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How Much Is A 24/7 Tech Support?

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on May 10, 2024

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Most businesses use business process outsourcing vendors to gain a competitive edge. BPO also reduces the cost of in-house services. BPO offers various services, including voice and non-voice services.

To outsource these services, you must find proficient, trained, and highly skilled call center agents to help your business. The Philippine BPO industry is one of the most reliable and credible ones, which is why most foreign companies prefer its services.

The cost of outsourcing technical support

Knowing how much it would cost you is essential if you plan to take tech support outsourcing. It is said that getting offshore assistance will provide quality work without paying much compared to paying an employee’s salary. Nevertheless, it is essential to determine first if you need to outsource. Outsourcing technical support can save money and increase monetary profits. This can be the best option that a company should consider to lessen expenditures and, at the same time, survive the global economy.

Aside from the monetary benefits, outsourcing can stabilize the company’s economic efficiency. Likewise, it reduces the hazardous task that consumes most of the company’s resources and time. By outsourcing non-core functions to technical support in the Philippines, you can ensure that in-house employees will focus on the core functions of the business and eventually make huge profits. It also eliminates the training expenses for new employees. An outsourcing company hires skilled workers who can perform the tasks well.

Outsourcing costs involve not only the price of the technical support services. This is because other factors should be given proper attention to determine the cost of outsourcing. Nevertheless, most clients have overlooked these factors that are also important in choosing the correct vendor:

Risk affecting the cost of outsourcing—Outsourcing technical support involves risks that can affect the price. The location is one of the risks to consider, as it influences the project’s completion time.
Type of project—The cost of outsourcing IT support jobs in the Philippines also depends on the outsourced project. The price can be minimized if the project is low-complexity and has precise requirements. Likewise, costs can be reduced if you choose outsourcing firms that are not big players in the industry.

Moreover, it is also essential to know the hidden costs of outsourcing. The business process outsourcing industry is continuously expanding. Choosing the right outsourcing provider is one of the hidden factors that affect the price of outsourcing. Secondly, the time of transition can also cause the higher cost of outsourcing technical support services.

Primary Services of a Tech Support Call Center

Primary services include a call center, back office, and technical support. Call centers provide voice and non-voice services. Inbound and outbound services are included in the voice category, while non-voice is divided into three parts.

  • Live chat outsourcing – This non-voice service allows live talk/chat facility on your site so that customers can obtain the information needed immediately.
  • SMS chat support—This support will make it easier to reach out to existing and targeted customers. The Philippine contact center industry ensures this support can increase brand reinforcement and return on investment.
  • Management and email support – This modern non-voice service can give your business a sales turnaround using finely designed and well-detailed email management support. It also aids in creating business graphs and crafted product emails sent to your customers.
  • Technical support outsourcing services – This support service helps businesses reduce expenses if technical issues occur. Technical support service is available 24/7 through email, chat, and telephone. Likewise, such support service is also available in different categories as follows:
    • Network/Application Technical Support—This specialized service assists with network and application issues and also helps when computer software and hardware problems occur.
    • Pre-sales and Post-sales technical support—This technical support service also handles different technical queries regarding the before- and after-sales of products or services.

Outsourcing the non-voice call center services of the Philippine contact center is a great help in improving operational success, proper management of time and cost, skills, and work control. Nevertheless, it makes sense to understand more about the customer and technical support services to know which one will work for your business.

To whom customers should call when they need assistance?

Hiring developers, engineers, and technical support representatives in your company is not enough to ensure providing 24-hour assistance to your customers. Many organizations prefer support outsourcing, including customer and technical support operations. Delivering customer support using internal resources can be stressful.

The tier system helps maintain customer satisfaction and provides quality service at a low cost. Tier 1 is a technical team responsible for gathering troubleshooting information. This team determines if the customer needs a more knowledgeable and experienced technician. Likewise, the first tier must interpret customers’ concerns or issues before passing them on to the next tier.

The tier 2 technical team provides technical support to the first tier. The technical issue is directed to the third tier if it has no known solution. This tier investigates the technical problem to figure out the possible cause and the possible solution to the problem. It is expensive to hire a third-tier technician, so companies sparingly have them.

