Customer Service Outsourcing: SME Know-Hows When Dealing With Customers

Customer Service Outsourcing: SME Know-Hows When Dealing With Customers

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blog banner for Customer Service Outsourcing: SME Know-Hows When Dealing With CustomersHow ‘The Customer Is Always Right’ Came To Be

This frequently appears in retail. It is often used to convince customers that your CSRs will listen to their complaints and try to fix their concerns.

But what does it really mean when we hear the phrase “the customer is always right”


What You Should Know According To Customer Service Outsourcing Providers

The above phrase is ideal which is why stores try to adhere to their customer service policy. But there is so much more than just customer service outsourcing uk.

Here are 8 common needs that we have encountered from various customers of our clients:


1. Price

60% of customers consider price before anything else. Meanwhile, 81% believe that comparing prices between different sellers is essential. 

SMEs who are competing with other companies who have similar products should consider this. Price is one of the main driving factors in making sales. 

But this doesn’t always mean lowering your prices. It could also entail offering discounts on a product bundle or for orders over a certain amount of payment.


2. Reliability & Sustainability

Your customers want to know if the product they’re getting will last. The outcome of this will solely be based on how customer service outsourcing companies deal with customer queries and concerns. They need to rely on your CSR’s ability to be able to provide answers or solutions.

Furthermore, sustainability is very important to customers. Larger companies are offering new products that promise a much smaller impact on the environment. And this needs a current trend for customers as the fear of worsening global warming is always a possibility.


3. Risk Reduction

Aside from reliability for ecommerce partners like you, you also have to be aware of how your customers want to know if they’re at risk of losing their money or time. 

Thus, having a product return policy and guarantee is a very important step for you to stay competitive.


4. Usability & Convenience

How much does it cost to outsource call center service?’ This is the initial question once you start thinking about how your customers use your products and why they like them.

We guarantee that your outsourced team from Magellan Solutions will have intensive knowledge about your product. In turn, we make sure to make our calls informative and concise. 


5. Transparency

Your customers want to know exactly what they’re paying for. That’s why our SME clients are transparent about what their customers are actually going to pay at the checkout.

Business secrets are hard to keep. And whether you like it or not, a certain form of karma will come back in the long run with all the hidden fees you have. 

This is why large corporations are trusting and inquiring how to outsource customer service.

Transparency may apply but is not limited to ingredients in foods, the supply chain of a retailer, or the true size and fit of a product. 


6. Control over the product

Control could be when subscription-based brands can offer control over the terms or the length of the subscription. Or it could be about how eCommerce brands offer options for their shipping, especially during holidays.

Additionally, control may directly pertain to customization of the product itself. This is when customers take the reign and let their creativity do the finishing touches to what they buy.


7. Empathy & Friendliness

Experiencing bad customer service always leads to customers saying that they would not be purchasing again and would instead find a better brand. 

And this is where our forte lies. 

According to recent studies, customers are willing to pay 17% more for a company that offers excellent customer service.

You may think that our customer service outsourcing pricing is over your budget. But we beg to differ. Our pricing is very much flexible.


8. Information

The most important factor a customer needs is information. 

In this case, they need more than just guidance from your CSR agents. They need information, visual or not, via your website pages or even product listings. 

Product listings serve as the first step. This is where customers start having questions. And if your CSR is able to answer, it could lead to having a sale.

And what better way than to have your customer service outsourcing uk partner up with product listers from us.


Proving to be the right one for customers!

Without customer service outsourcing companies like us, you’re bound to encounter the limits of what you do just by yourself. That’s why we want to get to know you and your objectives. 

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