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Top 17 Healthcare Call Center Companies

By Yelyna

Updated on May 2, 2024

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Why Outsource To Healthcare Call Center Companies

The healthcare contact center market is broadly segmented. Healthcare services outsourced are:

  1. provider services
  1. payer services
  2. pharmaceutical services

Doctors, clinics, and hospitals all over the world hire people just the do these jobs for them. Not surprising as many medical professionals who are providing the actual health care are quite busy with their usual tasks.

Even though the listed tasks are not part of core duties, these tasks are still very important. Without records, taking care of patients can be problematic. For example, the information is missing or taken down incorrectly. 

Enter healthcare call center outsourcing companies. Staying true to the original BPO idea of outsourcing non-essential but still important activities to another party.


What is Healthcare in BPO?

In BPO, a healthcare account combines two distinct identities into a single account. Healthcare is associated with anything that has to do with the medical industry. Medicine, medical consultations, and insurance processing are a few of the activities that fall under the purview of health-related services. However, business process outsourcing (BPO) is the practice of contracting work to an external service provider, which is denoted by the acronym BPO.

The healthcare account in business process outsourcing (BPO) is basically everything and all of the resources that are contracted to a business outsourcing company. This could include the services provided or the individuals in charge of overseeing a specific job or process.

It is the same way that healthcare providers, payers, and government agencies serve their patients that the Healthcare Process in BPO is similar. Customers of business process outsourcing (BPOs) can receive medical consultations, medical information, and medical data sharing. BPOs, on the other hand, can only provide care through digital channels such as phone calls, e-mails, and chat sessions.

Because Healthcare BPOs do not have a physical presence in the same way that most healthcare organizations do, the scope of their diagnostic services is limited. That is why they are referred to as support only to providers, payers, and government agencies, as they do not have the capability to be physically present to inspect and ascertain patients’ conditions and requirements.

Healthcare BPO is beneficial to small and medium-sized medical businesses that are looking to expand. By partnering with a healthcare BPO, they can save a significant amount of time and resources that they can re-invest in their business. Even more so, here are some of the well-known advantages of hiring a Healthcare BPO company:

  • Access to specialized talents
  • Improve patient experience
  • Acquire high-performing systems
  • Reduce risks
  • Increase data protection
  • Improve patient health condition


Top 17 medical information call center vendors

Approximately, 46% of the population in America is older than 65. Due to this, the demand for healthcare telephony services is at an all-time high. Take those numbers and add them to the number of people that are in need of medical care who don’t belong to that age group. 

As the number of patients grows, so does the need for additional, yet cost-effective support, in various healthcare institutions.

You may outsource healthcare solutions to the following:

Medical Call Center Consulting Companies Services offered by medical call center consulting centers Certifications / Compliance
17 Concentrix Dash Corporation Support for:

• Coverage review determinations

• Prior authorizations

• Patient services

• Clinical review

• Case registration for workers’ compensation

• HITRUST CSF certification

• PCI and HIPAA compliance

16 Ibex Global Solutions Payer/PBM Solutions

• Member Enrollment and Acquisition

• Licensed Medicare Agents/ibex Owned Agency

• Account Maintenance

• Customer Service

• Benefit, Eligibility & Claims Status

• Claims Management

• Proactive Outreach

• Retail to Mail Rx

• Prescription Inquiries

Provider Solutions

• Customer Service

• Patient Scheduling

• Eligibility and Benefits Verification

• Prior Authorization

• Member Enrollment

• Post Discharge Follow-up

• Claims Denial Review

• Claims Management

• Billing & Payment Support

• PCI and HIPAA compliance
15 Sykes Philippines Healthcare Plans

• Eligibility & plan benefits

• Claims inquiries

• Self-service & website support

• Plan sales

• Claims processing

• Adjudication

Healthcare Delivery

• Prescription drug assistance

• Mail-order Rx support

• Scheduling

• Billing plans

• Help desk


• Product features & use

• Clinical advice/guidance

• Returns & repairs

• Warranty information

• Product recalls

• Accounts receivables management

Health & Wellness Management

• Lifestyle & wellness coaching

• Healthcare system navigation

• Chronic disease management

• Palliative care

• Telehealth

• PCI and HIPAA compliance
14 eData Services Phils., Inc. • AMA Impairment Ratings

• Data Entry

• Decision Support Tool Management

• Deposition Summaries & Reviews

• Insurance & Claim Support

• Medical Transcription

• Medical Histories

• Medical Records Analysis

• Medical Report Editing

• Revenue Cycle Management

• Surveillance (Sub Rosa) Film Summaries

• Virtual Medical Office Assistants

• Virtual Medical Scribes

• HIPAA Compliant
13 Siemens AG Smart hospitals are infrastructure technology for hospitals. It leverages data from OT and IT systems to create intelligent environments that support the entire healing process. • HIPAA Compliant

