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Toll Free: 1 800 371 6224 | US: +1 650 204 3191 | UK: +44 8082 803 175 | AU: +61 1800 247 724 | Philippine Local No: 63-2-83966000

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Where To Find The Best Philippine Telemarketing Call Centers

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on June 10, 2024

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The Philippines is a well-known global destination for world-class telemarketing call centers that can cater to your support needs. The country has a huge talent pool, many of which are graduates of business and engineering courses. It is also a perfect call center location because its human capital speaks English more naturally. While India is a good competitor in the call center industry, many investors still prefer Filipinos’ neutral accent.

Most of the country’s telemarketing call centers also follow strict safety protocols to protect their client’s confidential data and other information assets. There are ISO-certified call center companies in the Philippines with an information security management system. It signifies that outsourcing in the Philippines is cheap and safe.

Most BPO companies in the Philippines are customer service call centers that can handle basic to complex services such as help desk and order taking. Telemarketing, or reaching out to customers to generate quality leads, is one of the most in-demand jobs that foreign companies outsource to the country. It is an integral part of any business because it opens several opportunities to generate more sales (for both B2C lead generation and B2B lead gen) and develop partnerships (B2B).

Given below are the top BPO destinations in the country:

ISO certified call center companies in the Philippines


Choosing the right call center company to handle your telemarketing efforts can make all the difference for your business. However, finding the perfect partner can be difficult as call centers proliferate. You need to look at the right places to make sure you pick the best out of your wide selection. By doing so, you can develop a comprehensive list of call centers that can assist your business in generating leads and increasing sales.


ISO certified call center companies in the Philippines


You can reference the following examples below when looking for telemarketing call center companies.


Newspaper Ads

Try getting a copy of a local newspaper. Chances are high that there are advertisements that can give you ideas about call center companies that offer telemarketing services. You can also stumble upon some articles that feature news about ISO-certified call center companies in the Philippines. These kinds of articles can give essential information about the company you are looking for.

Are you living in a geographical location opposite the Philippines? No problem! The majority of the Philippines’ newspapers have gone digital. You can visit their websites, read articles, and look for call center advertisements for free. Another good thing about reading Philippine newspapers is that it can give you valuable insights into the economy of the country, perfect call center locations, and the like. To receive regular updates, it is also a good idea to subscribe to their newsletter.


Directories (Online and Hard Copy)

There are various places to go online to find an excellent technical support call center that offers telemarketing services. There are plenty of useful online directories that can assist you in finding the best partner for your business. It can provide helpful information such as the company’s contact information, websites, and location. From there, you can contact them directly or conduct research first to shortlist the best candidates.

Many companies choose to go with online directories, which saves them a lot of trouble. Instead of going from one site to another because of the research that they have done, the directory would give them a long list of companies to choose from. Magellan Solutions is listed in this online directory called

In addition to going online, you can also use printed directories, especially if you have one. You have to ensure that it is the latest edition or that the information is not yet obsolete.


Online Search Engines

Run a quick search in your preferred online search engine using keywords such as “Philippine telemarketing call centers,” “call centers in the Philippines,” “telemarketing call center ph,” and other similar keywords. Remember to use keywords tailored to your business needs so that what you’re looking for will immediately appear on the first page of your preferred search engine. Visit the websites of those that appeared in the results. By doing so, you can find out if the company belongs to the ISO-certified companies in the Philippines, obtain the company’s background information, and read customer testimonials.

ISO certified call center companies in the Philippines

Social Media

Most business organizations have created social media accounts because they know that most of their target audience is on the same channel. Thus, they know that it is a perfect place to showcase their services and attract the best talents (the majority of whom are millennials).

You should make use of this resource if you wish to find a telemarketing call center to work with to help your business grow and become even bigger. Using your business account, you can create a post and publish it. Tell the world you are looking for a good telemarketing call center partner. By doing so, you can get a good number of suggestions.

The good thing about using social media sites is that you will most likely be given a page of the company, and you will get to see their services right there. Aside from that, you can also see how they do things there and see if it is the right company for you. Should you need to contact them, the page most likely will have the required contact information.



Attending conferences is helpful to your business because you can learn something new, and it is an excellent place to widen your network. Some call center owners or executives also attend the same event so they can promote their service offerings. You can get their fliers or business cards if you don’t need their services. That way, you can contact them immediately in case a need for their service arises.

When you attend conferences involving the said industry, you’ll find out which among the attendees are ISO-certified companies in the Philippines or other locations. You can also get telemarketing tips from the gurus who attended the same event.


Site Visit

Have you taken a trip to the Philippines recently? If you are serious about finding the perfect telemarketing call center, this is one of the best ideas. It allows you to visit the operation location and see if they meet your standards. Just remember to come up with a comprehensive list of call centers and call their business development or sales team before visiting the company. This will save you a lot of time.


Billboard Advertisements

Call centers in the Philippines still advertise using billboards to get the word out. This helps them in two ways: it allows you (as the business owner and possible investor) to learn more about them and possibly invest there, and it also helps get possible call center agents to apply for jobs. It is a win-win situation.

So take the time to check out all those billboards you may pass by as you go through the streets of the metro. Make the most of your time if you’ll ever get stuck in traffic. That way, you will learn about the companies that offer BPO services. Take note of them and contact them to see if they have what you need.

ISO certified call center companies in the Philippines

Personal Network

If you want to know more about telemarketing companies, you should turn to your personal network. They can give you good suggestions and helpful background information if you tell them your needs. They would provide reviews and raves and give you practical tips as they go along. If they have personally worked with a telemarketing call center before, they can surely tell you which ones to choose or to avoid.

If you have friends in the Philippines, go ahead and ask them. You can surely get an even better response from them since they are already in the country and may know good companies that you can visit. These are a few of the places and resources that you can resort to if you need help finding the best telemarketing companies. To protect your data, whenever possible, choose the ISO-certified telemarketing call center companies in the Philippines. It is not quite a complete list, but it should help you get a good idea of the companies that are out there and the companies that you may want to go to for all those telemarketing jobs that you will outsource.


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      Where To Find The Best Philippine Telemarketing Call Centers

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