Find A Home For Your Telemarketing Services In The Philippines

Find A Home For Your Telemarketing Services In The Philippines

Find A Home For Your Telemarketing Services in the philippines

Find A Home For Your Telemarketing Services in the philippines

Call Centers vs. BPO Philippines

The terms BPO and call center are used interchangeably most of the time but there is a difference.  A BPO Company performs back-office tasks of any business like customer support or accounting functions. Meanwhile, a call center company handles just telephone calls.

Here at Magellan Solutions, we are not just a call center. We are one of the top BPO companies in the Philippines. We can handle all back office services you want to outsource. We can also build a team that would receive your calls. All this we can offer 24/7. But due to COVID-19, there was an immediate change in our office environment. But we assure you that this will not affect the quality of our services.

Currently, there is a 50-50 ratio of on-site and work from home set-up. Work from home employees have accommodations that are on par with the office station.

There are those who do not have the initial necessities for a work-from-home setup. Thus the company will be taking full responsibility to cater to their essentials.

Companies allow their agents to lease work apparatus.

In line with this, clients can rest assured that they are not charged for any extra fees.


What is Telemarketing Call Center Philippines?

Phone-based representatives in charge of telemarketing, raising brand recognition, and selling goods to prospective clients are known as telemarketers. A result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of people are staying at home, which is an excellent opportunity for you to reach out and inform them about your company’s products and services.

The process of leasing competent resources from third-party providers is known as outsourcing. There are numerous advantages to outsourcing, including a reduction of 70% in overhead costs, the elimination of concerns regarding employees’ equipment, internet, benefits, and other benefits, as well as improved job allocation.

Outsourcing your telemarketing staff allows you to save money while maintaining the high quality of your distant teams’ work and their output. In top outsourcing destinations such as the Philippines, call center staff are held to an extremely high level – the country isn’t known as the “Call Center Capital of the World” for nothing.

The issue, on the other hand, is determining whether or not these company suppliers are a good fit for you. The prospect of selecting from among more than 700 alternatives can be intimidating, so here’s a guide to remind you of the characteristics to look for when outsourcing your telemarketing team to a call center.


Importance of Telemarketing

Telemarketing is frequently utilized to develop positive relationships with customers and generate prospects.

This sort of marketing is carried out through phone calls in order to increase the number of sales. It was founded by a group of housewives who realized they could make a nice living by staying at home. Later, training was provided to enable this type of marketing to be expanded.

It is frequently confused with telemarketing, despite the fact that while both terms seem similar, they are completely distinct. Unlike telemarketing, where telesales representatives close sales over the phone without the need for a meeting or appointment, telemarketing representatives must finalize arrangements with potential clients.

Businesses these days make use of every available platform to sell their firm, products, and services to potential customers. They employ a variety of strategies to increase sales and expand their business, including telemarketing, email marketing, ads, and a variety of other methods. Out of all of these methods, telemarketing is the one that is most frequently employed.

Each of the strategies listed above has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Because of the numerous advantages that telemarketing provides, it is a significant method of growing sales for a firm. It responds to consumers immediately and does not make them wait for responses. Because of the way we listen to people over the phone, we can make educated guesses about their mood and level of interest.

Although social media and email marketing are more recent methods, they do not provide immediate responses. It is possible that a corporation left multiple messages over the course of a week and that the potential consumer did not notice any of them at all.

Telemarketing calls are typically seen as cold calls, and the telemarketing operator may encounter a number of rejections; nonetheless, they are still more comfortable and relaxed than any other method of telemarketing communication. When it comes to telemarketing, a great deal depends on how well the telemarketer contacts clients and develops their interest in the company.


Why Telemarketing is Effective Right Now?

A firm can directly communicate with its current and potential customers through the use of telemarketing. This is very important during the pandemic. It creates a level playing field for businesses of all sizes to compete. Particularly true today that small businesses may already transform their existing phones into a formidable business dialing system by renting a vanity number from reputable platforms, which can be found on the internet.

While it is true that consumers may now acquire all of the answers to whatever questions they may have about a company’s product or service through instant messaging and email, the majority of people still prefer to obtain the information that they require through talks on the phone. This is due to the fact that phone conversations allow people to request a more in-depth explanation of something if they require it.

Telemarketing can also be a useful method for determining the performance of a company’s marketing or sales campaigns, if done correctly. This is due to the fact that telemarketers can call clients directly in order to collect feedback.. It enables a marketing team to assess customer satisfaction or discontent levels, which they can then use to better future campaigns and campaigns in general.

Yes, you may utilize email surveys and other digital platforms to collect campaign data, and you should. Although helpful in some cases, similar tactics may not be effective in all situations, particularly if you are targeting an older, non-techie audience. It’s possible that they don’t even check their email!

While some might argue that many clients are likely to hang up on telemarketers, the truth is that this would not be the case if your reps were properly trained in telemarketing. For example, by understanding the precise set of criteria that clients have, telemarketers can conduct a customer satisfaction survey in a style or way that will be appealing to those customers who are participating.


The basics of Magellan Solutions’ outbound telemarketing services Philippines

Our outbound telemarketing service bridges the gap between you and your target markets. Small enterprises use this traditional way to grow their business. This direct interaction has proven effective. It allows telemarketers to ask questions. They also gather feedback. Lastly, they address any problems that may arise.

We have gathered top techniques from our 18 years of outbound calling experience that will guarantee in converting leads into sales:

The Bargaining Approach

This approach makes use of limited-time offers. Prospects feel like they’re getting the most value for their money. But you will need proper timing for this. You need to calculate first the best possible adjustments to make a profit. Discounts might end up damaging instead of making the prospect buy from you. 

Presumptive Approach

This is more of positive scripting. The salesperson presumes that the customer wants to purchase a product. This is a little risky as a customer may firmly reject the product. This is a 50/50 chance that the call would turn into a successful sale.

Needs-Based Selling Approach

This focuses on getting the trust of a prospect before anything else. The agent would first identify the needs of the prospect before they give the offer. The most needed skills are attentive listening and proper questions from the agent. As a result, it gives you the upper hand in discussing how your solution can benefit the consumer. We don’t want prospects to feel interrogated. Thus we assure our sales professional is good at throwing appropriate questions. As a result, they build credibility for your company.

Maximize your budget with outsourcing contact center services Philippines

The low operating cost in offshoring to countries  does not equal low-quality workers. We always consider the experience of the agent. In line with this, we look into the agreement on the salary budget of the client.

There are other Southeast Asian countries that offer cost-saving services. But most American companies still prefer the Philippines. This is because of the high mastery of the English language and exposure to Western culture. India also offers cheaper services. But the downside is having heavy accents and idioms that confuse American customers.  This is true for both voice and non-voice services.

The Philippines have a skilled workforce and lower call center pricing. It’s the main reason why it would be better if you outsource here. It’s that simple.

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