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What Consists Of A Back Office Data Processing Team?

By Yelyna

Updated on May 30, 2024

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What consists of a back office process outsourcing team in the Philippines

Neutral Language

Compared to India, the Philippines has a considerable advantage when it comes to language. English is the official language in the country. Therefore, the Philippine BPO industry is full of workers who speak excellent English with accents similar to the US. The neutral accent and mode of communicating work are perfect for voice-based services. Broadcasts based in the US and UK also find working with Filipino service providers easier.

Young, Vibrant Demographic

The country has a very young population. The average age in the country is 23 years old. This demographic has grown up in a world with technology. Therefore, they have an innate understanding of how technology can be leveraged. Many youths also have access to top-level education, preparing them for the BPO sector. This facilitates their entry into the marketplace equipped with the right skill sets to succeed.

Reduced Legal Liabilities and Management Issues

One of the unfortunate side-effects of running a business is leaving your processes open to liabilities and lawsuits. However, outsourcing to the Philippines absolves such troubles. This is due to these outsourcing companies being legally strong. They can support not only you but the customer and client relations as well. They help you by allowing access to a strong HR and management team.

Cultural Influence

The Philippines is one of the few Asian countries with a healthy mix of Southeast Asian and Western cultures. Much of it concerns the fact that the Philippines was a former colony of Spain, Mexico, and the US at various points in its history. Therefore, Filipinos have grown up watching Western media and have a lot of similarities with their culture. US pop culture is also highly well-received by Filipinos. It may be a minor factor in the overall scheme of things. But the truth is that this cultural similarity plays a significant role in ensuring outsourcing works right out of the box when you work with a service provider based out of the Philippines.

Strong Government Regulations

The Philippine government has done a great job of recognizing the potential of the BPO industry and facilitating its growth. They have enabled a solid infrastructure and policy development. This included partnering with universities to create a BPO-specific curriculum and setting up TESDA. It has helped in funding call center training centers.


Many independent research publishers stated that the Philippines regularly ranks top in service delivery quality surveys. These have been conducted amongst clients from across the world.

Quality of Life

Filipinos have better access to amenities and better quality of life than India.


Back office support companies in the Philippines vs. India

The outsourcing industry in the Philippines is the economic lifeline for the entire Southeast Asian countries. BPO companies in the Philippines employ more than 2 million people
. This is the biggest boost to the Philippines’ economy and foreign exchange remittances. As a result, this tiny island nation is posing as a strong competitor to established global BPO players such as India.

In the past ten years, the Philippines has seen 30% growth. This further led Deloitte to predict that the country may increase its share of the BPO pie to 20% of the entire global market. As a result, they will be able to generate more than $50 billion in revenue.


Gathering the best people on your back office support services team

The usual setup of back-office outsourcing is hiring a virtual assistant. They oversee and help communicate everything to you and the rest of the team. With an assistant, you also save valuable time. You get to focus more on significant tasks with your on-site employees. You’ll further benefit from grouping back-office teams into concentrated ones working together. The sections mainly include:

  • A manager
  • Team leader
  • Support agents

The number of each role will depend on the size and demand of your business. But you can always start small and have your virtual assistant work on the surface of each task. If you want in-depth progress, you can begin outsourcing more team members as you see fit.

There are so many offshore roles for the company. We highly suggest starting by having your C-suite and senior managers in-house.

It takes a lot of time and company resources to use, train, and oversee a team of personnel. So outsourcing your cold calling services is an excellent choice.

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      What Consists Of A Back Office Data Processing Team?


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