Must Haves For The Best Outbound Contact Center

Must Haves For The Best Outbound Contact Center

Must Haves For The Best Outbound Contact Center

Must Haves For The Best Outbound Contact Center

What is outbound call center?

An outbound call center is a function that makes outgoing calls to:

  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Other businesses

It originates with a sales or support representative dialing a third party’s telephone number. 

But an outbound call center can only fulfill its purpose when it’s efficient and effective.

Must haves for an outgoing call center

Natural Language Processing (NLU) assistance

NLU is technology that ‘listens’ to voice input. It determines the intent of the speaker. Furthermore, it is typically deployed within an IVR system. Thus, its next move could be confirming those booking details. NLU can also have uses outside the IVR context:

  • Training agents in better processes / approaches 
  • Highlighting upselling / cross-selling opportunities
  • Automating data entry

Automated scheduling and dialing

Outbound call centers have been using sales dialers for years. In addition to dialing, compiling call lists is also a must. So if you’re going to automate a process, automate every part that you can. 

Here’s how Magellan Solutions does it:

  • Integrate your dialer with surrounding systems. It could be your call center CRM and cloud Helpdesk software
  • Create a simple automated process. This flags the leads or customers you need to call. Those flags are your call list.

Adaptable CLI / Caller ID

Before considering having successful transactions, think of the customers first. When you call, they would see the number that is calling them. You can think of this as the first impression you’re making. The best way to make it a good one is to display a local, recognizable number. This is called adaptable CLI or caller ID. It allows your call center to choose the number which displays when you make calls.

Outbound Call Center Services and More at Magellan Solutions

We do more than just calling. Increasing your sales is our priority. Thus we offer other services such as:

Lead generation

This is a marketing process of capturing interest in a product. It  allows companies to find potential prospects. Candidates are qualifying  individuals considering their profiles, interests, and their demographic data.

The purpose of lead generation  is to develop sales through found clients. Clients who are most likely to buy services or products.


This is a telemarketing service. Trained agents persuade to close deals via phone call.

Sales in telemarketing is also known as “telesales” or “inside sales.”


The initial stage of companies starts with telecalling. They use this to gather customer surveys to understand them better.


Inbound calls are inquiries about the products and services offered. Often pertained to as a “warm” call, customers start as the first contact with the company. It enables customers to inquire during a time that best suits their interests.

Unlike outbound, warm calls could yield higher profitability in the long run.


Outbound or “cold” calls raise awareness about your products to targeted audiences. Calls are between the agent and prospects you’ve never been in touch with. 

These unsolicited calls convince customers to make a purchase.

We know it takes a lot of time and company resources for hiring an in-house team. So outsourcing with us is the best decision you’ll ever make.

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