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Survey Data Processing Services In Different Industries

By Yelyna

Updated on May 30, 2024

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Survey Processing Services in Different Industries

Improvement and growth are necessary for business success. This calls for the need for survey processing. It is so that the data obtained from surveys can be presented in a format that is dependable and valuable for your organization.

Outsourcing survey processing services. From this, you can surpass the competition. We help by making planned decisions based on properly organized survey data. The experts do our survey data processing. We want to help you better understand customers’ needs, behavior, and expectations. This is due to the services of our surveyors having enough resources, knowledge, and verdict required for surveys.

There are hundreds of different types of surveys you can run. Below are some that Magellan Solutions have successfully done for our clients:

  • Survey setup and design
  • Survey and market research
  • Direct marketing
  • Administrative and human resources research
  • Resource planning
  • Academic survey
  • Survey scanning and reporting
  • Survey data entry
  • Printing and mailing services
  • Comment coding and entry
  • Create a survey from scratch
  • Online surveys
  • Statistical reporting
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Quality improvement
  • Competency assessments
  • Medical, scientific, clinical, and social science research


What is the Perfect BPO Survey for Your Kind of Market?

Market Research and Survey Research are two fundamental services. It helps assist businesses in understanding the changing characteristics of their customers. Outsourcing Market Research Services is a BPO service. It includes gathering important information about your consumers. We take note of their behavior, traits, and trends.


The surveys we outline below can be divided into four main types of studies.

1. Market Surveys

These help you understand who’s out there, what they want, and how you can best meet their needs.

  • Market description surveys
  • Market profiling/segmentation surveys
  • Stage in the purchase process/tracking surveys


2. Customer Experience Surveys

This survey helps you put yourself in the customer’s shoes and look at your business from their perspective.

  • Customer intention – purchase analysis surveys
  • Customer attitudes and expectations surveys
  • Sales lead generation surveys
  • Customer trust/loyalty/retention analysis surveys
  • Sales force effectiveness surveys
  • Customer service surveys
  • Customer service representative (CSR) surveys


3. Product Surveys

This is a part of product development. These surveys help discover many things, such as what features, benefits, and attributes appeal most to customers. Furthermore, it helps to know how best to package your product or service.

  • New product concept analysis surveys
  • New product acceptance and demand surveys
  • Habits and uses surveys
  • Product fulfillment surveys
  • Product positioning surveys
  • Sales forecasting and market tracking surveys
  • Price setting surveys and elasticity of demand analysis


4. Brand Surveys

A survey can help you understand how consumers perceive your brand and what values and ideas they associate with it. You can explore your brand’s value and whether people would choose you over competitors in your market niche.

  • Brand equity analysis surveys
  • Advertising value identification and analysis surveys
  • Advertising message effectiveness surveys


Outsource Your Survey Data Processing Services with Top-Notch Business Partners

We offer affordable and flexible survey processing services to meet the specific needs of the project and client. We serve as a global player with quality promise and business morals. We have offered our trustworthy outsourcing services for almost 20 years. We want you to focus on your business accomplishments. Let your survey processing needs be taken care of by Magellan Solutions specialists.

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      Survey Data Processing Services In Different Industries


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