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Why Emotion-Driven Cold Calling Service is the Best Feature of Telemarketing Philippines?

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on June 11, 2024

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Let’s examine why Telemarketing Philippines is the best destination for an effective emotion-driven cold calling service.

Telemarketing Philippines offers a lot of advantages in terms of the quality and technical side of any cold calling campaign.

We already know that the telemarketing call center Philippines provides various technologies that will help SMEs develop their telemarketing campaigns.

So in this article, let’s discuss the qualities of Filipino telemarketers that will help your cold-calling campaign succeed. We will also provide some benefits of using an emotion-driven telemarketing strategy.


Different Emotions Used by B2B Lead Generation Companies in the Philippines to Persuade Customers

According to recent studies, customers made 95% of their purchasing decisions unconsciously.

It means they will use their emotion first to decide and justify their decision logically after buying the product. This is why agents should have a basic understanding of customers’ emotions and how to take advantage of them.

With this in mind, let’s dive in at some emotions that you can use to maximize your telemarketing campaign:


Customers Driven by Optimism vs Pessimism

It is not easy to build your connection with any potential clients. You need to consider your customers’ moods before talking about your product, or you will end up losing them for good.

So, it’ll be better if you start your conversation on a positive note. For example, instead of asking them about their problem, you can check what their goal is in the future.

Talking about goals and aspirations instead of frustrations will generate a more enthusiastic and productive conversation. It is a great way to know your customer’s needs since 87% of prospects say cold callers don’t understand their needs.

Moreover, a positive approach means giving your product something that will create great value in the customer’s life. Meanwhile, having a negative statement at the start of the call tends to present the service as a “cure-all” for your prospect’s pain points.

Creating this impression on customers leads to greater disappointment if they find out the limitations of your product. Hence, it’ll be better to set the customers’ expectations at the very first call in a friendly manner.

Having unfriendly agents (60%) and agents’ lack of knowledge (46%) about the product are two of the most frequent reasons why customers take their business elsewhere.

Finally, the optimistic approach of agents outperformed pessimists by 57%. This is even accurate regardless of whether pessimists have better skill sets than the optimist agent.


Customers Driven by Money

Everyone wants to gain something during a sales interaction. While you want to make sales, most of the customers also want to know what they can gain from buying your product.

Hence, 66% of telemarketing call centers believe customers will place a high priority on the accuracy of the data provided. The trick is to show this to your customers. You must emphasize and demonstrate the value of what you’re offering.

It is actually easy to spot if a customer is a money-oriented person using these tendencies:

  • Very ROI oriented
  • Asks many questions about potential profit
  • hesitant about the cost of a new product or service
  • Eager to get to the bottom line right away

When you encounter these tendencies in your potential clients, you should focus your presentation on a more data-driven topic.

Providing anecdotes of former and current customers who saw significant ROI after closing sales with you improves their interest in your service.

Furthermore, it is easier to pique their attention if you use money-oriented buzz words such as “revenue,” “invaluable”, “profit”, or “earnings” even more than you usually would.

However, you should still create a value-adding statement in your sales pitch rather than just presenting it with all these figures.

Around 84% of buyers complain that sales reps are annoying in convincing them to buy using all profitability and ROI.

At the end of the day, you can influence 96% buyers’ purchase decisions through the value you can deliver to them.


Customers Driven by Fear

Telemarketers can use this emotion to stimulate the needs of customers to purchase your product. You can indicate why they have to immediately turn to your product to solve some of their common challenges.

Please take note that taking advantage of customers’ fear is different from being a pessimist during the lead generation process. To explain further, you can use fear after you ask some positive questions to your customers.

For example, after asking about the goal of your customer, add the effect of not using their product aside from its benefits. This way, your customers can understand the urgency of using your product for future solutions.

Furthermore, you can cite some stories of other customers who refuse to buy your product right away. Make them realize that they don’t want to be in the same situation as those clients. It is also an effective way to integrate fear, as 63% of customers can remember stories that you give while only 5% remember statistics.

People are inherently wired to protect themselves; therefore, fear won’t fail to elicit a reaction. Once you state these factors, your potential will naturally ask you for additional information about the product. This is where you will act as a “problem-solver” more so than being a telemarketer. 79% of business buyers want their cold callers to be a trusted advisor who adds value. Customers want consultants, not old-style telemarketers.


