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BPO Locations in the Philippines

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on June 3, 2024

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Exploring the Philippines’ BPO Geography

The Philippines has 7,640 islands that have different cultures. The diversity is evident because of the various ethnicities in other regions. It is the reason why foreign corporations love to outsource in the country. The Philippines BPO has the reputation of being flexible in any industry.

The call center companies came from different regions of the country. Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) grants authorization to an outsourcing company. They will use this to operate in other places.

Let us take a look at the various locations of Philippine call centers.


Philippine Outsourcing Hotspots for Your Company

Places have different features that serve as their selling point. This is also similar to your outsourcing destination. They offer various types of services depending on your needs.

Here are some of the places where BPO companies are well known.

BPO in Baguio

Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines. Aside from that, it is also a perfect site for your IT services. There are several establishments here that offer technical support.

The Baguio LGU recently approved an infrastructure that will house IT-BPO companies. This building will strengthen its position in Tholons 100 outsourcing destinations. It is perfect for companies looking for agents to assist their IT departments.

BPO Companies in Clark

Clark Freeport Zone is also a hotspot for the call center industry in the Philippines. It is the second-largest market next to Manila. The BPO offices take up 111,000 sqm, and it is continuously growing. There are several new constructions ongoing for the contact center business.

Because of this development, the place is expected to be a top outsourcing destination in the next three years. Aside from that, Clark is PEZA-accredited. It means companies can enjoy tax perks and other fiscal incentives. So, if you want a less congested developed place to outsource, this is the perfect place.

BPO Companies in Cebu

The market in Cebu City is increasing. With this in mind, this place can administer different services. The BPO companies here are perfect for SMEs and Fortune 500.

Like Baguio City, Cebu is also a hotspot for IT-BPO. Furthermore, it is also a perfect alternative to the congested BPO offices in Manila. So If you are looking for quality tech support with less overcrowding, then Cebu is your best option.

BPO Companies in Davao

Unlike the places mentioned here, Davao City is a calamity-void. It means minimal typhoons are passing through this city. The city is also unaffected by earthquakes compared to Cebu and Baguio.

Aside from that, Davao is also one of the largest cities in the Philippines regarding population. Furthermore, most of the people here are also good English speakers. This is ideal for corporations needing a more quality workforce.

BPO Companies in Manila

Manila is the most industrialized region in the Philippines. It is the headquarters for the majority of big corporations.

Foreign investors preferred Manila to be their outsourcing destination. Most of it is because of the service quality. Most of the professionals live here. Aside from that, it is also the center of all industries in the Philippines.

Call Center Outsourcing Philippines Service for Your Business

The place where you are going to outsource your business is essential. However, you also need to know what service fits you. Once you figure it out, picking the destination will be easier.

Here are some of the services they can offer to your company:


There are tons of services to choose from. Make sure to weigh in your options.


BPO Manila: The Call Center Capital of the Philippines

If you are still confused about what place to choose, the safest choice is Manila City. Compared to all the cities mentioned, this place offers the most services. One company can give you multiple benefits. Manila City also has the best English-speaking agents in the country.

The Philippines is the call center capital of the world. At the same time, Manila is the Philippines’ capital. Logically, this city has the most diverse BPO capabilities.

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      BPO Locations in the Philippines

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