Top Platforms For Ecommerce Outsourcing

Top Platforms For Ecommerce Outsourcing

Top Platforms For Ecommerce Outsourcing

Top Platforms For Ecommerce Outsourcing

Top platforms for webshop outsourcing

You have to be design savvy and an expert in programming. These jobs are better left with the experts. After all, this is where customers will make their orders. You want to make sure that their experience is a positive one.

In addition, you need to figure out the best eCommerce platform for your business.

Physical stores and online storefronts

A retailer sells both through a physical and online store. With a combination of two selling platforms, consider the following:

  • Have the most popular items available online.
  • Offer a special line of products or services for a larger customer base.
  • Vendor drop shipping.
  • Inventory and storage costs.
  • Shipping methods.
  • Pick-Up or digital products

A storefront still exists for this type of e-commerce, but the vendor does not offer their own shipping services. This is mostly suitable for businesses that offer online products or services. Without shipping options, the vendor should offer complimentary means in place of shipping such as:

  • Provide customers with online shopping opportunities without a lot of planning or execution.
  • No hassle for shipping or returns.
  • Increase customer lifetime value by at least 30% (according to Google).
  • Printing and selling of cards or classes online.

Online store

Products are mostly available online and are being shipped. Even with a bigger opportunity to gain large customer amounts, retailers should still be cautious of:

  • The need to consider storage costs or third-party fulfillment.
  • Competition on product uniqueness and price.

Because of the pandemic, eCommerce seems to be in a pretty good spot. Shoppers that can’t go outside turn instead to online platforms.


  • Phone support
  • Priority service
  • Ticket support
  • Handling of the site’s interface and SEO


  • Site optimization
  • Marketing campaign
  • Emails


  • IT developers
  • Accounting
  • Content management 
  • Customer support
  • Marketing
  • Payments
  • Security
  • Reporting


  • Payment transactions
  • Shipping
  • Marketing
  • Accounting


  • Chat support
  • Order tracking
  • Sending of invoice

Outsource ecommerce customer service with Magellan Solutions

Once you’ve decided on your desired platform, the next step is to find your developers. They should be adept with the platform you’ve chosen. Are you a responsible business owner? Then you should review their portfolio and ask for references.

Have you decided to outsource eCommerce development? Be sure to hire a competent team of designers and developers who can easily tweak your site.

Magellan Solutions offer the following for your websites:

  • Images and Artwork
  • Marketing Support
  • Copy and Content Creation
  • Customer Support
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Shipping & Fulfilment
  • Financial Duties

How SMEs evolved into e commerce bpo

Cementing their brand as an enterprise for SMEs has been difficult. Unlike bigger industries, they do not have enough manpower to secure a stable spot. Thus the business is thriving as securing responsibilities to customers is not done without being stable.

The internet provides a great opportunity for small firms and their activities in the market.

Technology has brought opportunities for services and products to reach globally. Internet evolution has allowed businesses to use electronic transactions. This change brought out e-commerce.

With the coming of the internet, people have chosen faster routes against traditional ones. Ecommerce has now become a universal bridge for retailers and consumers. It has been offering fast transactions and easier data collection, thus making business deals easier and processed faster.

Our agents provide you with the best experience of eCommerce customer service outsourcing. They create a team of competent designers and developers who can easily tweak your site. As a result, we assure you that we provide the best feedback from customer experiences with you.

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