11 Ways Technology Improves Outbound Telemarketing Services Experience

A blog banner for 11 Ways Technology Improves Outbound Telemarketing Services Experience

A blog banner for 11 Ways Technology Improves Outbound Telemarketing Services Experience

Technology is shaping Outbound Telemarketing Services in more ways than one.

Since its conception, outbound telemarketing has become the go-to of businesses who want to have a progressive revenue and sales.

But, nowadays, most companies think that Outbound marketing is not relevant anymore, especially with the establishment of the National Do Not Call Registry and the boom of inbound calling services.

These are misconceptions because Outbound Telemarketing Services is as strong as it was before. One good reason for this is innovative technologies that enable BPOs to realize opportunities and provide stellar call center experience.

So in this article we will look at these technologies that are currently helping Outbound Telemarketing Services firms to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency.


How Technology Helps an Outbound Telemarketing Agency?

Back then, outbound call center companies did not have advanced technologies that is why businesses are hesitant to become partners with them. Processing transactions for outbound calls are painstakingly long. And the possibility of making errors is high.

But since the 1990s, high-end technology slowly incorporated itself into the outsourcing industry, drastically improving the lives of BPO owners and their clients. The introduction of multiple systems, software and equipment changes how call centers work especially for Outbound Calls.

Here are some of the recent innovation that changes how Outbound Telemarketing works:

1. Hybrid Center or Blended Call Flows

A hybrid center is basically responsible for both receiving and reaching out to customers. It combines the two functions of inbound and outbound to create a seamless and consistent calling experience.

This recent innovation can easily take-over tradition call guidelines as it centralizes all transactions into one channel.

Developers of BPO software are taking hybrid call centers one step further by creating novel ways to encompass more than inbound and outbound calling communication. They are eyeing to include more channels into the process, such as e-mails, chats and more.


  • Connect all customers into one channel.
  • Provides a ‘single pane of glass’ experience for agents.
  • Seamless routing of traditional inbound and outbound calls.
  • Consolidation of metrics across all communication channels.
  • Improves business data with simple, easy to understand metrics.

2. Outbound Text Messaging

It may sound old-school, but text messaging is now being automated to reach out to customers. SMS can be triggered automatically based on the call disposition. Once a call has been cut-off or if a customer shows interest upon initial interaction, contact centers can trigger a text message to make follow-ups with the prospective customer.

Besides, some customers just need a push. Based on Brevet, 80% of deals are closed after the 5th follow-up. SMS messaging is an efficient way to do that.

Text messaging can also be used as a two-way communication, both inbound and outbound. Through smart analysis and logic, this platform can support many customer interactions from disbursement of promotion and offer to issue management and communication.


  • Helps maintain regular communication with customers
  • Cost-effective channel
  • Improve answer rates with an initial SMS to let customers know you’ll be calling
  • Keeps customer updated
  • Can be used to increase security. It helps prevent fraud calls.
  • Can prevent call centers from having a spike on call volumes.

3. Cloud-based Call Center

By getting a Cloud-based call center, you can now comfortably reach people through the internet and cater to users who have no time picking up the phone to reach you. 

Cloud-based Call Center utilized “clouds” as a way of accommodating all incoming and outgoing transactions. It is a viable solution for those who want to have immediate call center support. Setting up cloud-based call center software is so easy. It is like installing an app on a computer or phone. It will function right away with no assembly needed.


  • Cloud-based Call Center does not require you to have a system of advanced computers to function. It just needs a stable internet and a dedicated team of agents and IT personnel to work.
  • It is much easier to scale, manage, and customize.
  • Immune from hardware issues.
  • Most cloud-based call center software is made to be flexible so you can easily integrate your CRM with it.

4. Outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

To help callers have an stellar experience, most companies are now using an Interactive Voice Response to help them find the information they’re searching for easily.

IVR allows businesses to customize how they greet and receive people based on their routing procedures. It can also be used to proactively distribute communication information to customers. 

Outbound IVR works by alerting clients about their appointment with you or giving them critical emergency notification. Some companies use IVR to automate calls. They use an autodialer to reach out to customers and route them to a live on-premise agent.

SMS messages, Emails, social media posts and automated voice calls, are only few of the channels that Outbound IVR can utilize to reach customers.


