How Magellan Solutions Stayed on Top of BPO Philippines Over the Last 3 Years?

How Magellan Solutions Stayed on Top of BPO Philippines Over the Last 3 Years?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled How Magellan Solutions Stayed on Top of BPO Philippines Over the Last 3 Years?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled How Magellan Solutions Stayed on Top of BPO Philippines Over the Last 3 Years?

Let’s take a quick look at how Magellan Solutions managed to be consistent at the top spot of BPO Philippines over the last 3 years.


Magellan Solutions will celebrate its 18th year as one of the best in the BPO Philippines for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).


Many start-up companies that outsource to Philippines trust Magellan Solutions because of the flexibility of the service. 


On top of that, it is actually harder to make it at the top of BPO companies in Metro Manila on a yearly basis. 


It is because there’s a lot of newly established outsourcing companies every year. All these companies aim to provide the best possible solution for their clients.


With this in mind, let’s check out what processes Magellan Solutions has to take in order to consistently remain in the top for the past 3 years.


We will also show you the top BPO Philippines from 2019 to 2021.

Top BPO Companies in Philippines 2019

1 Helpware

2 Flatworld Solutions

3 Fusion BPO Services

4 Magellan Solutions

5 Premier BPO

6 KMC Solutions

7 WNS Global Services

8 Unity Communications

9 AnswerFirst

10 Teletech


Magellan Solutions gained the 4th spot in the 2019 top BPO Philippines. It is worth noting that the top BPO company (Helpware Inc) is just 5 years in the operation


Meanwhile, Flatworld, Fusion BPO and Magellan Solutions have been operating for more than a decade. 


It goes to show how easy it is for newer call center companies to gain top spot because of their innovative operation.

Magellan Solutions’ Actions To Remain as a Top BPO Manila Philippines

The general program of Magellan Solutions in 2019 is to introduce as many BPO services as they can. So, they created programs in data management, eCommerce, and omnichannel.


On top of that, they also made several services in the 3D industry such as CAD outsourcing services.


Of course, inbound and outbound call center services are still their cream of the crop. In fact, most of their clients saw a 40% increase on their inbound sales conversion rate.


Magellan Solutions also participated in some international conventions to improve their business processes and technology solutions.


During the second quarter of 2019, they took part in ConnecTech Asia 2019 in Singapore. 


This convention aims to enhance call center technologies, data transfer processes, business continuity approach, and security measures.


Participation of Magellan Solutions in these international events open up many opportunities for possible partnership. 


Hence in the last quarter of 2019, they opened a new call center office to accommodate their growing list of SMEs partners.


The management also feels that healthcare BPO will become a trend in 2020 because of the worsening situation of the new coronavirus. 


As a result, they improve their HIPAA compliant protocol to provide better service for their business clients.


Top BPO Companies in Philippines 2020

1 Teletech

2 Magellan Solutions

3 Global Sky

4 KDCI Outsourcing

5 Propelrr

6 Loft

7 Main Source 365 Tech

8 D&V Philippines

9 TaskBullet

10 7th Media Digital


The efforts of Magellan Solutions in 2019 resulted in inching two spots to gain the second place in the top BPO companies in Philippines 2020.


Meanwhile, the 2019 top call center company (Helpware) is not even on the list. It shows that more mature companies can sustain their position compared to newer companies.


During the early part of 2020, the country was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many organizations stop operating including some call center companies.

Magellan Solutions’ Actions To Remain as a Top BPO Manila Philippines

The management reacted quickly after the government announced a nationwide lockdown. 


They started providing working tools for their work-from-home employees just after a month of lockdown. 


Transition from an office set up to remote work is not as smooth as anyone can imagine. But Magellan Solutions management assisted all their agents all throughout the process.


On top of that, they also provide internet incentives to alleviate the workload of their agents.


Meanwhile, for those who don’t have the ability to work on their home, they provided a staff house with free accommodations and shuttle service for easy transportation.


As a result, 80% of their account becomes fully operational just a couple of months after the transition. 


To top it all off, the organization sustains the number of clients they’re getting monthly which add up with their growing international business partners.


Top BPO Companies in Philippines 2021

1 Magellan Solutions

2 Six Eleven Global Teleservices

3 Cloudstaff

4 Infinit-O

5 Support Services Group

6 HireSmart Staff

7 AS White

8 Helpware

9 Office Partners 360

10 Teletech


Their great response towards the pandemic crisis gives Magellan Solutions the edge over other BPO companies. 


Thus, they gain the top spot of Top BPO Companies in Philippines 2021. One thing to emphasize here is how erratic the list is from top to bottom.


In fact, no other companies remain in the top 5 for over 3 years except for Magellan Solutions.

Magellan Solutions’ Actions To Remain as a Top BPO Manila Philippines

Transitioning from office work to work-from-home is one thing, but sustaining it for a couple of years is another.


It’ll be hard to maintain the quality of work if there’s very minimal supervision, especially in the call center industry. 


That’s why trainers implement weekly coaching and training through online meetings. This way, agents can still maintain their excellent quality even with minimal supervision.


Magellan Solutions also provides monthly supplies that will protect agents from COVID-19 such as face masks and alcohols.


On top of that, they also create stricter health protocols to ensure the safety of agents working in the office.


Finally, one of the problems faced by BPO companies is the rise of the attrition rate. According to a recent study, the 2020 turnover rate grows up to 45%.


It means BPO companies have to make a better effort to keep their agents as it might be a big issue if they have tons of clients but no agents to work on it.


Good thing Magellan Solutions managed to maintain their 18% attrition rate. They did this through connecting with their agents.


Fred Chua, the CEO of the company, has a monthly Town Hall meeting to address issues concerning their agents.


It makes the decision making easier as everyone in the organization is involved in the solution. As a result, agents are happier and turnover rate is also lower.


Conclusion on the Top Companies of the Business Process Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines

Magellan Solutions has been a constant top 5 of bpo companies in the Philippines for over a decade now. 


The management always finds a way to provide solutions for every challenge with or without the pandemic.


On top of that, success of the organization is the combination of nurturing their business partners and taking good care of their agents.


Maturity is also a big factor when it comes to sustaining their position on the top spot. 


Having a couple of  decades experience ensures that management have knowledge when it comes to outsourcing industry and supporting their employees.

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