How To Turn Prospects Into Buyers With B2C Lead Generation

How To Turn Prospects Into Buyers With B2C Lead Generation


Today’s marketing managers and sales professionals are facing higher demands and greater expectations from their employers and clients more than ever. Gone are the days when it was deemed enough for telemarketers to just hit their targets of cold calls per hour.

Whereas before, the quality of your leads more or less dictated the success of your marketing activities, today, the more important aspect has taken center stage – the quality of your leads. This paved the way for businesses to compete in an entirely new arena, where the result of their lead generation campaigns largely affected their sales and marketing funnel.

The best B2C lead generation strategies are those that produce leads to high quality, enabling for a more efficient sales funnel and faster conversion. Here are four of the most effective B2C lead generation ideas so you can easily convert your prospects to buyers:


Make your prospect’s and customer’s words, your own

Wordstream recommends conducting online market research to find out what your prospects are looking for, and what your existing customers appreciate about your product. Delving into the channels where your customers are most active, such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites can reveal to you their behaviors, pain points, and preferences. The comments they leave on your website are also a valuable resource. Then, incorporate the most frequently used words and phrases into your sales copy and marketing content so they will feel connected instantly, building greater trust and enabling a faster conversion. The best part about this B2C lead generation method? It is effective, easy, and inexpensive.


Build upon exclusivity

Inviting your prospects to join your exclusive community of clientele where they will receive exclusive offers, freebies, and notifications of upcoming sales and product releases is another tried and tested method for generating qualified leads. The success of this B2C lead generation tactic is based on people’s positive perception of the word “exclusive”, and simultaneously, their desire to belong to a special, private group. Ensure that your interested prospects find it easy to join your exclusive group of shoppers by asking them as little information as possible. You wouldn’t want to reduce their interest by overwhelming them with too many required fields.


Work on your CTAs

Your call to action button may take up minimal space on your website or landing page but they are undoubtedly the most important button on your whole site. Your CTAs are your website’s main conversion tools so make sure your CTA copy does not only generate interest for your prospects but moves them to act towards making a purchasing decision. Whether that is to sign-up for your exclusive newsletter or schedule an appointment with an agent for a sales demo, your CTAs should be powerful enough to transition your prospects from “just interested” to “I want what you’re offering me now.” Master this B2C lead generation approach by using expert copywriters’ formulas and watch your qualified leads and customers increase. It might even work for your B2B lead generation, you will never know.


Make an emotional investment

Companies that outsource sales team had one thing going right for them. That is, emotional advertisements and copies serve as effective filters for your companies’ marketing and sales funnel. Those who are emotionally carried away by your words, images, and offers are those who are truly looking for what you are offering, and are more likely to make a purchase. To increase your success with this B2C lead generation strategy, you must know what makes your prospects and customers hearts’ beat.

Use these four B2C lead generation techniques today so your business can experience faster conversions in lesser time. Let the B2C lead generation experts help you convert more prospects to customers. Contact us!


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