Why Outsource Dental Appointment Reminder Service From The Philippines

Why Outsource Dental Appointment Reminder Service From The Philippines

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Reasons to choose the Philippines to outsource dental appointment reminder service

Patients demand efficiency more than ever from health providers, including dental practices worldwide. This is due to innovative solutions when it comes to communication. Thus outsource dental appointment reminder service is a necessary system to meet such demands. 

Dental care providers worldwide adopt this strategy and outsource from the Philippines due to its benefits. Not only for their practice but especially for the patients. 


Benefits of Dental Appointment Reminder Service

For starters, bookings, re-bookings, reminders, follow-ups and cancellations are easier to do when you outsource this service. All these are possible to do online without much hassle of manual appointment scheduling systems.

But how does outsourcing this from the Philippines be beneficial for your practice? These are the reasons why:

1. 24 hours availability

Patients have other commitments aside from getting dental care services from you. Most of all, a lot of them do not have time to pick up the phone and talk to your staff just to schedule their appointments during business hours.

Outsourcing from a third-party provider will ensure you have a dedicated system where patients can book and manage their appointments, online. Even if your dental clinic is way past business hours and closed for the day. 

2. Patients prefer dental clinics with dental appointment reminder call services

It is a fact that patients in general look for the easiest option. Thus they prefer having more than one option to schedule an appointment, without feeling too much pressure to comply with time availability.

More and more of them prefer to do so online and if you are yet to offer this service, you are missing a lot. Outsourcing from the Philippines is the best strategy if you experience a high call volume and in-house staff have trouble answering every phone call.

Online dental appointments are flexible for after-hours scheduling. Here you don’t have to hire additional staff to manage this beyond office hours. Outsourcing provider will assign a staff to do so for you.

This is a win-win solution for you and your patients as it provides efficient appointment solutions while you keep your schedule full. 

3. Provides better experience for patients

This strategy helps you increase patient satisfaction even before their visit. As you go beyond office hours, this means more ample time for patients to book or cancel or re-schedule. 

What’s more, you are assured that patients will reach a well-trained agent to answer or assist them whenever they need one. In addition to that, your in-house staff will have more focus in providing the right care for patients. This is because they are no longer bothered with answering incoming calls.

4. Provides transparency, trust and flexibility to patients

Dental care scheduling via phone is the traditional method which may put patients at a disadvantage due to time constraints. Aside from convenience, it helps your dental practice to make fewer missed calls. 

This will help your patients and staff to maintain and adjust schedules accordingly to fit both the patient and the dentist’s schedule. 

5. Automated reminder support

Appointments scheduling happens a month or more before the exact date. This means it could be lost at some point in the patient’s mind. Sometimes, a slip reminder is not enough. 

Outsourcing this will provide you with the necessary automated reminders to ensure proper notification is sent to your patients accordingly. This will minimize the risk of missed appointments and missed opportunities.

6. Minimizes the cost of staffing

Outsourced B2B appointment setting cost is more affordable than doing it in-house. That is a fact. This is because setting this system in-house needs a lot of overhead cost for staff’s salary, benefits, equipment, software and the necessary training to manage it successfully.

On the contrary, a BPO company can immediately provide custom solutions that perfectly fits your requirements. Which could be easily implemented within a short period. All these without so much hassle on your side. 

You will get a trained professional who can answer calls from your patients and who really knows the in-and-out of customer service to ensure satisfaction.

7. Improves your ROI

Outsourcing is an investment. This is especially true if you are thinking of reaping its long-term benefits. As this will help your dental practice to grow appointments, reduce patient attrition, and boost employee retention and loyalty.

This ensures that workflow within your clinic remains smooth without the hassle of answering unpredictable call volumes. Which in turn helps you to provide better services for your patients. 


3 Tips for Dental Appointment Reminder Call Services

Here are the general tips you can follow to ensure that when you outsource dental service reminder this, you attract more patients and do not repel them.

1. Less is more

There is a delicate balance when sending reminders to your patients. Thus you have to know how to let your patient get the best impact of this feature. This means you do not send multiple reminders every week.

You can send a couple or 2-3 reminders a few days before the appointment. This will not annoy your patients. At the same time offers more room for rescheduling due to unforeseen circumstances. 

2. Message matters

Messaging is crucial even for reminders. That is why you have to make sure that your messaging resonates with your patients. General rule and always effective is to personalize the message as much as possible.

3. Accommodate your patients

Having multiple communication channels will help your patients to reach you using their preferred method. At the same time, this will give you an option to send reminders on their chosen channels that will ensure they will receive and read it. 

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Choose Magellan Solutions For Your Dental Appointment Reminder Service

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Our staff are well-trained and possess the necessary skills and customer service in-depth knowledge to efficiently handle your patients whenever they need assistance. 

Magellan Solutions is ISO 27001-certified and HIPAA-compliant outsourcing provider. This is our pledge to protect your data and information with only the best security protocols. 

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