurses, and doctors.

This article lists nine ways healthcare BPO uses social media to support customers’ and employees’ needs.


9 Ways Healthcare BPO Make Use of Social Media

1. Generating Real-time Interaction

The pandemic has forced people to practice social distancing. So patients will be resorting to easily accessible mediums to communicate with their healthcare providers.

Essentially the most basic function of Healthcare BPOs is to help you manage social media platforms to meet customer expectations significantly. Having a team of agents to handle incoming patient chats gives you a real-time response to their requests or demands.


2. Sharing Information

In today’s digital age, customers expect support to be available on always convenient platforms. For healthcare brands, this means cultivating a social strategy emphasizing support in every customer journey stage. 

Healthcare BPO social media support rises in value when it comes to sharing information during a crisis or significant changes in prescription. Not only that, hospitals and other organizations are now able to deliver real-time updates on bed capacity and room emergency access through social media.

An active platform presence allows professionals to control the surge of people, especially during hard times.


3. Evaluating Competitors

One surprising use of social media is to evaluate competitors to get an insight into their services and offers for free. According to Scranton University, professionals can mimic these methods to enhance their own by looking into different practices and the business’s social media involvement.

They add that using Information readily available on social media allows healthcare organizations to learn from patient reactions.

Furthermore, Healthcare BPOs also play a role in evaluating competitors by using surveys to gather feedback and improve quality. Technology such as Healthcare Customer Relationship Management Systems or Healthcare CRM helps identify pain points and read customer behaviors to improve service. 

Healthcare providers can use this data to evaluate the possibility of additional services in the industry.


4. Training Medical Personnel

A study published in the Journal of Management and Marketing Research highlights that management should focus on hiring well-known and right medical experts. As it turns out, a doctor’s reputation leads to a positive image. 

Even more so, they recommend that doctors should be trained in interpersonal skills, as well, to provide politeness, comfort, and individual attention to their patients.

The study also highlights nursing staff as the second most important factor affecting customer satisfaction.

Training medical personnel will be difficult during the pandemic, primarily because they must cater to patients going in and out of the hospital. This is where Healthcare BPO steps in.

Healthcare BPO can provide institutions with personnel to assist patients with their needs. And unlike hospital staff and doctors, healthcare BPOs have the time to train their personnel.

Other healthcare organizations hire BPOs to train their staff. They use social media to train their personnel to improve their soft skills. 

They use social media platforms to send training materials and conduct case-to-case simulations even if the participants work from home. It is a cost-efficient solution to promote better care and service.


5. Setting Appointments

Think about this, 44% of patients who research hospitals on a mobile device scheduled an appointment, according to Compete, Inc. This data comes from 500 hospital researchers.

This means that social media in health care is more valuable than ever. And there is a high demand to connect to doctors immediately.

A healthcare call center aims to support healthcare providers with this demand surge. Hence, call center medical agents use social media to facilitate doctor-to-patient communication seamlessly through chat, video chat, e-mail, or call. 

Even more so, with the help of Healthcare BPOs, you can remind patients about their appointments and the requirements or records you will need from them.


6. Promote Products and Services

Medical Insurance BPO uses social media to help introduce and promote new packages, offers, and facilities through different platforms. And it is a very effective way to spread awareness.

According to WEGO Health, social media advertisements have a higher return on investment (ROI) than any other form of advertising in health care. Healthcare organizations can extend their reach without breaking their bank accounts. BPOs can help to set up digital campaigns to increase product relevancy.

This is very important for SMEs looking to increase their presence in the industry. By hiring a BPO company, they can inform the public about what advanced technology or treatments they offer and save money.


7. Act on Customer Feedback 

90% of customers believe that organizations should provide the ability for customers to provide feedback. That is a very high number to ignore.

Customer or patient feedback, no matter how difficult it is to take, is essential for the growth of an organization. Customer feedback is a development opportunity. It allows healthcare providers to adopt a consumer-first philosophy that significantly improves product creativity and development.

However, the way of delivery matters when it comes to customer feedback. That means using online survey forms will help you gather more data, but in some ways, it is ineffective.

According to Wharton management professor Iwan Barankay, tools like online surveys are hardly constructive without a two-way conversation about the service being reviewed. “Customers look for a genuine experience, a real interaction with people. I think that is always going to be true,” he says.

Hence, Healthcare BPOs can help you gather customer feedback to improve your overall procedure and create a two-way conversation. Through social media, healthcare agents can discuss your services intensely with patients.


8. Giving Work Support

Social media is also helpful for healthcare businesses, nurses, and doctors specializing in home treatment. In fact, according to research by the Pew Research Center, 88% of the caregivers in their study said they looked online for medical advice and answers.

By having agents trained medically behind social media platforms, you can provide support to personal nurse practitioners or pediatric nurse practitioners. Getting a healthcare BPO allows you to have other medical agents discuss health issues with on-site practitioners.

Also, permanently open communication is essential since medical facilities are scarce in private setups. And social media can be a feasible medium of interaction because almost everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account.


9. Personalized Healthcare Support

It is no secret that if healthcare providers or professionals keep a regular social media presence, they can help millions. Through social media, they can educate patients about health issues and provide clear solutions or medical care.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are also helpful in monitoring patients’ statuses. By letting doctors and nurses know about the patient’s activity, they can better identify possible treatments for injuries and illnesses.

Furthermore, young adults can also seek medical assistance with the help of social media. According to the American Psychological Association, millennials are the most stressed, yet only 7% regularly schedule preventive health care appointments.

Meaning the youths are not getting proper medical attention. And if they want to seek help, they will, most likely, get it through the Internet.

Healthcare BPO makes it easy to reach customers proactively. Training agents ready to go out to customers and check on them will increase brand trust. It can also help in-need patients feel safe with their healthcare provider.

Since millennials tend to be the most connected on social media platforms, conducting business through these platforms can help you reach new markets.


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      9 Ways Healthcare BPO Takes Advantage of Social Media

      M. Edosma

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