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5 Proven Benefits Of An Order Taking Call Center

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on May 30, 2024

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voOutsourcing an order-taking call center is the ultimate choice. Along with convenience, personalized service is one of the keys to enhancing customer experience.

While there’s nothing wrong with an automated answering service, this is not what customers prefer. They seek someone who can immediately address their needs and concerns, especially when ordering food and other necessities over the phone.

Because of this demand, many businesses have seen the importance of hiring live operators. But for small restaurant owners and for those who want to focus on their primary business, outsourcing can work for them.

What is an Order-Taking Call Center?

An order-taking call center is a service designed to handle calls and meet the communication needs of customers. Agents take orders, answer inquiries, and provide post-purchase customer service. It is available through web-based phone interactions, making transactions faster and more convenient. This service can assist you during regular business hours, after-hours service (for 24-hour establishments), or peak seasons.

The following are the functions covered by an order-taking service:

An answering service is not limited to voice processes alone. Call centers also offer live chat and email support features.

Live chat caters to customers who experience issues in placing their orders online. Meanwhile, the email support function enables agents to confirm customers’ orders by sending an automated email.

One of the advantages of having an agent is its ability to upsell and cross-sell products. With the guide of a well-crafted order-taking script, an agent can offer similar products or suggest an upgrade. It can provide additional value to your customers and your business when done right.

Why Should You Outsource to an Order-Taking Call Center?

When you find the right call center partner, your business can enjoy these benefits:

Well-trained support team

Call center agents undergo different levels of training before they start to handle your calls. It assures you that they know your products from the inside out. Their foundational skills exercise and product-specific training help them take orders accurately to minimize mistakes and after-purchase complaints.

24/7 availability

This applies to restaurants or fast food chains that are open 24/7. Thanks to its flexibility, Philippine call centers operate day and night, whichever geographical location you’re in. Whether it’s a late-night craving or an order for a business lunch, you’ll surely miss no opportunities.

Improved customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings

Call centers take CSAT scores seriously. They even incentivize their top-performing agents to motivate them with their jobs. When you outsource your order-taking service to a call center, you can give a better experience to your customers. In the long run, it can lead to better customer relationships, a good image, and higher profits.

Reduced costs

Offshore outsourcing destinations cost cheaper. In the Philippines, for instance, BPO companies and foreign investors can enjoy tax incentives, making it cost-effective to operate in the country. Aside from this, call center pricing typically includes everything you need in place. It provides office space, equipment, training and development programs, and manpower. You only need to talk with a business development officer and discuss your concerns.

Staffing flexibility

BPO companies offer different business models. If you want to handle all the aspects of your order-taking procedures, you can choose the fully-managed model. Meanwhile, the co-managed approach might suit you best if you still want to get involved in certain aspects, such as training. There’s also the per call answered wherein you’ll pay based on factors such as the call volume and average handling time (AHT). You might want to consider the shared services if you only need one or two agents. As the term implies, you’ll share the account with other businesses that receive low calls and do not need a lot of agents to work for them.


How to Look for the Right Order-Taking Service Provider?

Choosing the right service provider is as critical as selecting the best recipe ingredients. You have to think of its quality to satisfy your customers’ preferences. Good customer service attracts and makes people stay.

There are several ways to find a competitive and affordable call center company. Some of these are listed below:

  1. Identify your needs. You must first identify your business needs to find a good call center partner. From there, set up a parameter so you wouldn’t feel lost amidst the thousands of call center companies.
  2. Have an online search, then shortlist your ideal companies. In the Philippines alone, more than 800 BPO companies exist. To get started, keep in mind the qualities you need. Visit the websites of qualified companies, then determine if their service suits your needs and budget. After this, talk with a representative through email or phone call.
  3. Compare. Once you’re done inquiring about different companies, compare their rates, expertise, and services. Determine which among them offers comprehensive packages to help you save money.
  4. Check the service quality. Availing of a call center service for a low rate is important. However, you need to make sure that they’re offering quality service. It is better to shell out a little more than to have the quality of your order-taking process compromised.
  5. Seal the deal, then track its progress. Once you’ve signed a contract with the most suitable company, get a regular report. By doing so, you can follow the progress of your account and see if it works positively for your business.


Outsourcing a customer service team for your order-taking process is an excellent help for your business. Not only will this ease the burden of answering several calls at once, but it will also help you provide better customer service for a lower price.

Enjoy good returns on investment by outsourcing an order-taking service.

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      5 Proven Benefits Of An Order Taking Call Center

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