Customers Driven by Trust

Trust is the best benchmark of every telemarketing campaign. Establishing trust and credibility with potential customers means you have an effective way of presenting your product.

Unfortunately, only 19% of customers trust telemarketers. It is because most customers’ thinks that cold callers will always sensationalize the product without giving them what they need. Trust is particularly unique among emotion-driven telemarketing, as no one can fake it. So, telemarketers must mean what they say and do as they promise.

Being open and honest about your product is fundamental to building trust with your clients. You should be able to state its limitations to know what to expect in the product. Offer testimonials, customer reviews, hard data, and publications your company has appeared in to demonstrate its transparency.

Trust will lead to loyal customers, who are one of the main keys to your company’s success. In fact, customers loyal to their brands spend 67% more than new customers. On top of that, 84% of potential clients want to buy from someone they know and trust.

You will know that your prospects want to build trust first when they have the following characteristics:

  • They’re looking for a secured business transaction
  • Critical thinker and take the decision-making process seriously
  • Questions everything you said
  • Ask for assurance, like seeing testimonials or any success stories

You can go a long way with your business when you have trusted and loyal customers. They will prioritize all your new innovations first before checking other brands.


Why Filipino Telemarketers are the Best Option for an Emotion-driven Cold Calling Campaign?

Now that we already know the customers you can prioritize in an emotion-driven telemarketing campaign, let’s check why Filipino telemarketers are the best for this cold calling service:


Rapport in Doing Telemarketing Philippines Outbound Service

When your telemarketer talks over the phone, 84% of prospects are more focused on the tone of their voice rather than their words.

So, the best way to build a rapport with a prospect at the start of a conversation is to align with their speech patterns. Moreover, you also have to respond to cues that indicate their feelings and state of mind.

This is where a telesales company in the Philippines can excel. Filipino call center agents have the ability to connect with their customers by showing empathy toward them. Not to mention that they have a great accent, which sounds calming in the ears of American shoppers.

Establishing rapport with your customer makes them relax. As a result, they can be more open in the conversation and can share key information required in building better relationships.


Philippines Outbound Call Center Agents’ Communication Skills

80% of new telemarketers fail due to their hesitation during the phone conversation with your potential clients. They can hear if agents have no confidence in what they’re pitching.

The secret to an effective emotionally driven conversation is to listen thoroughly more than you speak, which is what call center services in the Philippines are known for.

Most outbound telemarketing services in the Philippines have training for attentive listening with their agents before even going into live operation.

This improves their communication skills since they can pitch their product depending on what the customers say.

This is also in line with customers’ sentiment as 69% of them want someone to listen to their needs first before hearing any offer.


Hire Telemarketer Philippines for Their Empathy and Understanding

Understanding your customer’s challenges and motivation will help you create a more personalized sales process depending on their needs. 48% of them expect specialized treatment for being loyal to your company. So, you need a different approach to how to treat your potential clients.

You need to rely on important information based on the challenges they provided to you at the start of the conversation. There’s no template here that you can go by as everything varies depending on the tendencies and moods of customers.

That’s why outsourcing your telemarketing services in the Philippines can help you a lot with this situation. Most BPO companies have expertise in analyzing customers’ tendencies, which they will forward to their experienced Filipino telemarketers.

They will use it to analyze the purchasing patterns of your potential clients. This way, they will feel the special treatment they’re expecting from your company.


Morals and Values of B2B Lead Generation Companies in the Philippines

Lining up your morals and values with your customers is possibly the most important element in creating a strong relationship.

Your company needs to show the human side of your business. It means you must demonstrate how you care about your customers by listening to them. Therefore, you need to look for an outsourcing company that will prioritize your customers’ needs.

Someone who can create metrics and KPIs to help you improve your relationship with your prospects.

This is where contact center services in the Philippines can come in handy. Most of their philosophy is aligned with making their service better for their customers.

Filipino telemarketers make sure that they will treat potential customers in the best possible way. It is an accurate practice since 68% of customers said a pleasant representative was key to their recent positive experience with a business.


Set Your Eyes with One of the Best Telemarketing Companies Philippines

If you are an SME looking to outsource your telemarketing service then go to Magellan Solutions. We have 18+ years of telemarketing Philippines experience with more than 100 clients all over the world.

Here are some outbound telemarketing services that we have:

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      Why Emotion-Driven Cold Calling Service is the Best Feature of Telemarketing Philippines?

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