Why Content Marketing Is An Effective B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Why Content Marketing Is An Effective B2B Lead Generation Strategy


You probably know by now that B2B lead generation methods differ slightly from B2C lead generation methods, owing to the differences between individual consumers and companies. Individual customers are generally easier and less expensive to market products to than business entities. Individual consumers also require less time to arrive at a purchasing decision, as compared to a business that has to undergo a hierarchic process of consultation with different unit heads before the final decision is made. Lastly, individual consumers are quick to jump to a competitor offering a lower price, but B2B companies tend to be more loyal to businesses they have already built a relationship with over time. Your B2B lead generation methods must consider all these characteristics of businesses to maximize their effectiveness.  

Content marketing is one proven lead generator that many business experts and some of the most successful businesses use to generate high-quality leads without the high financial or time investment. A clear vision, strategic planning, and proper execution are critical in ensuring your content marketing works according to its purpose: consistently valuable content that engages your customers to take action.

Here are three reasons why content marketing is an effective B2B lead generation strategy:

B2B lead generation is targeted

The Content Marketing Institute stated content marketing is for a targeted audience, as opposed to mass marketing. This makes content marketing more attractive to your target market – in this case, business owners, CEOs and other C-level executives – because they feel that your content speaks directly to them. Content marketing aimed towards the decision makers of businesses allow you to capture their attention by sharing with them your expertise about a subject matter that you are both invested in. Whether you share your content through blogs, infographics or white papers, content marketing is an effective B2B lead generator because of its focused target audience.

It leads to more customer engagement

When you come across content that seems perfectly curated for your needs and tastes, you instantly engage with it, instead of ignoring, skipping or deleting it altogether. That’s simply human nature: anything that you find useful or consider valuable, you keep, you share, you connect with. As the results of the 2015 IBM Digital Experience Survey showed, 56% of marketers agree that personalized content promotes higher engagement rates. And higher engagement rates lead to more conversions and a healthier bottom line. Improving your B2B lead generation results is easier to accomplish with content marketing.

It guides businesses during their decision process

Content marketing can guide your prospects during their decision-making and nudge them towards making an informed decision. Because the relevant and valuable content you create and publish can be customized according to their needs, you can plan accordingly for it and reap the benefits. Consider also that the B2B sales cycle is longer compared to B2C. Take advantage of this longer time by regularly sharing content to your prospects that keep your brand top of mind while educating them. Simply execute your well-thought-out B2B marketing strategy to properly guide your leads along with your sales funnel.

Content marketing only becomes an effective B2B lead generator when it remains true to its definition. Creating and distributing useful and unique content regularly to the decision makers of a business is a proven and powerful marketing tool your business can utilize to secure new B2B clients.

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