• PHI Compliant

12 Ubiquity Global Services • Responding to coverage inquiries

• Designing social determinants of health strategies

• Claim and third-party billing inquiries

• Quarterly attestation

• Revenue cycle management

• Data entry

• PCI-DSS Level 1

• SOC 2 Type II

• ISO 27001




11 UnitedHealth Group • Health insurance plans

• Medicare

• Small business

• Short-term insurance

• Medicaid

Dental, vision, and supplemental plans

• HIPAA Compliant
10 GBG Processing and Consulting Services, Inc. • Medical Insurance • GDPR


9 PPD PPD gathers input from patients, caregivers, site staff, advocacy groups, and investigators. The gathered insights help direct viable protocol development and successful enrollment strategies. • PLM strategy
8 ADEC Innovations • Medical Management

• Revenue Cycle Management

• Digital Health Management

• ISO 9001

• ISO 14001

• ISO 27001

• HIPAA Compliant

7 Accenture From the back office to the doctor’s office, Accenture helps clients deliver more effective, efficient, and affordable healthcare with Insight Driven Health. • ISO 14001

• HIPAA Compliant

6 GeBBS HealthCare Solutions • Rules engine to identify suspected risk and opportunity

• Concurrent Review and Retrospective Review

• Robust reporting & analytics along with coder and provider education

• E&M Calculator to accurately assign the right level of service for Telehealth

• Telehealth Benchmarking across the organization

• Auditing of Telehealth services

• Integration with all EMR and PMS’

• Cost-effective solutions to maximize revenue

• HITRUST CSF certification

• HIPAA Compliant

5 Alorica • Healthcare Payer Solutions

• PBM Solutions

• Healthcare Provider Solutions

• Customer Analytics

• PCI and HIPAA compliance
4 Acquire BPO Philippines • Change Entry

• Claims Transmission and Processing

• Credit Balances

• Denial Management

• Eligibility Verification/Pre-Insurance Verification

• Medical Billing & Collections

• Medical Coding

• Medical Data Entry

• Medical Records Indexing

• Patient Follow-Up/Patient Statements

• Payment Posting

• Provider Enrolment & Credentialing

• Reports

• Revenue Cycle Management


• SOC 1&2


• Australian Privacy Laws

• Australian Financial Services Regulatory Framework

• ISO/IEC 27001:2013

3 Calibrated Healthcare Network Healthcare Administration

• Managed Care Claims

• Benefits Plans

• State Enrollment

• Claims Review, Appeals & PDR Reviews

• HCC Coding/Audit

• MSO Development

Administrative Support For Medical Management

• Calibrated UM Program

• Inpatient UM

• Revenue Recovery

• Specialty referral tracking

• Denial Management

• ED Clinical Documentation

• ISO 9001
2 MicroSourcing • Medical Coder

• Medical Coding Trainer

• Quality Assurance Supervisor

• Quality Assurance Manager

• Medical Transcriptionist

• Medical Claims Processor/ Analyst

• Medical Billing Specialist

• Quality Assurance Specialist

• Chart Retrieval Specialist.

• Healthcare Advisors / Representatives

• ISO/IEC 27001:2013

• ISO 9001:2015

• PCI and HIPAA compliance

1 Magellan Solutions • Medical Insurance BPO

• Medical Consultation Solutions

• Healthcare Call Center Support

• ISO 27001

• HIPAA Compliant

• CPUC Certification


• ISMS Compliant


How much is the cost of healthcare call center solutions and its services?

As listed above, Magellan Solutions is the top among all HIPAA-compliant call centers in the country. Furthermore, we are key players in helping global healthcare organizations meet their cost disparity.


We offer the following prices for commonly used healthcare services:

  • Medical billing call center outsourcing – $1280 – $1440 per biller/month
  • Medical Coding – $1600 per coder/month
  • Teleradiology, Xray or MRI reading – $4.5 – $60 per read
  • Medical Animation Services – $15-$25 per second
  • Healthcare Calling work – $1440 per FTE /month
  • Healthcare Data entry – $1280 per FTE /month


There are many reasons why people choose to outsource to HIPAA-compliant call center software in the Philippines. 

BPO companies help healthcare institutions process back-end jobs that normally require a large amount of time as well as meticulous data analysis. Apart from this, healthcare service providers are also available to help with customer inquiries and concerns.

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      Top 17 Healthcare Call Center Companies


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