  • It increases sale opportunity
  • Helps customers have an excellent call center experience by receiving appointment and bills payment notifications.
  • It can help your company generate more quality leads.

5. Hybrid Model

Not only call centers can combine inbound and outbound channels into one. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human agents can now work together to produce excellent customer experience.

AI brings an efficient, consistent and accurate service with less cost. But despite these advantages, human interaction is still the preferred means of many customers. In fact, PWC found out that 78% of UK customers want more agents to interact with them.

Although the number is high, call centers have found a way to mix AI and human interaction without hurting the business overall productivity. Self-service procedures arise giving AI chatbots the opportunity to deal with basic FAQs instead of waiting for hours to receive calls from an agent. 

AIs are also used to generate leads that businesses utilize to make a sale through emails, chat, or IVR.


  • It helps save businesses resources such as time and money.
  • Offers more personalized experience.
  • Allows businesses to expand their reach.

5. Outbound Live Chat

Over 40% of customers choose to use live chat over any other platforms. This is a huge number considering that social media helps businesses to reach prospects easily.

Believe it or not, 73% of live chat customers find their experience with it satisfactory. Hence it becomes a hub for increasing leads and converting calls to sales.

Live chat allows AI chatbots to automatically reach customers to set up a meeting or appointment after making initial contact with your website or social media. Once a deal or certain action has been made, on-premise agents can start making contact with the customer.


  • It allows easy connection with customers
  • Faster response
  • Promotes mobility
  • Easy to set-up

7. Outbound Video Chat

Amidst the pandemic, call centers are now utilizing video chats to step-up their Outbound Telemarketing service. 

Call centers can set-up virtual face-to-face meetings with prospective customers to make a sale. This is popular for B2B transactions as it allows them to attest the credibility of the agency and the offer. Plus, it gives the experience a more personalized flair.

Video chats help to bring the in-store experience online. Since Covid-19 forced the closure of many brick-and-mortar stores.

Tech companies are also developing more video chat software to make transactions easier. For example, Talkative video chat feature has just undergone a thorough major improvement, introducing support for iPhones, and the ability to screen share and go full screen.


  • Allows a more personalized experience.
  • It allows customers to confirm legitimacy of an offer.

8. Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel contact center involves client interaction across different platforms such as voice, chat, email, and social media. It is a viable service for your outbound needs. 

By engaging with different prospects from various platforms, it allows businesses to expand their target market. Furthermore, customers can easily find you anywhere through multichanneling.

The goal of this solution is to connect with a wide range of customers through various touchpoints. A software where you can navigate all these platforms is important to avoid any confusion when it comes to omni channeling.


  • Flexibility
  • Increases your customer reach
  • Increased effectivity of service delivery
  • Customers gain more trust and confidence in your company
  • Cheap method of increasing your company’s quality of service delivery

9. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM system helps display call information during a call. Such as name, birthday and previous complaints. It also allows you to store call logs and customer interaction history.

CRM is essential to any inbound and outbound telemarketing because it enables you to have the information they need to address the customer. It lets you see and analyze customer development and progression.

In outbound telemarketing, knowing what your customer’s concerns and needs is the key to converting a sale. CRM software can help you do that.


  • Helps track customer interaction history
  • Allows agents to serve customers more efficiently
  • It helps make agents wise decisions and offers
  • Boosts team collaboration

10. Digital Scorecards

Digital scorecards are the best way to help your call center agents monitor productivity. It helps them evaluate customer experience, business processes, and overall contact center performance. 

Digital Scorecards do not affect your company’s outbound telemarketing directly, but it enables you to send feedback and reveal areas for improvement to your agents. It can also allow you to match your business goals to your agent’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • Ensures compliance and maintains productivity.
  • Promotes growth.

11. Quality Assurance Technology

Another tool that does not affect your outbound telemarketing services directly, but helps improve efficiency is Quality Assurance Technology.

QA technology is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal for assessing ROI in the contact center. QA allows you to track all calls that go into your business. Even more so, it can assist you in improving agent attrition, increasing sales and agent engagement.

Furthermore, QA is essential in monitoring key performance indicators that empower your call center team to evaluate customer experience.


  • Promotes efficiency
  • Increase quality of calls
  • Improves agent engagement 


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