Is Telemarketing Effective?

Is Telemarketing Effective

Is Telemarketing Effective


If you are trying to discover an effective marketing tool and a certain way to reach consumers to increase sales and build brand equity, telemarketing is one of the best techniques you can find. Skeptics ask “Is telemarketing effective in 2020?”. The simple answer is heck yeah. It can never die as, like the other processes and industries, telemarketing has learned to keep pace with the digital age. 


Telemarketing has changed for the better. New types have emerged and are being utilized by many businesses nowadays. If the traditional focus on volume calling, it is being run today with new tools and software that determine how effective is telemarketing aside from giving efficient sales. 


What Makes Telemarketing Effective?


Even with the continuous innovation in technology, some things cannot be changed— like the important benefits of telemarketing to businesses. Up to this day, it is undeniable some companies use this strategy. Some of these are from the industries of telecommunications, banking, airlines, and many more. They use it as they aim to boost their businesses in the areas of sales and marketing. 


With this, here are some of the common reasons why telemarketing is still effective today. These may convince you to consider including telemarketing as one of the marketing tools for your business.


Provides Immediate Response


In any business, you mustn’t make your clients wait for too long. Customers commonly prefer to get an immediate response from their questions, concerns, and other inquiries, especially if the transaction is business to business. These are the type of people who do not have much time to wait for your reply. They are busy focusing on other areas of their business. They want to get things done as soon as possible. 


Through telemarketing, you can connect with your existing and potential clients whenever and wherever needed. It is as long as you have the means to contact them such as their phone number, the equipment, and professional telemarketers. The faster you respond, the more chances you have for immediate return on investment. 


But not only the prospects can get an immediate response. You can also get a direct response from potential clients so you will get immediate results.


Done by Humans 


In research where they asked the consumers who they trust more, humans or chatbots, 38% said they trust humans more, which is higher than the 20% who reported to trust chatbots, but 42% shared that they trust both. 


Between humans and chatbots, customers prefer humans more. They can get the kind of answers they need for their questions. They can even have a proper conversation with the telemarketer to make things clear. Since telemarketing is being run by humans through phone calls, using it can help make your business look more human. It can add to the positive feedback of your company as trustworthy. More than just talking about what they are offering, telemarketers listen. And every customer wants to be heard. 


As long as you get the professional and dedicated telemarketers who will help you uplift your business, give them the proper training, and provide them with the materials needed to do the job, then consider your telemarketing campaign a success. 


Less Invasive


If you are wondering about the question “Is telemarketing effective?” then this would be one of the best answers you could get. One of the focuses of telemarketing is to provide a high-quality customer experience. It allows businesses to go beyond phone conversations. It also allows potential clients to get their chosen way of conversing. Companies should keep pace with the continuous innovation in technology. It is especially with the tools and methods of communicating with consumers.


By providing what they prefer, the interaction has the potential to be more interactive. It could give your business a higher chance of closing a deal. The upside of this is can now be considered as less invasive and more convenient for the customers. 


An Individual Direct Marketing Approach


Telemarketing is a one-on-one marketing strategy. Here, you will have to converse with only one prospect at a time. It makes the process less complicated for the telemarketers compared to in-person sales strategy where sometimes you will have to convince a group of people, such as a family, at a time to purchase your products or services.


It makes the process of transmitting and disseminating the information that consumers need to be familiar with your brand together with your products and/or services easier. You can introduce your products and services to a broader customer base by attracting new customers and clients.


Can be Easily Adjusted


No matter what your business needs, may it be lead generation, survey, cold calling, and other important business processes, you can use telemarketing. The good thing about telemarketing is it can easily be adjusted based on your requirements. This is why there are different types of telemarketing for various business needs. It aims to provide organizations with their desired result. This is one of the main reasons why businesses still use it. It is an effective tool for their various business needs.


Moreover, you can also easily enhance your telemarketing campaign based on a lot of factors, such as the data of your prospects and the previous result. 


Businesses Can Expand Their Reach and Knowledge


With the use of telemarketing, businesses can expand their customer base as they don’t have to be physically present to get in touch with potential clients. Anytime and anywhere, they can connect with prospects through phone calls with the help of professional telemarketers or virtual assistants for sales.


Through telemarketing as well, both businesses and prospects can learn new things from each other. Businesses can discover more information about their prospects and can even use the data to improve their marketing strategy— instant market research. You can even tailor your strategy to specific customers. Prospects also can expand their knowledge of the brands, products, or services that they are not yet aware of. Take note that in doing business, if the customer cannot come to you, you should be the one to make efforts to reach them and make them familiar about your brand. 


Increase the Effectiveness of Other Marketing Strategies


If you are using other marketing strategies, you can utilize telemarketing to find out if it is working. This is because some marketing techniques can be strengthened with telemarketing. It makes you capitalize on the interest showcased by the potential clients over the phone. An example of this is when you are doing direct email marketing. Telemarketers can regulate the calls to all the receivers of the email to find out the effectiveness of your direct email marketing campaign. It may be a way to make sure that they received the email, to be in contact with them if they are having doubts, or even to follow up. 


Businesses Still Use Telemarketing


One of the solid proofs concerning the question “Is telemarketing effective?” is the fact that there are a lot of businesses from different industries that still use this method while taking advantage of call center outsourcing. It is truly effective as no business owner would want their pride to end up nothing. Businesses will not invest in something they will not benefit from. They are always into things that can make their company grow. 


Moreover, businesses always end up with every business plan, decision, strategy, and many more through careful thinking of the decision-maker. Some even research to ensure that they are aware of the pros and cons. They have already seen the potential of something before they even go with it. 


So… Is Telemarketing Effective?


Telemarketing works if done properly. It is up to you on how you can maximize its potential. Good customer relationship is one of the keys to a successful business. Outsourced telemarketers from a trusted call center can help you achieve it. With a friendly voice of telemarketers and a list of quality leads, you can increase your chances to make your direct marketing success.



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