Outsource PDF Data Entry Services To The Best Data Entry Clerk

Outsource PDF Data Entry Services To The Best Data Entry Clerk

Outsource PDF Data Entry Services To The Best Data Entry Clerk

Outsource PDF Data Entry Services To The Best Data Entry Clerk

Outsource pdf conversion services to the best data entry clerk

Data entry is the most important repetitive task for any business.

Outsourcing companies like Magellan Solutions provide an array of data entry work for SMEs.

Due to the diverse requirements of the data industry, different specializations exist. There are entry-level data entry roles that must only have basic computer skills. While some roles would need very specific skill sets. This concerns data manipulation, graphical presentations, and even licensed data processing.

One of the most common data entry services in most industries is manual data entry. 

Manual Data Entry

One of the most common data entry jobs. It manually creates documents into a digital platform .


  • Transferring a PDF document to a Word document.
  • Entering data into Microsoft Word 
  • Data cleaning where data entry clerks remove or correct data
  • Filling in data on a spreadsheet.


Customized data entry online solution with Magellan Solution

You can streamline the entire process. Transfer time-consuming data entry tasks to our specialists. Magellan Solutions team works on a 24/7/365 and performs your data entry assignments online.

Online data entry services are important. It serves as the core for customer support for shipping and customer feedback. We have been in the data entry industry for over a decade. This is why we understand the pain points of the customer easily. Thus we find ways to provide our services accordingly. Some of the key online data entry services we offer are:

Online Data Entry Involving Foreign Languages

Magellan Solutions offers multilingual data entry services. We help with a smoother preparation of invoices and other documents. Data may include many countries and languages.

Online Copying, Pasting, Editing, Sorting, and Indexing

We improve data management. We work on editing and analyzing as needed. Examples include indexing of business cards, PDF documents, and other data.

Online Data Capture

Our data experts capture data online and enter it in designated formats into the database.

Online Entry of Image Data

We further enhance the accuracy and SEO results for images. One of the common steps is by entering captions and other image-related data.

Online Entry of Receipts and Invoices

Magellan Solutions accelerates the scheduling of invoicing and accounting processes. We do so by entering invoice and receipt data online.

Online Content Conversion

We convert information files to and from a variety of document formats. Examples include data entry for e-books and e-magazines.

Online Order Entry and Follow-up

Our data entry clerks enter data for transactions. This may include subscriptions, orders, and coupon redemptions.

Web-based Indexed Document Retrieval

We analyze, create, and update document retrieval systems. These are being indexed according to the designated criteria.

Online Entry Involving Customer Support and Shipping

Magellan Solutions prepares and enters data for

  • Customer feedback
  • Surveys
  • Product registration cards
  • Mailing lists
  • Labels
  • Shipping documents.

Online Entry for Legal Documents and Insurance Claims

Our employees complete specialized data entry for requirements. This includes insurance claims and legal documentation.

Online Entry for Product Catalogs

We ensure that product catalogs are compiled and updated with the required data, images, and descriptions.

Online Data Entry Using Multiple Input Sources

Magellan Solutions accept inputting files and data from a variety of available sources. It may include handwritten documents, hard copies, soft copies, digital files, and scanned images.


The Philippines as the best data processing service provider

The Philippines, having a low-cost labor market rate, offers cost effective data entry services.

There is always a continuous influx of information in all business sectors. This is why outsourcing data entry services would be of great advantage to you. At Magellan Solutions, our specialists can develop databases containing large amounts of information. Furthermore, we make it accessible for you and your in-house team. We focus on security and efficiency as we do our job for you.

Magellan Solutions is fully aware that a leak of information may damage consumer trust and company reputation. With ISO 27001 and HIPAA certification, the company fully guarantees the strict confidentiality between your office and ours. 

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