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SaaS Sales Outsourcing

By Lorraine O.

Updated on June 7, 2024

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Struggling to hit your SaaS sales goals? You’re not alone!
As a SaaS entrepreneur, you know the pressure to scale quickly and meet market demand. However, building an in-house sales team can be costly and time-consuming.

What if a solution could supercharge your sales engine, reach untapped markets, and free up your team to focus on innovation? Introducing SaaS Sales Outsourcing.

Software-as-a-service, or SaaS, is one of the fastest-growing branches of the tech industry. More and more entrepreneurs are investing in the SaaS industryas the demand for SaaS grows.
Keep reading to discover the compelling reasons to consider outsourcing your sales!

What is SaaS Outsourcing?

SaaS sales outsourcing is hiring a third-party service provider to take over certain aspects of a SaaS business. Aside from reducing and almost eliminating the need for internal teams to handle certain business functions, outsourcing covers almost every other business function, from product development to payroll accounting.

Which Services Can Outsource SaaS?

SaaS businesses can outsource services in almost every stage of their operations. Some of the services for Service-as-a-Software outsourcing include:

1. Software Development

Outsourcing SaaS lets you hire a software development team to build your SaaS software updates, primarily catering to your businesses’ services and functions. They can develop cloud-based SaaS software and mobile applications to optimize numerous business functions, from administrative tasks to accounting databases. The upside is that you can customize software based on your enterprise’s specific needs or the range of services you offer.

2. SaaS Support (Technical)

Outsourced tech support helps end-users in every stage of SaaS usage, from installation to troubleshooting. Tech support agents are trained in various technology areas to provide sensible advice and maximize tech services for companies.

3. SaaS Support (Customer)

Service providers offer customer services in many channels, such as email, phone, and live chat support. Multilingual customer support services are also available for outsourcing for a business expanding globally, with a wide range of language options for every need.

4. Web Design and Development

In the digital age, keeping your online presence engaging is essential. SaaS outsourcing allows you to outsource web designers and developers to create a dynamic, interactive website for your business, including creating and optimizing your website for a great user experience.

5. Staff Leasing

Staff leasing allows you to source and hire additional team members for your company at a reduced cost. This will enable proprietors to save on incidental and operational costs of recruiting and managing in-house staff.

6. 24/7 Inbound Call Center

A 24/7 inbound call center boosts your customer experience by allowing them to call for support anytime. This also accommodates calls from different time zones. Call center outsourcing is also beneficial for a SaaS startup, as technical concerns happen often and need to be addressed immediately, most of the time.

7. Data Entry

Data entry can be time-consuming and often requires a certain specific skill set. Outsourcing data entry can help ensure data is stored and processed expertly, especially for small businesses, as well as cost-effectively.

8. Lead Generation

Like data entry, lead generation is also time-consuming and complex. Outsourced lead generation provides high-quality leads in a short period and significantly boosts your sales force.

9. Accounting

It can be costly to hire a qualified professional for your accounting needs. Regarding professional accounting services, outsourcing is a cost-efficient alternative to in-house hiring.

10. Billing Support

Even if your billing process is automated, customer service is still essential, as finances need great focus and accountability, especially in verifying vital, confidential information. Outsourcing your billing support will streamline the process and improve customer satisfaction.

11. Inbound Sales Support

As an eCommerce business, inbound sales is the heart of the enterprise. Strengthen your inbound strategy by outsourcing inbound sales support.
These are some of the services that a SaaS company can offer. While outsourcing these services is ideal and cost-effective, it is still best to consider your business’s internal factors and needs when choosing which services to outsource.

How Can Outsourcing Help a SaaS Company?

Outsourcing is an ideal strategy for all kinds of businesses. Any outsourced service is beneficial as the company grows and contributes to long-term success.
Here are some of the ways SaaS outsourcing can help your business:

  • Focus on core activities: When you outsource, you will do fewer non-core activities and have more time and resources to focus on your core operations.
  • Affordable workforce expansion: Outsourcing is less expensive than hiring your in-house staff—no need to spend on recruitment and onboarding and mandatory employee premiums. You do not need to pay for additional equipment and workspace.
  • Staff expertise: Outsourcing companies train their staff to represent clients in their respective fields. In Magellan Solutions, for example, employees are thoroughly trained to be influential brand representatives and customer service experts.
  • Access to the best technology: Outsourcing service providers use the latest and most efficient tools and equipment. You will no longer need to invest in additional technology and keep up with trends.
  • Reduce business risks: Your outsourced staff is business professionals. They are well-trained in handling your customers and operations. So, the risk of poorly handled business functions and customer interactions is reduced.
  • Disaster preparedness: You are more likely to maximize this advantage through offshore outsourcing. If disaster strikes your area, your outsourced operations shall continue. Outsourcing also helps your business during volatile economic times.
  • Long-term profitability: Business process outsourcing supports your growth in the long run. It helps keep your processes optimized so you can consistently expand most profitably.

How to Select an SaaS Outsourcing Company?

The Business Process Outsourcing industry is booming in many parts of the globe. While many services are offered in the industry, not all would fit your business well. It’s best to evaluate your enterprise’s needs and consider certain factors before you decide to outsource, let alone begin choosing an outsource provider.
You need the right partner to maximize the benefits of SaaS outsourcing. Before you begin, you might need to consider the following:

  • Length of experience: Experienced service providers have more knowledge of navigating through the challenges of eCommerce services.
  • Quality of staff: Ensure the outsourcing company has well-trained staff who can represent your business effectively.
  • Quality control and monitoring: Learn how a service provider ensures the quality of their output and services, and choose a partner who does that well.
  • Safety guarantee: Your service provider might need to handle sensitive data. Choose a partner who has robust measures in place to protect your information. One way of doing this is by checking if they follow industry standards, such as ISO data privacy.
  • Value for money: Aside from being within your budget, your chosen service provider should also provide high-quality services. Find an outsourcing company that offers flexible rates without compromising their service quality.

How to Select an Outsourcing Service Provider?

SaaS outsourcing solves many different issues for very little expense. Aside from saving costs, it covers a lot of ground regarding business functions and boosting the enterprise’s services. With the right outsourcing partner, outsourcing earns your business much more and risks less than expected.Outsourcing is beneficial for small businesses and startups. It is more cost-effective than hiring an in-house team and supports long-term growth and success. So, while your SaaS business grows, finding options that will continue that growth and more is beneficial.

When it comes to SaaS development outsourcing, having access to a dedicated team or outsourced team can be highly beneficial for your SaaS projects. By outsourcing your software engineer and quality assurance needs to reputable vendors, you can leverage their expertise to build robust SaaS solutions while enjoying the benefits of outsourcing SaaS development, such as cost-effectiveness and the ability to speed up the development process. Different outsourcing models are available, allowing you to choose the best fit for your requirements, whether it’s staff augmentation or a dedicated team.

With the right outsourcing partner, you can access a pool of skilled professionals, streamline your processes, and focus on your core competencies while ensuring high-quality SaaS solutions.

A Reliable SaaS Outsourcing Partner

Magellan Solutions is a BPO company based in the Philippines with over 18 years of industry experience. We offer high-quality outsourced SaaS sales outsourcing services for various industries.
Our staff reflects the company’s collective experience—we constantly train, coach, and evaluate our employees to deliver top-notch services to our clients at flexible rates without compromising the quality of our services.
Your security is our top priority, as our company strictly complies with ISO and even HIPAA standards to ensure your information remains safe and confidential.
Create a bright future for your business. Contact us now to learn more about our SaaS sales outsourcing services.

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      SaaS Sales Outsourcing

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