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Companies That Outsource Data Entry Work

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on June 3, 2024

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Companies that outsource data entry work can experience significant cost savings while maintaining the accuracy and integrity of their data.

Accurate data entry enables businesses to create better decisions for the growth and development of their organization. This crucial task, however, can take a lot of time and focus. Even with the aid of data entry software, double-checking is still necessary to prevent insufficient data.

In 2016, businesses in the United States lost about $3.1 trillion due to poor data quality. When the data you’re dealing with every day contains many errors, you’ll probably make several mistakes. Correcting incorrect information is also time-consuming, expensive, and can be cause of delays.

To ensure data quality, companies go for outsourcing data entry.

Some of the companies that outsource data entry work and other data management tasks are the following:


Companies that Outsource Data Entry Work


Xerox is an American global corporation specializing in office technology. With over 100 years of operations, print and digital document products and services have reached more than 160 countries.

Part of Xerox’s history was acquiring an information technology company involved in organizational business process outsourcing solutions. In the latter part of 2016, the company transferred all its business services solutions to its newly-formed divestiture.

Meanwhile, its part of its data entry processes was being outsourced to a service provider based in London.



After its tremendous success as an online retailer, Amazon expanded its business operations covering artificial intelligence, digital streaming, web services, and cloud computing. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Amazon is one of the companies known for moving some of its functions to offshore locations, especially customer service.

Meanwhile, its data entry remained nearshore. It was outsourced to a data entry located in England.



For Walmart, big data helps companies in understanding their customers better and creating better business decisions. Big data analytics allows the retail giant to gain higher operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

There is no wonder why Walmart invested heavily in its offshore development center in Bangalore to strengthen its data and analytics technology. This move wasn’t meant to be a cost-cutting strategy but a way to take advantage of the global talent and to be a part of the community of technology companies located in the area.



BOSCH is an engineering and technology company that manufactured and trades automotive products, industrial equipment, packaging machines, consumer energy products, security systems, electrical power tools, and many more. Founded in 1886, it became one of the ten largest companies in Germany.

BOSCH contracted its data entry work to a GDPR-compliant outsourcing company in the United Kingdom. It also outsources its cell manufacturing operations as part of its strategy to lead the mass market for electromobility.



Hubspot is a software company that is known for its software products for inbound sales, marketing, and customer service. Its headquarters are in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hubspot is one of the American companies that outsource data entry work to a service provider from Hillsborough, New Jersey. Aside from data entry, it also contracts part of its sales and customer support to other firms.



Elwyn is one of the oldest and largest care facilities in the United States. It was established in 1852. Its mission is to provide education, support services, and treatment to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, and other behavioral health challenges.

Dealing with many individuals who need their support, Elwyn has to process tons of data. Thus, this internationally recognized human services nonprofit organization got the help of an American business process outsourcing company for their data management needs.


Why Does Accuracy Matter in Data Entry?

Like a navigation app, data gives businesses direction. An incorrect input in the address bar can lead you to the wrong destination. Inaccurate data, on the other hand, can cause bad decisions. This is why accurate data entry matters, especially when you want to reach your goals faster.

There are many ways to ensure the accuracy of your data. For instance, you can start using state-of-the-art software or hire people to check the final input’s quality. Other companies use readily available options, such as outsourcing data entry jobs to specialized service providers. This method allows them to save costs by sending time-consuming data entry jobs to other companies with experienced data entry specialists and high-grade technology.


Why Should You Outsource Data Entry Services?

Businesses, particularly those dealing with numerous customers, must regularly deal with overflowing data. And chances are high that you are also experiencing some difficulties in managing your data right now. The common issues usually come from an outdated database, a limited number of employees, or lack of in-house expertise and technological know-how.

Third-party vendors can provide all these. They already have everything set for you — from your team’s recruitment to the onboarding and the quality check of your data. Data entry service providers have data entry best practices to ensure that you get accurate documents in as little time as possible.

More importantly, outsourcing your data entry can help you become more efficient in doing your job. Without the hassle brought by inaccurate data, you can create better decisions and improve the performance of your business.


Data Security Guaranteed

What stops companies that want to outsource data entry are data security and privacy issues. Information leakage has serious consequences. It can damage consumer trust and company’s reputation.

This is why reliable data entry service providers have certifications like HIPAA, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS. These certifications guarantee that your data are safe and secured.

Magellan Solutions is an ISO 27001-certified company that offers a wide range of data management services, including data entry. We have over 15 years of experience in providing quality data entry services to our clients from different industries.

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      Companies That Outsource Data Entry Work

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