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How to Achieve Consistent Increase in Conversion

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on August 3, 2023

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One of the longest clients of Magellan Solutions continues to experience a steady increase in inbound sales conversion.

During three months, the campaign has recorded a six-percent increase in ads inbound sales conversion. Meanwhile, its PPC inbound sales recorded a 40-percent conversion growth.


magellan solutions


magellan solutions

Initial Hurdles About the Account

The client, which sells health products, initially started its partnership with Magellan Solutions as an inbound account under the shared services. It aimed to increase sales by implementing good order-taking and inbound sales practices through the help of skilled agents from Magellan Solutions.

Call center agents started to receive and deal with customers who saw advertisements on TV, in newspapers, and on the radio.

Upon realizing the need to proactively contact customers instead of waiting for their calls, the management and the client decided to expand the business by starting an outbound campaign.

“We saw this potential of if we’re going to add more agents. The sales [will] grow as well… The tasks of our outbound agents are to call those customers who did not place an order, but they call, hang up, or just inquire. We call them once we have those numbers, and our dedicated agents encourage them to buy the product.” Ryan, the team leader of the account, said.

“Right now, that issue, the sales, it’s already addressed,” the team leader stated. Ryan also explained that while they still experience some struggles when hitting the target because of the onboarding of new agents, they “can come up with a strategy on how to help new agents in less number of days to catch up with tenured agents” with the help of the Training and Quality Assurance (QA) departments.

To prove this, Elii, an agent from the account, said she was “getting the help I needed from my colleague the first time I joined the campaign. I got the service I needed to equip myself with the knowledge to do my job effectively. And in return, I contributed a significant number that helped our campaign grow.


Achieving growth and stability

After seven years of working with the client, the account increased its seating capacity from three to 21 agents.

“We’re able to establish; we grow the campaign in terms of the number of agents,” Alegrado exclaimed.

They also started to tap the Spanish-speaking market. After analyzing the potential audiences, the client and the management discovered that a “significant number of these customers were speaking Spanish.”

The MS campaign also helped the company maintain good customer relationships, which, in return, resulted in loyalty.

“Just to prove the growth of the campaign, even the loyalty of the customers, when the customers are calling us, they are asking for the name of the agents,” Hazel Ozaias, a Program Supervisor in Magellan Solutions, said.

Alegrado agreed, narrating that “they know even when our agents started the call. These customers, they are familiar with our agents already.”

According to a Forbes article, some of the notable benefits of customer loyalty include lower marketing costs and wider avenues to market products to new customers.

Because of the results brought by this account, it has remained one of the most stable and longest-running inbound and outbound accounts in Magellan.

Maintaining a positive client relationship

One of the reasons behind the excellent performance of the account is because of its regular communication with the client in defining and solving current business needs.

“We work with clients by having a regular touch base meeting,” Ozaias said.

She also added that they have maintained a close and friendly relationship with the client.

“We’re building a relationship, a strong relationship. When we’re meeting, aside from discussing the numbers, account, and stability, they are also discussing a personal matter. That shows how close Magellan and the client [is].”

They also ensured that whenever they see any possible emerging issues with the campaign, they “immediately contact our client, inform them that this is what’s going on and discuss what we can do about it. It’s back and forth.” This custom has enabled both parties to address immediate problems like call volumes and other technical issues.

“We make sure that we always satisfy them,” Alegrado said.


Success starts within

Magellan Solutions has always prided itself on its family-oriented and employee-centric culture. This has become the foundation that guides the smaller communities — the accounts — within the company.

One of the agents who work for this account, Martie, said she likes working for the bill because “we work hand-in-hand with our teammates whenever help is needed. We work together to achieve the team’s goal effectively, and we brainstorm to come up with ideas on a particular area for improvement.”

The agents’ performance in delivering outstanding results depends hugely on their happiness at work and their relationship with their colleagues.

“The team promotes open communication to help strengthen our foundation, which helps develop our professional career,” Christine Mae, an agent from the account, said.


Future Ahead

Program Supervisor Hazel and team leader Ryan are optimistic that the account will stay with Magellan Solutions.

According to Ryan, this kind of business is not seasonal.

“It’s very in demand in the US, so it’s gonna stay for long.”

Meanwhile, Hazel believed that the account would continue to grow and would consist, in the future, a considerable percentage of Magellan Solutions’ total employees.

“With the kind of agents that we have, stability-wise, and the number of sales and the kind of relationship that we had with Magellan and the client, we are expecting that this account will grow bigger, add more agents, and probably will grow half of Magellan’s employees.

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      How to Achieve Consistent Increase in Conversion

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