Many businesses rely on computers and other technologies to manage their operations. However, technical issues can arise unexpectedly, and hiring an in-house technical team can be expensive and may not guarantee 24/7 assistance. Fortunately, the BPO industry in the Philippines offers technical support services that can assist businesses in addressing these issues. Outsourcing technical support ensures that the provider will be available 24/7, giving businesses peace of mind and avoiding operational disruptions. Technical support services include online support through email or chat.

Technical support services can be customized according to the organization’s or business’s needs. This means it is essential to outsource technical support knowledgeable about your business operations.

Outsourcing technical support services can elevate the growth of a business.

Multinational organizations are outsourcing business processes, particularly technical support. This kind of BPO service can help businesses retain customers and improve satisfaction. If you are considering outsourcing technical support, consider Magellan Solutions. This company offers technical support services in different areas, including software problems, troubleshooting calls, computer hardware issues, internet service issues, cross-sell/up-sell purchases, help-desk support, and warranty support.

Choose a provider with well-trained and skilled staff who can handle technical matters. This can be beneficial to the organization as it provides some advantages. Businesses and organizations outsourcing technical services can expect better results. They will also save time resolving technical issues instead of focusing on the core business functions. Hiring a specialized team can be expensive in the long run. However, if you outsource technical support services, it will save you money.

Another advantage of outsourcing call center jobs is that the task is carried out 24/7/365. This means the customers will be assisted regardless of geographical location and time. Likewise, customers can obtain the information needed at any time of the day. More so, the service is delivered, ensuring quality as it reflects on the image of the outsourcing company. It is helpful to seek technical support services because it is a strategic approach to building the credibility of a business. It will be easier to help customers with their concerns and needs.

The Philippine call center has a pool of skilled and well-trained technical support personnel, so foreign companies prefer outsourcing such services. Filipinos can deal with foreign clients because they can speak English fluently and adequately. This means communicating with clients and understanding their concerns will be easier. Outsourcing technical support benefits the company if the services are done well.

Using the services of a call center in the Philippines makes a business competitive. It gives the company an edge over its competitors. However, finding a service provider with good standing and credentials is essential. Also, this is a lucrative option that a company should consider to improve the business further, making it competent in the global environment.

Before outsourcing technical support from any outbound call center, it is essential to determine if this move will do well for the business. You can start by analyzing the company’s status and see if it is viable to seek technical support services. Years have passed, and technical support has influenced customer behavior and expectations. That is why every company seeks tech support available in different tiers—this way, customers’ needs are addressed promptly and accurately.

Improvement of services is continuous.

Indeed, outsourcing services from the call center industry would cost significant money. Regardless of the service you want to outsource, you should expect to spend more. However, the money invested in outsourcing services is overrated by the benefits the BPO industry provides to companies and organizations. Starting a business nowadays is not hard. Some people can do the job even if the business owner is not knowledgeable about running a business.

Gone are the days when companies are doing their task of looking for employees capable of doing the job. It has been several years since business process outsourcing was introduced, so business executives’ worries and tiring jobs have been alleviated. This is because the non-core functions can be outsourced to a third-party provider. This will cut the cost of paying the salaries and benefits of the employees and instead assign them to other core functions.

The main goal of outsourcing is to save money, yet the quality of service should not be compromised. Otherwise, if the service is not satisfying, it will most likely result in a sales drop and less profit. That is why if you outsource services, monitor how the service is implemented and whether it provides a positive turnout for your business. Make sure that the profit gained is greater than the money invested.

Aside from the cost of outsourcing, other concerns should be given attention before deciding to obtain the services. Any business that outsources services must transfer confidential data to the outsourcing company. This means that if you outsource email support jobs in the Philippines, there is a possibility that data security will be compromised. There are instances in which call center agents will be enticed to obtain confidential data through fraudulent means.

Additionally, it is essential to fully understand the organization’s processes and cost structure. This can prevent structural risks. The lack of control and limited transparency are other concerns that should be considered before outsourcing services from BPO providers. Loss of power over outsourced functions can substantially threaten business operations.

With outsourcing, the company should still be aware of changes in the market and become responsive. Outsourcing helps push the business further, but the outsourcing company should monitor the services, the investments, and the profits. Likewise, it should be done strategically to ensure success.

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      How Much Is A 24/7 Tech Support?

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