What To Look For In A Data Entry Business Provider?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about What To look For In A Data Entry Business Provider

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about What To look For In A Data Entry Business Provider

Data Entry Business Provider Can Help Boost Your Business


Data entry is an essential tool for any business. It is a tedious and repetitive task. Yet important in every business. Good thing with such a task is, you can outsource from a data entry business provider to do it for you. 

Data entry companies can help optimize how you process and store your paperworks. Be it from a physical document or online data collection. 

Data Entry Outsourcing Companies In Philippines


The Philippines has one of the largest BPO market share in the world. It is not surprising that this task is among the most outsourced jobs in the country. 

Outsourcing data processing means to hire an offshore staff for the data processing services for your business. 

Data Entry Processes You Can Outsource:

  • Transcription
  • Claims
  • Product
  • Filling in MS Excel sheets accounting
  • Survey
  • Raw data conversion and data input
  • Document management services
  • Image
  • Invoice
  • Forms processing

Good thing about outsourcing data processing is you can assign a dedicated staff for such tasks. Not to mention an expert data entry team. Who can deliver accurate information vital for your business. Plus when you outsource data entry jobs in the Philippines, it costs you a lot less money. 


Data Processing & Outsourced Services


There are tons of BPO companies that offer these services. That is a given. The trick is how you can find the perfect BPO company for data processing and this outsourced service. Check this list for you to know what to look for.


Tons of industry experience in data processing will show your chosen provider its capability. This means they had prior experiences to handle tasks that might be similar to what you are looking for. Focus on their experience on the service that you require.  


There are tons of applications for a smooth and reliable data processing. Your chosen data entry business provider must use the latest and reliable among all of them. This tells you that they take their date entry services seriously. To which will be advantageous for your business. 


You can ask your chosen data entry business provider for client testimonials or references. You can zoom in on the clients that are in the same industry as yours. With this trick, you can cross reference with them if your chosen provider follows standard procedures in data entry. As well as if their deliverables are high quality and handled in a professional manner. 

Quality Policy & Standards

This is for your own safety and your clients. Data entry may include personal and sensitive information. Therefore, you must look for a data entry business provider that follows worldwide standards. These are GDPR, ISO, and HIPAA. 

You have to make sure that they are compliant with GDPR, ISO, and HIPAA. For information security, the ISO 27001 family provides protocols that must be followed by any BPO company. 

Turnaround Time

This means they can deliver quality work within the agreed time frame. This is to ensure that hiring them would be an asset and not a burden for your whole business process. 


Cost saving is the top reason why businesses choose to outsource. Thus you must look for a data entry business provider that is affordable yet reliable. Your chosen provider must be economically feasible to your business in the long run. 


Outsource Offline Data Entry Services in Magellan Solutions


You can outsource your data entry projects in Magellan Solutions. We can provide stellar offline data entry services that will help your business. 

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