The Essential Guide to 3D Modeling Outsourcing

The Essential Guide to 3D Modeling Outsourcing

The Essential Guide to 3D Modeling Outsourcing

The Essential Guide to 3D Modeling Outsourcing


Trying to figure out if 3D modeling outsourcing will be beneficial to your business? This guide will help answer some of your questions.

Outsourcing helps in business efficiency and profitability. In the case of 3D modeling, it allows you to start new projects quickly, without much hassle.

If you want to know more about outsourcing 3D modeling, read further to find out more about the following:

What is 3D Modeling Outsourcing?

3D modeling in a nutshell is space and dimension rendering.

Through the use of a computer and a specific software, we can copy reality through math. 3D modeling outsourcing, on the other hand, is the process of hiring a third-party company to perform your 3D modeling needs.

Many companies outsource 3D modeling services as they find it beneficial to their business. It increases efficiency, improves their operations, and allows them to go beyond the basics.

What are the Different 3D Modeling Services Can You Outsource?

There are different types of 3D modeling services. It helps businesses in producing various outputs, which we will discuss further as we go on with the topic. Meanwhile, here are some of the 3D modeling services you can outsource:


  • 3D Architecture Modeling

3D modeling helps architects and engineers build projects better. This is commonly used for informational purposes. They study the design safety, the level of success, and the whole ideation of a structure through the its 3D model

If you want to have a digital model or a 3D printed version of a building, a house, or any place you want, you can use this service. 


  • Product Modeling

Design your soon-to-release products perfectly by outsourcing 3D product modeling. This service helps ensure its packaging efficiency and overall quality. It allows you to study your products and improve it.


  • Mechanical Modeling

Does your business belong to the mechanical or industrial sector? If it is, 3D modeling is necessary. It offers great value to manufacturing operations and helps increase organizational profits. 

Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Modeling

Still having doubts if 3D modeling outsourcing is ideal for your business? Take a better look at the following benefits it could provide:


  • Helps Increase Profitability

Reducing operational costs can increase profit margin and make a big difference to the success of your business. With 3D modeling outsourcing, pay less than the cost of having an in-house team.

Outsourcing allows you to customize the service based on your needs such as a per-project basis wherein you will only pay when you assign a project to them. 

Through outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about the regular payment for space, the salary of your 3D modelers, equipment, and 3D modeling software.*

* For fully-managed and co-managed services only. Computation for staff leasing differs.


  • Gives You Access to 3D Modeling Professionals

There’s no need to train people anymore when you outsource 3D modeling. No matter how complex and how urgent the project is, the company you hired will deliver it on time. They have professional 3D artists who will ensure a quick turnaround time but still provide high-quality output. 

Another thing you can count on is increased productivity. Simply give them the details of the project and the info then you can already go back to keeping the core areas of your business functioning at the top capacity.


  • Makes the Operations Easier

When you outsource, you get a team of 3D modelers to handle your projects. But it doesn’t end there. Outsourcing companies also have project managers to make sure that everything comes in handy, especially in delivering the projects on time. 

They also have quality assurance officers who will ensure that the outputs meet the guidelines and follow the instructions and details properly. 

Focus on the things you need to do without the burden of worrying about the projects with their help.


  • Provides Access to Advanced Resources

Getting programs, tools, and software required to do 3D modeling does not stop at purchasing — it needs to be always up-to-date to keep it functioning well. 

When you hire a third-party company, you don’t need to think of simple things like maintaining these as they have state-of-the-art resources needed to get the job done.


  • Go Beyond the Basics

Be on top of the competition when you partner with a top-of-the-class company that will take care of your 3D modeling requirements. Stay in the game with better quality output and service.

Outsourcing companies commonly operate 24/7 which allows you to be in contact with them any time of the day.

Use of 3D Modeling Outsourcing to Different Industries

Undeniably, many industries use 3D modeling nowadays to boost their businesses. It includes the following: 


  • Marketing and Advertising

These two industries are just some of the top clients of 3D modelers. They use 3D models for pitch presentations, activations, events, and many more. 

To make their clients visualize the plan well during the pitch, they outsource 3D modeling to create 3D models of the plan. Through this, both parties can see the areas to improve in the overall concept.


Gather more leads with the use of a digital 3D design or model on your site. 

Consumers, when purchasing online, tend to view the product design from all angles aside from its information. This fact itself says it all. 


  • Packaging Manufacturing

To create the most ideal packaging, manufacturers undergo through studying the design process first using quality 3D models before officially manufacturing it to ensure the quality.

And if you are wondering why packaging design is important, it makes a product look more interesting. It adds up to the impression of its quality. 


  • Entertainment

Yes, even the entertainment industry uses 3D modeling outsourcing for their effects, especially in films. They add a few shots to improve the scenes.


  • Healthcare

For the healthcare industry, 3D services play a huge role. Here, they use 3D modeling for various medical needs such as prosthetics, medical models, and even tools and equipment. 


  • Geology and Science

3D modeling outsourcing allows this industry to create models for prediction. It helps prevent massive harm when environmental disasters happen.


  • Interior Designing

Interior designers use 3D modeling to check for design harmony before making purchases. This is to ensure a great impression of the overall interior of a place.


  • Architecture and Engineering

Before settling on a plan, architects and engineers study all angles of the project by developing 3D models and using it to avoid problems in the future, especially once the construction starts. 

3D Modeling Guide to Outsourcing

3D modeling outsourcing is a great and affordable way for businesses to get a comprehensive visualization of their projects. 

With the broad selection of companies to choose from, how do you know which one will be the most ideal partner for your business? Let’s explore some points to keep in mind when considering outsourcing to make sure that you will end up with a great partner.


  • Research About Different Service Providers

Checking on various 3D modeling outsourcing service providers is a no-brainer. It is important that before you do this, you already have a list of preferences to look out for. 

Sort out the companies depending on your preferences and take a better look at each. Read reviews, research about its market experience, and see if there are case studies about brands outsourcing to it. 

It is also necessary to pay attention to their website. Since they are offering remote services, they should have a detailed and user-friendly website. It should include a list of services and provides different channels of customer service


  • Take Some Time to Look at Their Portfolio

This is the process of making sure that the service provider is skilled, professional, and can meet the standards you are looking for when it comes to the quality of work. 

Build first impressions by simply browsing on their previous works. 


  • Compare the Prices

If one of your main goals for outsourcing 3D modeling and rendering services is the cost-saving, then this should be a crucial reminder for you. 

Among the companies you short-listed, don’t settle only on the cheapest one choose the most reasonably priced. Never compromise the quality of the output for the cost. 


  • Check the Quality of Their Customer Service

In this scenario, you are the customer. And customers always enjoy a hassle-free transaction. If you want effective communication and collaboration, target the one that has great customer service

A good 3D modeling outsourcing provider cares about its clients. They should treat customer service as an important area of their business. 


With the presence of highly competitive brands around who are always aiming to be on top, it is never easy to stay in the game, but outsourced companies will help pull you up. And this guide to 3D modeling outsourcing will be your way of finding the most ideal partner for your business.

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