Give Instant Answers To Your Customers By Outsourcing Live Chat Support

Give Instant Answers To Your Customers By Outsourcing Live Chat Support


Here’s a fact that may make you rethink your customer service delivery: 75% of customers feel it takes too long for them to get in touch with an agent, according to a survey by Harris Interactive. The good news for both business owners and their customers is because of chat support services, this unpleasant experience can be a thing of the past.

Even if the “too long” part of this finding is completely subjective – some customers think five minutes is too long, but some can wait it out for another set – you wouldn’t want to potentially lose 75% of your market just because they find your customer service representative slow in responding to their queries.


What Can Outsourcing Live Chat Support Give?

Business owners who take advantage of live chat outsourcing have a bigger opportunity to make their customers happier than those who don’t. A 24/7 Live Chat Support feature gives your customers – who are already browsing your website – instantaneous answers to their questions about your products and services, no matter what time or day.

We should highlight the fact that these customers are already on your website, probably checking your products when a question pops into their mind. Their eyes and full attention are in your business already, which in itself is a feat considering all the other distractions they see when they are online. But you can easily lose them if there is no one to answer their call or message for help.  

The lost opportunity to serve a client, whether new or existing, impacts your business in more ways than one. You not only missed the sale and a chance to make a profit, but you also missed the opportunity to show that customer that you care about their need for quick and quality customer service. And that total customer experience can be difficult to forget and remedy. In your customers’ minds, your company did not make it easy for them to contact you when they needed your help. All because no one was there to immediately answer their questions.

And this is exactly what a 24/7 Live Chat Support feature prevents: negative customer experiences stemming from an inefficient customer service delivery.

Without a Live Chat Support agent to quickly resolve their concerns, your customers will have to search and dial your customer hotline number, go through the long waiting times trying to reach an agent just to ask them a single question.

Live Chat Support not only lowers the possibility that your customers will be distracted and end up canceling their purchase but also reduces the chances of your customers moving to your competitors who offer them answers on the spot when they ask for it.  


What Can 24/7 Live Chat Support Give?

24/7 Live Chat Support is an intuitive and pro-active way for you to show your customers that you are there anytime, any day, to help them with any concern they have.

It is a proven effective tool to ensure their attention remains focused on you by making it very easy for them to know the answers the moment they ask for it. Outsourcing your Live Chat Support to an established BPO helps you have more satisfied and loyal customers and a thriving business.

Make your customers happier by giving them the answers when they need it.

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