The Future of BPO Industry in the Philippines

The Future of BPO Industry in the Philippines

The Future of BPO Industry in the Philippines

What Lies Ahead for the BPO Industry in the Philippines?

At the present time, it is unclear what will happen after the COVID-19 pandemic. No one knows when everything will be back to normal. Even the BPO industry in the Philippines faced difficulties in terms of continuous operations.

Many Filipino call center agents acquired the virus. As a result, several companies have to undergo quarantine protocols. Thus, making it impossible to fully operate. One of the biggest outbreak happened inside the office is when a BPO company in Pasay recorded 102 workers.

Besides that, many foreign investors pulled out their business to contact centers in the Philippines. 20,000 to 25,000 full-time positions migrated from the Philippines to the USA. Some agents are under “floating status” during the lockdown.

BPO companies also experienced difficulties transitioning to a work from home set up. Not all agents have a conducive workspace in their homes. The noise as well proved to be problematic especially for voiced services.

The lack of quality internet in agent’s homes is another challenge for them. The Economist Intelligence Unit ranks the Philippines as 63rd out of 100 countries in the 2020 Inclusive Internet Index.

Despite these, they tried to look for solutions to ease down the problems. They provide staff houses for agents and shuttle service to the office. Furthermore, they created more services to suits the current situation.


More Services for the Philippines Call Center

Several accounts gained the interest of Filipino BPO companies. These accounts are popular right now because of the consumer’s needs.

For example, the Healthcare Information Management sector demands more agents. There is an increase in the digitalization of the healthcare systems. Thus, it will be easier to operate it remotely.

They also take advantage of the 200,000 under- and unemployed Filipino nurses. In short, there are ready-made, affordable, and highly skilled workforce for the healthcare industry.

Another in-demand industry for the Philippines BPO right now is the Ecommerce. Consumers are now inclined in buying things online. With this in mind, they need contact center agents to assist them with their shopping.

Filipinos are also suitable in this kind of industry. A lot of them experienced being a salesperson. Dealing with shoppers online is not a problem for them.


BPO Companies in the Philippines

There are two types of BPO companies in the Philippines based on target clients. They are affected by the pandemic in different ways.

The majority of contact centers in the Philippines targets big corporations and Fortune 500. They are the most affected business. Usually, they have 2 to 3 big accounts for them that consist of hundreds of agents. If one of these accounts pulls out then it will be a big problem in their operations.

On the other hand, BPOs that have a partnership with SMEs survived the lockdown. It is easier to migrate agents from one account to another. This because they have many accounts with 3 to 5 agents. This is a good investment for companies that want to have a long term contract.


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