Written by: Jon Borillo

The Philippines is known globally to be a great source of call centers that you can contact and go to in case you need to outsource some back-office support from your native homeland. This is because the country has a huge talent pool, with half of college graduates with business and engineering degrees. A lot of investors have also jumped right into the country because its talent pool has an accent that is quite easy to understand. Although India may be a good competitor when it comes to offering contact centers, a lot of investors still find the Filipinos’ neutral accent to be better.

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One of the top jobs that are outsourced by companies right now to the country would be telemarketing. Most BPO companies in the Philippines are customer service call centers that can handle basic to complex services such as help desk and order taking. But then again, there are telemarketing companies that you can find which can provide really good service and are professionals to deal with. Finding a customer contact center can be quite easy as they are plenty of that around. However, finding the right company that offers telemarketing services can be quite the thing. It is very possible to find a good outbound call center that should be able to help you and your business out in generating sales or leads to grow. Read on: your investment would really be worth it if you were working with one of the best companies in the Philippines with telemarketing.

Newspaper Ads

Try and get yourself a copy of a local newspaper. Chances are, there are would be advertisements there that should give you an idea about which outsourcing companies in the Philippines offer telemarketing services. Or, if you have contacts in the Philippines, you can actually ask them to help you out by sending you copies of newspapers from the country. That way, you can personally go through each and every one and find the companies that may catch your fancy or may seem like a real good company to trust. There may be advertisements from marketing companies but you may have to be wary of that because they may not offer BPO services. It is best to stick with BPO companies as they have more chances of having the services that you need for your business.

It might be a good idea to check out online versions of Philippine newspapers and you may find advertisements there too. These BPO companies usually put in huge advertisements and it would be quite difficult not to see or notice them as they oftentimes take a whole page or half a page just for their specific ad.


There are various places to go online when it comes to finding a good technical support call center that may also offer telemarketing. What you can do is you can actually go to online directories. There are plenty of those around and you can use that to find the company that you may be looking for.

The good thing about using online directories is that there is no need for you to do a lot of research. Once you find a good one that has a list of call centers in the Philippines, there is no need for you to do further research, unless you feel that there is a need to do that. See, these directories have a really long list of companies that you can choose from. You would be able to find there their contact information, their websites, and their location as well. It would be up to you to do further research so you can learn more about the companies that you have chosen.

Plenty of companies choose to go with online directories as it saves them a lot of trouble. Instead of going from one site to another because of the research that they have done, the directory would give them a really long list of companies to choose from. Magellan Solutions is listed in this online directory called 123outsource.net.

Social Media

Social media has been a really good place for a lot of people to go to. Aside from just getting in touch with friends from all over the world, social media has also been a place to display their wares and services. A call center agent can easily find a company to work for as there are plenty of advertisements that happen in these sites on the internet.

You should make use of this resource if you wish to find that company to work with to help your business grow and become even bigger. Using your business’ account, you can actually create a post and publish it. Tell the world about you finding a good partner for your business when it comes to providing telemarketing services. It is quite likely that you would get a good number of responses that you can consider and get ideas from. It is not going to be a surprise if you get an overwhelming amount of comments and suggestions for a contact center in the Philippines.

You may also do research on these social media sites to be able to get a good list of companies. Just make sure that you put in the right keywords and the right phrases to be able to get good results. The good thing though about using social media sites is that you would most likely be given a page of the company and you would get to see their services right there. Aside from that, you may also get a glimpse of how they do things there and see if it is the right company for you. Should you need to contact them, the page most likely would have the needed contact information.


Have you been avoiding all these conferences that you have been invited to attend? Well, it is high time that you should start considering going to these events because they are going to be helpful for you and your business. See, the good thing about going to conferences is that you get to be updated about the industry that you are in. You would be able to make friends and you would be able to learn about new techniques that should help you be better and work your business better. There would also be booths and exhibits there that should give you an idea about what your company needs and where to get them.

See, there are contact centers that come to these conferences too to be able to promote what they have to offer the market – and the market being you. You may not think that you need them at that moment but you would be able to get their fliers and their business cards which would help you a lot later on when you decide that you would need them.

Another good idea would be to actually go to conferences involving the call center industry. This way, you would be able to get a really good idea about the companies that offer the services and see which ones you may want to be working with. You may also get telemarketing tips from the gurus who would be there. That way, you would know what to look for and what you could use for your business.

Billboard Advertisements

Have you taken a trip to the Philippines recently? This should be a good thing for you to do if you really would like to outsource all those telemarketing tasks to the country. Although you may not have chosen the company that you would be outsourcing to, it would be good for you and for the business if you took the time to visit the country first. That way, you would get to learn more about it and the culture. Plus, you would be able to bask in the sights that the country has – including all those huge billboards in the metro. That should pretty much give you an idea about the companies that are offering such services.

The thing about contact centers in the Philippines is that they still do advertise and they also do use billboard advertisements to get the word out. It helps them in two ways – it gets you (as the business owner and possible investor) to learn more about them and possibly invest there; and it also helps get more possible call center agents to apply for jobs. It is a win-win situation for them.

So take the time to check out all those billboards that you may pass by as you go through the streets of the metro. That way, you would get to learn about the companies that have BPO services. Take note of them and contact them to see if they do have what you need.

Friends And Family Members

Are you still having trouble finding that company to outsource all the telemarketing tasks to? It can be really difficult especially if you want to know more about the company so as to gauge just how well (or how bad) they can be. If this is the case for you, then perhaps it is time to go a little personal just so you can get to the telemarketing company in the Philippines that you need. See, you may have to go and ask help from your friends and family members.

The good thing about this kind of technique is that they can tell you about the best companies out there that they know about. They would provide you with reviews and raves and give you practical tips as they go along. It would also be a good thing to ask them because they would also give you a list of companies that you should be avoiding. They would also tell you stories why you should stay away from them. It is quite a good thing to do because you would be saving yourself a lot of trouble going through the reviews and feedback of each company that you have chosen.

If you have friends over in the Philippines, go ahead and ask them. You surely can get an even better response from them since they are already in the country and may know good companies that you can go to.

Yellow Pages

Have you got some Yellow Pages from the Philippines right there beside you? Go ahead. Take it out. Read it. You would be able to get a good list of contact centers there which should be very helpful for you in finding that company that is going to help your business. You can easily call the company up too as you would have access to their phone numbers. The location of a BPO company is a very important part of the whole process. That is why it is essential that you check out the location which is also right in those Yellow Pages. The good thing now is that these huge and thick books are found on the Internet. Same content, but quicker and more convenient than before.

These are a few of the places and resources that you can resort to if you do need help on finding the best telemarketing companies that the Philippines has got to offer. It is not quite a complete list but it should help you get a good idea about the companies that are out there and companies that you may want to go to for all those telemarketing jobs that you would be outsourcing.

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