B2B Telemarketing: Is AI the Future?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about b2b telemarketing is AI the future

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about b2b telemarketing is AI the future


Human Factor Is Still Essential in B2B Telemarketing


Telemarketing for B2B plays a simple rule. This is to market to an organization or to people at work. Aptly named business to business telemarketing. 

Telemarketing is indeed an old school approach for business growth. However, it is proven effective. As it is considered as the most powerful in the B2B arsenal. Thus indispensable. 

The technique does not change when it comes to telemarketing. It is the innovation on how to do this effectively that changes. 

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in telemarketing is somehow inevitable. This means to program robots to do telemarketing for your business. However, this technique is yet to reach its perfection. 

AI becomes sophisticated as the day goes by. This means your potential customers might not even notice that they are in fact talking to a robot. 

It is good to note that B2B telemarketing is not simply calling a prospect client. It is to have a conversation with them. Conversation that will entice them to avail the service or the product. 

Therefore the human factor to do these specific tasks is far from over. Your customers are people. It is common to prefer talking to a person too.


What is Outbound Telemarketing?


In this specific approach, telemarketing teams do outbound calls to prospect clients. This is for them to offer products or services to potential customers. Not just potential customers but targeted customers. 

This means that these customers meet the qualifying standards and have the highest chance to avail the service or product. This is sometimes called customer segmentation. 

This is done by telemarketing companies to ensure every call is maximized. To reach full potential of such calls is equal to business growth. As well as wider customer reach. Which any business always wants to achieve. 

Outbound telemarketing is proven as cost effective. It also helps to maintain a positive relationship with existing customers. Also to build a strong foundation with prospective customers. 


What is Telemarketing Outsourcing?


It is established that telemarketing is an effective business technique. It is a common practice for any business to outsource this customer service offshore. Why? Because it is cost effective to do so than to hire an in-house talent. 

For telemarketing outsourcing, Philippine call center companies offer this service. Cost effective compared to its western counterparts, Filipino telemarketers are a top choice due to neutral accent. 


How to Choose Your Outsourced Telemarketing Services


BPO industries in Asia offer telemarketing services. That is a fact. Therefore it is up to you on how you would choose your outsourced telemarketing services. You can do this by following these simple guide:

Assess Your Needs

This includes meeting with company stakeholders and decision makers. Such as your marketing and sales team. This is for them to set their requirements for the telemarketing service you want to outsource.

Interview Your Potential Outsourcing Partner

A simple google search would ping tons of outsourcing companies for this service. A good trick is to assess how your prospect telemarketing vendor would handle you via call. This gives you a glimpse how they would handle your clients once you avail their telemarketing services. 

Request a Proposal

Once you shortlist your telemarketing vendor, you can ask for a proposal. This is to ensure that their capabilities are on par with your requirements. 


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