What to Consider Before Starting Telemarketing Companies

What to Consider Before Starting Telemarketing Companies

What to Consider Before Starting Telemarketing Companies

What to Consider Before Starting Telemarketing Companies

What are appointment setting services?

Basically this service helps in finding new prospects without the hassle and stress that usually comes with it.

Appointment setting serves to assist you towards other possible business partners. It is also a service that introduces you to other likely buyers.

Appointment setting services are either:

Lead generation

This is a marketing process of capturing interest in a product. It allows companies to find potential prospects. Candidates are qualifying individuals considering their profiles, interests, and their demographic data.

Lead generation’s purpose is to develop sales through found clients. Clients who are most likely to buy services or products.


This is a telemarketing service. Trained agents persuade to close deals via phone call.

Sales in telemarketing may also be referring to as “telesales” or “inside sales.


Inbound call is based on inquiries about the products and services offered. Often pertained to as a “warm” call, customers initiate as first contact with the company. It enables customers to inquire during a time that best suits their interest.

Unlike outbound, warm calls could yield higher profitability in the long run.


Outbound or “cold” calls raise awareness about your products to targeted audiences. Calls are between the agent and prospects you’ve never been in touch with. 

These unsolicited calls convince customers to make a purchase.


A further look into cold calling services

Many industries rely on outbound for revenues. Some of these companies are Uber, Fortune 500, Twitter, and other growing start-ups .

Outbound calls generate leads and sales. It alerts customers of new products and offers.  Not only are cold calls for sales. It is also used for meetings, conference calls, or for gathering business surveys.

Telemarketing companies, like Magellan Solutions, use softwares such as:

    • InsideSales – Rebranded as XANT. It is a sales model for industries selling high-ticket items.
    • Aavaz Created to serve small businesses design and launch efficient calling campaigns
    • SafeSoft Use in maximizing both inbound and outbound calls.
    • Mojo Dialer – List dialer wherein agents load their data files into Mojo. Afterm they select which list to call and begin smiling and dialing. 
    • Freshdesk An online cloud-based customer service software. It provides help desk support with all smart automations.
    • ICT Application suites bundled together as a package.
    • Vocalcom – Includes phone, email, SMS, web, chat, social media in a single interface. 
    • RedCloudSolves the cost to businesses globally caused by cash and cash management. 
    • Voicent – VoIP software application that offers predictive dialer software product, Agent Dialer.
    • VanillaSoft – A sales engagement software for inside sales. It helps development reps for processing data.
    • YtelIncludes different modes of communication such as SMS, voice, email, and direct mail.
    • Five 9 – Used for inbound, outbound, blended and omnichannel contact centers world-wide.
    • Call Fire Helps business with virtual phone numbers, IVR, voice broadcasting, mass text messaging services and power dialing. 

All data gathered is being stored through the help of these softwares. Data can be accessible by any member of your management at their convenience.

Outsource your outbound telemarketing services

These companies have sales representatives who dial numbers day in and day out.

It takes a lot of time and company resources to use, train, and oversee a team of cold calling personnel. So outsourcing your cold calling services is an excellent choice.

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