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What Are The Calls Made In Telemarketing?

By Yelyna

Updated on May 2, 2024

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Who do our Filipino telemarketers call?

There are many types of telemarketing services in the Philippines to discuss. 

Magellan Solutions will briefly hit on the most popular types of telemarketing and how they differentiate from each other. Businesses need to understand the differences to make the best decision in approaching telemarketing for their own business.

Below are the 6 main telemarketing Philippines outbound calls we make:

Types of call center outsourcing Philippines
B2C telemarketing is when a business reaches out directly to consumers. They sell products or services that benefit an individual themselves. But there are strict guidelines you must follow:

• What time of day businesses can make calls

• Understanding the National Do Not Call Registry

• Adhering to specific State governed Do Not Call rules

• Knowing exemptions that may apply to the different call types

B2B telemarketing is when a company is offering a product or service to a business. It is vital to know who you will be calling and why to be best prepared.

Although there are not as many guidelines, there are still some to be aware of. They are not subject to the National Do Not Call Registry. However, a couple of states now require scrubbing against their state list.

In outbound telemarketing, the caller initiates the interaction between the business and the buyer.

The first step for outbound telemarketing services Philippines is to determine who would benefit from the product or service. 

It makes no sense to call everyone blindly. Therefore, you must segment. Some companies have led within their systems for this purpose. But some buy lists are based on various demographics. Once you segment and know your audience, then you work on the challenging part, persuading them.

Inbound telemarketing is when the buyer makes the initial move, an inbound phone call, regarding the product or service they’re interested in.

At first, it may seem inbound telemarketing is easier for a business because if the caller calls in. However, the tricky part is how to market the product or service in the first place. Here are a few ways to get the word out:

• Radio advertisement

• Magazine ads

• Postcards

• Social media

• Email campaigns

Sales calls from call center services Philippines are popular telemarketing tools. It is used by many companies to try and get their product or service sold by a trained agent doing the selling from beginning to end. Companies need the callers to make the initial contact to zero in on those that are interested and generate leads for their internal sales team. This is called lead generation Philippines.

Telemarketing lead generation helps companies with an internal sales team but do not want to waste all their resources making phone calls. Many organizations utilize outsourced telemarketing lead generation services as part of their overall strategy to hit their sales goal.


Best qualities when you hire Telemarketer Philippines

From an outsider’s perspective, all salespeople seem to possess the same characteristics. They’re stereotyped as charismatic, extroverted, and competitive. 

But entrepreneurs, especially those who evaluate their agents’ performance, know that they have widely diverse personalities and selling styles.

The logician

They’re very process-oriented. 

This unduly attention to detail makes them rather transactional. Because they focus more on the step-by-step procedures of making a sale, they see everything in black and white. They usually don’t know how to improvise when faced with an unexpected scenario. In most cases, they would find it hard to connect with a customer on an emotional level. As a result, most of the deals they close are done by accident, not by skill.

When you hire from a telemarketing companies Philippines like Magellan Solutions, we make sure that the process is flexible. We research all possible unexpected scenarios. We use it as a training guide so that the next hires would not work blindly. 

The flashy one

Every call center has this type of agent. 

They’re highly competitive and extroverted. Thus they easily build rapport with a customer. Their charming personality enables them to effortlessly motivate customers to buy and maybe come back a second time. Although they excel in telemarketing, their customers mainly buy because they like the sales agent and not necessarily the product.

But we make sure that along with likable agents, your customers will come back a second time for the services as well. We train our agents to highlight the best aspects of your service/product. We train them to see how to make it useful to those they call.

The inconsistent seller

Passive-aggressive and impossible to predict. You wouldn’t know what to expect from the inconsistent seller. 

They may have the potential. But they’re stuck in their comfort zone and are afraid to take risks. 

At their best, however, they can close deals like your top performers. All they need is to be open to their mentors’ advice and have confidence.

Believe it or not, b2b lead generation companies in the Philippines hire those that we see confidence in. So we assure you that unpredictables will play in your favor.

The ideal telemarketer

The ideal telemarketer is your superhero. 

These telemarketers always put the customers’ needs first and then make suggestions to address those needs. They are analytical but compassionate. Their in-depth product knowledge allows them to make intelligent but cost-efficient recommendations tailored to a customer’s preferences. Thus, buyers leave the store highly satisfied.

All these could either work to your advantage or drag you down. But these are the ideal characteristics that an effective telemarketer must have. 

Instead of hiring only those who already possess these traits, we further improve the performance of your team through coaching. Knowing the unique attributes of the sales reps helps us design training programs that target your needs along with your customers.


Outsourcing to one of the top pioneers of contact center services Philippines

Outsourcing telemarketing services can help your organization augment your existing customer relationships. 

Magellan Solutions, a pioneer in the Philippines’ outbound call center, can meet all your telemarketing requirements. We can increase your revenue by effectively closing sales through our competent inbound/outbound telemarketing services and by creating sales force leads.

We provide you with insightful information about the unfulfilled requirements, the level of satisfaction, and the needs of your customers. Along with this information, we also provide your organization with strategic ways to address your customers’ issues and enhance customer relationships.

Most telemarketing services charge by the hour. Budget anywhere from $20-$75 per hour for U.S.-based telemarketing services. Offshore options are much cheaper at $12-$20 per hour. 

But quality-wise, we can compete with and exceed your in-house teams’ leads.


Reading this far, we assume that even without “cold-calling” you yet, we’ve got your attention as a telesales company in the Philippines.

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      What Are The Calls Made In Telemarketing?


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