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The Essential Guide to 3D Modeling Outsourcing

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on May 30, 2024

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Are you trying to determine if 3D modeling outsourcing will benefit your business? This guide will help answer some of your questions.

Outsourcing helps in business efficiency and profitability. In the case of 3D Modeling, it allows you to start new projects quickly, without much hassle.

If you want to know more about outsourcing 3D Modeling, read further to find out more about the following:

  • What is 3D Modeling?
  • What are the Different 3D Modeling Services Can You Outsource?
  • Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Modeling
  • How to Choose a Reliable Outsourcing Partner for 3D Modeling
  • Use of 3D Modeling in Different Industries
  • 3D Modeling Guide to Outsourcing
  • Career Opportunities and Salary Range in 3D Modeling

What is 3D Modeling Outsourcing?

3D Modeling, in a nutshell, is space and dimension rendering.

Using a computer and specific software, we can copy reality through math. 3D modeling outsourcing, on the other hand, is hiring a third-party company to perform your 3D modeling needs.

Many companies outsource 3D modeling services as they find them beneficial to their business. It increases efficiency, improves operations, and allows them to go beyond the basics.

What are the Different 3D Modeling Services Can You Outsource?

There are different types of 3D modeling services. It helps businesses produce various outputs, which we will discuss further as we go on with the topic. Meanwhile, here are some of the 3D modeling services you can outsource:

  • 3D Architecture Modeling

3D Modeling helps architects and engineers build projects better. This is commonly used for informational purposes. They study the design safety, the level of success, and the whole creativity of a structure through its 3D model.

You can use this service to have a digital model or a 3D-printed version of a building, a house, or any place you want.

  • Product Modeling

Design your soon-to-release products perfectly by outsourcing 3D product modeling. This service helps ensure its packaging efficiency and overall quality. It allows you to study your effects and improve them.

  • Mechanical Modeling

Does your business belong to the mechanical or industrial sector? If it is, 3D Modeling is necessary. It offers excellent value to manufacturing operations and helps increase organizational profits.

Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Modeling

Still, having doubts if 3D modeling outsourcing is ideal for your business? Take a better look at the following benefits it could provide:

  • Helps Increase Profitability

Reducing operational costs can increase profit margin and make a big difference in the success of your business. With 3D modeling outsourcing, pay less than the cost of having an in-house team.

Outsourcing allows you to customize the service based on your needs, such as on a per-project basis, wherein you will only pay when you assign a project to them.

Through outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about the regular payment for space, the salary of your 3D modelers, equipment, and 3D modeling software.*

* For fully managed and co-managed services only. Computation for staff leasing differs.

  • Gives You Access to 3D Modeling Professionals

There’s no need to train people anymore when you outsource 3D Modeling. No matter the project’s complexity or urgency, your hired company will deliver it on time. They have professional 3D artists who will ensure a quick turnaround while providing high-quality output.

Another thing you can count on is increased productivity. Give them the details of the project and the info then you can already go back to keeping the core areas of your business functioning at top capacity.

  • Makes the Operations Easier

When you outsource, you get a team of 3D modelers to handle your projects. But it doesn’t end there. Outsourcing companies also have project managers to ensure everything comes in handy, especially in delivering projects on time.

They also have quality assurance officers who will ensure that the outputs meet the guidelines and follow the instructions and details correctly.

Please focus on the things you need to do without the burden of worrying about the projects with their help.

  • Provides Access to Advanced Resources

Getting programs, tools, and software required to do 3D Modeling does not stop at purchasing — it must always be up-to-date to keep it functioning well.

When hiring a third-party company, you don’t need to think of simple things like maintaining these, as they have the state-of-the-art resources necessary to do the job.

  • Go Beyond the Basics

Be on top of the competition when you partner with a top-of-the-class company that will handle your 3D modeling requirements. Stay in the game with better quality output and service.

Outsourcing companies commonly operate 24/7, allowing you to contact them any time of the day.

How to Choose a Reliable Outsourcing Partner for 3D Modeling

Choosing the right company for 3D modeling services is a critical process, take these steps to pick a company that meets your project’s needs and expectations:

Evaluate their expertise

Make sure the provider has a strong portfolio in your industry, as this type of experience will guarantee understanding and good outcomes better than an inexperienced choice would.

Assess Communication Practices

Make sure the company has robust communication channels and practices that will give you regular updates and the ability to provide feedback that’s necessary for successful outsourcing.

