Types of Telemarketing for Your Business Needs

Types of Telemarketing for Your Business Needs

Types of Telemarketing

Types of Telemarketing


Telemarketing is one of the important tools for businesses to achieve successful sales and marketing efforts and continue to grow. It is done through a phone call commonly used by companies for lead generation, market research, survey, cold calling, and other business processes. This is because there are different types of telemarketing for specific needs. 


It offers many benefits to companies. If you want a quick, hassle-free, and cost-efficient technique to identify and contact potential clients, the telemarketing industry can greatly help you. It is better compared to other different ways to be in contact with consumers. Simply think of an effective telemarketing campaign. 


This is beneficial, especially for small businesses. With the use of a well-written script, advanced equipment, and enthusiastic telemarketers, you can achieve your business goals. It is especially in the areas of sales and marketing without having to spend a huge amount. Some professionals have estimated that in telemarketing, closing a deal is less than one-fifth of the cost of having a staff to make sales in person.


Why Telemarketing is Important in Business


Telemarketing services are necessary for businesses as it is a faster and more reliable process to get more customer bases. It helps you connect with previous, existing, new, and potential customers. 


Even if it is done through phone conversations by generating their phone numbers, you can still get important information. It includes their needs and requirements that can be of big help for your organization. It can help you identify your target market. 


Moreover, it can help you save time and money while still getting the purpose to communicate and engage with prospects. It can help you discuss with them the products and services you offer. Telemarketing, when done properly and established with a good reputation, can bring you a fortune.


Aside from the above mentioned, you can also use telemarketing to keep your loyal customers updated with the latest products and services you have. These are the clients you would want to always take care of. They are the ones who are more than willing to hear what’s new. It will not be too difficult for you to make the purchase.

Different Types of Telemarketing


Doing telemarketing is not like a piece of cake. Every business owner should understand that there are different types of telemarketing. You and each of your people must have a strong knowledge of each type and its function. Every kind is different from the others. 


Choosing an approach that is not appropriate to what you truly need may end up to the downfall of your business. That is how important knowing each of these as we know that no business owner would want this to happen.


With this, here are the 4 types of telemarketing and everything you need to know about each of these:


  1. Inbound telemarketing – the reactive type of telemarketing. It encourages customers to call businesses first.
  2. Outbound telemarketing – the proactive form of telemarketing. It requires businesses to reach out to potential customers they’ve never been in touch with before through unsolicited phone calls.
  3. Business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing – exclusively for business to business transactions only.
  4. Business-to-consumer (B2C) telemarketing – targets direct consumers who need a specific product or service.


Inbound Telemarketing


It is called inbound telemarketing when you are receiving incoming phone calls from customers, generated by broadcast advertising. It involves allowing potential clients to contact you. They are the ones initiating the telemarketing. It is for this reason why handling them well and making them feel valued by an inbound telemarketer is important. 


One of the examples here is answering inquiries or taking orders from customers who have seen your advertisement online or offline, digital, or non-digital. They are more likely to contact you once they get interested in the products and services that you are offering. They obviously would want to know more about that specific product of yours and require a little push to purchase. And this is the best timing to do it. 


The main function of inbound telemarketers is not to hard sell, but to take orders. This is the type of marketing strategy that is more profitable as the customers calling are already interested and are more likely to purchase. Ensure that you have the right telemarketers equipped with proper training for this can help bring your business to success.


Outbound Telemarketing 


Outbound telemarketing is the opposite of inbound telemarketing. Here, the telemarketers are the ones to initiate the call to the potential customers. The end consumers can be the direct aim in outbound telemarketing. The goal here is to introduce the business products or services to the clients who are not aware yet about it. 


Since the prospects still do not have any idea about the brand, the outbound telemarketers generally require more training and product knowledge. They also need patience and intense training in customer service. They need to do hard selling to convince the prospect to purchase. The agent needs to know how to market a specific product to a particular customer. Each type of product and customer needs to be handled differently for a more successful outbound business sales campaign


It is more of a cold calling which is favorable to companies as a cold calling has many benefits. This is much harder than the other types of telemarketing. It is for this reason why the cost of outbound services is different from inbound.


An example of outbound telemarketing is when an internet provider has a new product or has an upgrade. The agent or virtual assistant for sales will call the potential client to introduce it and make them understand why it is better than the others. It is in this type of telemarketing strategy where a proactive sales approach is needed. 


Business-to-Business (B2B) Telemarketing


This type of telemarketing is exclusively for business to business transactions only. Many companies do this to sell or link with other organizations. It has the same goal as outbound telemarketing— to raise awareness of your brands together with your products and services. The inclusions of outbound telemarketing are new account development, inbound order taking, customer support, and inquiry handling


B2B telemarketing requires professional telemarketers who are highly knowledgeable and proficient to do different types of telemarketing jobs. It is important as they connect with businesspeople and decision-makers. You need people who can help you grow and build credibility for both existing and potential clients.


Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Telemarketing


In contrast to the B2B telemarketing which focuses on businesses, B2C targets direct consumers who need a specific product or service. These are the people who have shown interest in what you are offering. The main goal here is also to introduce and sell. 


B2C telemarketing is almost like outbound telemarketing. You are the one starting the telemarketing calls to consumers and also strategically use a proactive sales approach. This is just one of the great ways to get more clients. 


Both B2B and B2C telemarketing have similar goals. Some of these are to build awareness of the brand, identify prospects and turn them into customers, and nurture existing customers. However, there are differences between the two:


Business-to-Business TelemarketingBusiness-to-Consumer Telemarketing
Relationship drivenProduct driven
Has a small and focused target marketHas a large target market
Products have a higher valueProducts have a lower value
Requires complex serviceRequires simple service
Longer sales cycle as there are multiple decision pointsShort sales cycle as there are few decision points
Rational buying decision considering the business value vs. riskEmotional purchasing decision considering the status, brand, desire, and price


If you want to have more competitive telemarketers, it is also ideal to outsource like many other companies. With the help of the internet, it is easier today to find the best telemarketing company for your needs. There are also contents online that you can read as your guide to outsourcing. You can experience hassle-free telemarketing processes with them. They have skilled and properly trained agents as well as advanced equipment that will generate good results for your business. 


In Conclusion

Understanding each of these options in telemarketing is genuinely beneficial to the growth of your company. It will guide you in choosing the fittest technique for your business. With the right type of telemarketing strategy, it can boost your sales revenue and can help you achieve the outcome you were hoping for. And when done properly, telemarketing can bring a higher level of success and a more positive business outlook. 



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