Benefits Of 24 7 Live Support

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about the Benefits of 24 7 Live Support

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about the Benefits of 24 7 Live Support

24 7 Live Support Services Is Beneficial To Your Business


Customers expect 24/7 live support. Advent of technology made constant interaction possible. Especially between a business and its customers. 

To achieve customer retention, businesses invest in a 24-hour customer service. This could be in the form of 24/7 customer service like telephone calls, chat support, and chat bots.

Customers want instant solutions to their problems. They do not have the time to waste for their problems to get fixed. 

They expect businesses to attend to their concerns. As quick and as effective as possible. Sounds impossible but 24/7 live support made this doable.

A business no matter what size can take advantage of this innovation. Which could translate to business success. Plus better customer satisfaction.


24 Hour Chat Support


Traditional email and telephone support is the go-to when it comes to 24/7 live support. Yet deploying digital channels is also an effective strategy. This is for you to optimize your customer management.

Most customers are on their mobile phones. As you can do everything with it. A business reachable via 24 hour chat support is a must. 

Happy and loyal customers do not switch brands when they are satisfied. With support you can provide them. 

Ultimately, this translates to better customer retention. Something that any business wants.

Advantages Of Live Chat BPO Services


As stated, customer retention is the ultimate goal of any business. The challenge would be to hire an in-house customer service representative. Another is the business hours. 

If you can only answer customer queries within a set time, why bother? Customers expect to reach you 24/7. 

This is the part where outsourcing comes into play. Your outsourced live chat BPO services can answer customers any time of the day. 

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.

Provide Real Time Support

Your outsourced live chat services can provide real time support to your customers. No queries go unanswered. 

Provide solutions to customer problems in a snap. Fast and efficient. This gives them an impression of your business credibility.

Increase Sales Conversion

Response time is important. But not a mere response from automated bots but of a live and real person. The faster your response time, the more repeat customers you can generate. Which in turn a bigger sales conversion.

Improves Customer Retention

No customers want to wait for long hours to avail a product or service. You can minimize or eliminate this possibility with live chat services. 

A customer improves its lifetime value. Which add up ultimately to your business revenue. A 5% customer retention increase can produce 25% more profit.

Delivers Better Customer Experience

A good customer service is an experience for most of your clients. With the help of a live chat BPO services, you can make this experience a breeze. You can focus on internal matters for your business. While experts in handling customers take care of your external communications.


Magellan Solutions: Your Top Choice For Managed Chat Services


We can provide a qualified staff for your chat services. Every chat message will get an answer. Real time and in a professional manner.

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