Do You Need a Script for Your Order Processing Call Center?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled Do You Need a Script for Your Order Processing Call Center?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled Do You Need a Script for Your Order Processing Call Center?

Is a script important in establishing smooth sailing communication in an order processing call center?


You need to consider a lot of things when planning to outsource your order processing call center. It is one of the key factors in order to have a better outcome when pursuing business deals. 


That’s why it is important to plan out your strategy when communicating with every prospect client. So, is it really necessary to compose a script in your order taking process?


Giving a script to your agents will make the product presentation easier. They can follow what’s on the script without stuttering or skipping on important details.


You can also give a consistent branding to your clients when you have a script. Moreover, you can decide what kind of tone you want  your agents to deliver when talking with customers.


On top of that, you can also train your agents faster. There’s no need for any complicated mock calls since they can go by the script you have. It is also more convenient to monitor them based on the indicators you provided together with the script.


Despite this advantage, having your agents religiously follow the call script can lead to critical mistakes. Some order taking agents tend to sound robotic when reading a transcription. Making them sound unenthusiastic in customers’ perspective.


Your customers don’t like to talk with unenthusiastic agents. In fact, 78% of customers abandoned their call with an agent that has a robotic delivery. You will lose a lot of possible profit if your agents sound this way.


Therefore, you need to balance out the usage of a scripted conversation when talking with your clients. You have to figure out when you need your agents to go by the script and when to follow their instincts.


You still have to study what your customers want to figure everything out. After all, 34% of customers say that they have a better experience when the agent doesn’t sound like reading from something.


Tips on Creating an Effective Order Taking Call Center Script

Here are some of the tricks that you can use when writing an order taking script for your customers:


  1. Always start your script with a cheerful greeting. – A simple “Good day” or “Hello” is enough to jump start the order taking conversation. You can also add the tagline of your business to make it more personalized.
  2. Leave a part where your agents can talk directly to customers without looking at the script. – After the greeting, put a blank space on the script where the agent can freely ask anything to your customers. It helps to build a better rapport with them before processing their orders.
  3. Avoid a word-by-word script if possible. – To steer clear of any robotic sounds, make your script flexible for any changes. Let your agents make some minor tweaks where they can comfortably deliver every word.
  4. Create a call flow to guide your agents whenever they’ve lost in the conversation. – It is imperative that your agents still follow the step-by-step order taking process even if they have a flexible script. Call flow will help them if customers have a lot of questions and they have to go back to the script.
  5. Prepare answers for some common occurrences. – As mentioned, it is important to study your customers to know exactly what they want. Listening to previous calls will help you formulate answers to some of customers’ regular questions. It may not be part of the main script but it will be great if agents can have something to go by when customers ask these questions.


Inbound Order Taking Services for SMEs

Beside processing their order, you can get other inbound services when you outsource your order taking department. Here are some of it:



You can combine this other inbound call center service with your order taking process to create a wonderful experience for your customers. They will likely consider your business over other companies when you have all these call center features.


All you need now is to partner up with the best BPO company for your business.


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