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Staying Focused with Remote Worker Monitoring

By J. Saenz-Key

Updated on April 30, 2024

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Staying Focused and Timely with Remote Worker Monitoring

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new normal in more work and living. That’s why firms are getting Remote Worker Monitoring services for their employees.

While remote work is not a new concept, many of us are still in the dark about how working at home or anywhere else works.

Due to remote work’s various routines and settings, managers continue to develop a way of tracking remote workers, projects, and assignments, especially when it’s impossible to peek and supervise them just a room over. 

Many work management apps and other online tools are now making rounds in many companies that run on the offshore workforce. While remote work monitoring services are still spanking new, it’s ready and equipped to handle the hassle of timekeeping. 

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What is Remote Worker Monitoring?

Remote work monitoring is keeping track of your staff’s activities, productivity, and time consumed during work hours. Since installing biometric scanners in every employee’s home base is not a feasible idea, these services help you keep track of time spent by staff working on a specific assignment or working for you in general. 

Now that remote work is rapidly growing into normalcy and online tools are changing the landscape, many managers are always finding ways to fine-tune positions. Especially when the workforce is in many different parts of the country, much less in other parts of the world, streamlining onsite operations is challenging, so it’s not hard to see how complex it may be for remote work operations. 

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What are the Benefits of Remote Worker Monitoring?

Remote employee monitoring helps keep the job more organized. While it gives off the impression of simply making sure remote staff clock in and clock out on time, having a reliable remote worker monitoring service ensures all remote staff is where they should be.

While a temporary setting for some, many companies operate on remote staff. They are considerably cutting down on costs in housing and staffing. 

Now that the current social norms are limited, remote work thrives even more, becoming a more attractive option for many burnt-out office workers, boosting the remote work market and the need for remote worker monitoring services

Remote worker monitoring software not just helps managers and companies. While remote work seems to be a lot simpler, things can get messy fast, especially when responsibilities at home begin to bleed into duties at work slowly. 

Getting one’s headspace into work mode when surrounded by co-workers is easy. Alas, not the same can be said for workers inside their bedrooms. 

Remote tracking software can help remote staff be more organized in their work, guiding them into planning their tasks well into the day through features that not only keep track of time spent working. Having reliable, user-friendly software like this could help remote staff keep track of their time and progress, effectively getting their headspace into productivity in no time. 

What are the Disadvantages of Remote Worker Monitoring?

Remote worker monitoring is a solution on its own. Helping managers and companies keep track of time and services rendered and guiding remote staff into a more organized way of working, especially in a comfortably familiar work environment that could quickly make them more complacent than they would appreciate. 

While a reliable solution, just like many business functions out there, tracking work-from-home employees in such a fashion also has its implications. 

Employees are fuelled by morale more than many managers and companies expect. In this day and age, where the culture of self-sufficiency and mental health awareness is advocated, few employees are willing to put up with less than-conducive work culture. 

While remote tracking helps employers keep track of the time employees spend working. It can also create a sense of distrust between employer and staff, as not everybody reacts favorably to being watched.

Another con would be the costs. Reasonable solutions are almost always costly. Most software companies offer limited features without spending extra cash. Given that this is a relatively new business function, managers looking to assemble their own remote worker monitoring team in the enterprise would require instructional manuals and sessions, which are just as costly and time-consuming. 

Privacy issues are also a looming downside, as many staff doesn’t take well into the thought of their online activity being looked into – which is inevitable, as remote work is entirely founded online and occasional browser searches are unavoidable, whether work-related or not. 

Remote tracking is valuable and reliable, but many factors must be considered. A qualified, thorough check of the company’s working conditions and requirements can help proprietors and managers decide to acquire the Best Remote Worker Monitoring Tools.

Fortunately, living in the digital age makes almost everything smooth and accessible for work. 

It comes in many forms. Usually, an app or software can be easily installed and accessed by both employers and staff. Some tracking apps have features allowing users to access the software across different devices. It’s beneficial to workers that are always on the go. 

Many of these software tools are available to the market and are subject to costs based on features and inclusions. Some of the most known are: 

Time Doctor

Launched as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) in 2012, Timedoctor is one of the most recognized remote worker tracking tools. It’s mostly running on a primary user interface. With CRM capabilities, it initially includes keystroke loggings, internet usage tracking, and screenshot encoding. 

Time Doctor offers a free trial, with its most basic features available during the trial period. Costs usually start at 5$ a month, up to $49 depending on the number of staff covered. 


Deskcove is more than just a time-tracking app. Mainly it covers the basics of remote work tracking software such as time and activity tracking. But it takes things up a notch and provides features that assist project management. This keeps both managers and staff updated on the progress of the project. As well as the progress of each member in their assigned tasks. 

Boasting a more user-friendly interface and added features for project management, Deskcove also calculates a ‘focus score’ which pulls out the amount of focus each staff achieves during working hours, based on their time and productivity level encoded by the app; this, in turn, lets managers know if a staff member needs assistance or coaching in a particular area, they struggle to focus on. 


Jibble is a handy time-tracking app that works on smartphones and desktops. It is perfect for remote workers that are always on the go, perfect for fast-paced, mobile workers and freelancers.

The app uses GPS tracking to encode both time and location of the staff. The app makes checking much easier for managers and HR since remote work, after all, happens anywhere.

Managers and companies will find it the best app, especially in their mobile environment.

Monitoring Made Easy

Remote work provides many opportunities on both sides. Startups and SMEs are often big consumers of remote and offshore staffing. It is because of the reduced costs and shared oversight in managing staff.

Many employees craving a change of scenery and a more self-designed schedule often dive into remote work.

Working remotely can be both a comfort and a struggle. And remote worker monitoring aims to provide solutions through streamlined work for the company and the staff and ensure staff are paid fairly and adequately based on time and services rendered.

Whether it’s a blessing or a bane for the firm, it is a valuable solution, and at the rate that remote work is growing in the market, this solution might soon be an industry on its own. 

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      Staying Focused with Remote Worker Monitoring

      J. Saenz-Key

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