Consider the Technology Stack

Technology is key in this space; the right partner will have access to the latest and greatest 3D modeling software and technology that will consistently deliver.

Check Client Testimonials and References

Experience can provide excellent training, ensure a firm is reliable and does good work, or both. Make sure you understand what’s behind the provider you’re looking at.

Understand Scalability

The right provider will be able to scale their services up or down based on your project requirements. In addition, several companies will offer you a better rate if you’re willing to provide them with more work, so understand this concept when you negotiate terms.

Use of 3D Modeling Outsourcing to Different Industries

Undeniably, many industries use 3D Modeling nowadays to boost their businesses. It includes the following:

  • Marketing and Advertising

These two industries are just some of the top clients of 3D modelers. They use 3D models for pitch presentations, activations, events, etc.

To make their clients visualize the plan well during the pitch, they outsource 3D Modeling to create 3D models of the project. Through this, both parties can see the areas to improve the overall concept.

  • E-commerce and Retail

Gather more leads using a digital 3D design or model on your site.

When purchasing online, consumers view the product design from all angles besides its information. This fact itself says it all.

  • Packaging Manufacturing

To create the ideal packaging, manufacturers study the design process using quality 3D models before officially manufacturing it to ensure the quality.

And if you are wondering why packaging design is essential, it makes a product look more attractive. It adds up to the impression of its quality.

  • Entertainment

Even the entertainment industry uses 3D modeling outsourcing for their effects, especially in films. They add a few shots to improve the scenes.

  • Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, 3D services play a considerable role. Here, they use 3D Modeling for various medical needs, such as prosthetics, medical models, and even tools and equipment.

  • Geology and Science

3D modeling outsourcing allows this industry to create prediction models. It helps prevent massive harm when environmental disasters happen.

  • Interior Designing

Interior designers use 3D Modeling to check for design harmony before making purchases. This is to ensure a great impression of the overall interior of a place.

  • Architecture and Engineering

Before settling on a plan, architects and engineers study all angles of the project by developing 3D models and using them to avoid future problems, especially once the construction starts.

3D Printing: Extending the Value of 3D Modeling

3D printing is just one place where 3D modeling has transformative applications, and it’s a space that’s revolutionizing several industry sectors. These services help with traditional design projects, but they also provide value in 3D printing applications, including:

  • Prototyping: Rapidly create prototypes to perform tests and refine designs before the full-blown production process is entered into.
  • Custom Manufacturing: Build custom, on-demand parts for a variety of industries – reducing inventory costs and waste in the process.
  • Medical Models: Create detailed anatomical models for educational purposes or as a part of the pre-surgical planning process with 3D printing and 3D modeling.
  • Personalized Products: As the technology becomes ubiquitous, offer a consumer market custom products that meet their exact specifications – everything from custom jewelry to custom home décor, and much more.

Career Opportunities and Salary Range in 3D Modeling

The field of 3D modeling is a field with a wide range of career possibilities, salaries vary based on goal location, experience, and specialization. Typically, the field has job titles such as the following:

  • 3D Modeler: The individual responsible for creating three-dimensional models – these design professionals can expect to make between Php 377,987 and Php 633,839 a year depending on experience or industry.
  • Character Artist: Professionals who specialize in creating characters in games and animations – these professionals’ salaries range from Php 548,718 to 963,025 a year depending on experience or industry.
  • CAD Technician: Designers who focus on technical and engineering designs where CAD software is used, salaries range from Php 258,000 and Php 360,000 a year depending on experience or industry.
  • VFX Artist: Professionals who create visual effects for movies and TV – often the higher end of this specific career path will see salaries range from Php 407,468 to Php 683,276 a year depending on experience or project complexity.

Unlocking Business Potential with Magellan Solutions’ 3D Modeling Outsourcing

The benefits of 3D modeling outsourcing are extensive. Through outsourcing, businesses can gain the advantage of precision, efficiency, and creativity through skilled professionals, cutting-edge technology, and industry-specific insights.

With its experienced team and advanced resources, Magellan Solutions can help businesses navigate the opportunities of 3D modeling, positioning them to produce high-quality, innovative outcomes across various industries, from architecture to healthcare.

By partnering with Magellan Solutions, businesses can focus on their core operations, without sacrificing high-quality, thorough outcomes. Take the first step towards harnessing the many advantages of 3D modeling outsourcing to meet your strategic objectives. Explore all the ways you can work with us and contact us today or fill up the form below.

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      The Essential Guide to 3D Modeling Outsourcing

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