Why Outsource Data Entry Services in The Philippipnes?

Why Outsource Data Entry Services in The Philippipnes?

Why Outsource Data Entry Services in The Philippipnes

Why Outsource Data Entry Services in The Philippipnes

Outsource data processing services with Magellan Solutions

Data management is under our administrative VAs. Its services are being aimed at ingesting, storing, organizing, and using data.

Magellan Solutions offer a wide range of data management services. We don’t limit ourselves to these tasks. We want your company to grow in our care. Thus we make sure that our agents are always prepared in advancing with you as well.

To keep up with your needs, we improvise with your request. 

What data processing outsourcing companies offer

Focused group of data encoders and specialists work on data entry processing. This ensures the accuracy of the data process input and output.

Companies should take into account the skillset and the experience of outsourcing firms. The most popular data bpo service include:

Data Entry Services

Accurate data entry services give digital access to stored information anytime, anywhere. It does not compromise the safety and reliability of important company records. BPO companies, like Magellan Solutions, follow ISO 27001 standards and HIPAA for information and data security. 

Medical Services

Medical error is the third leading cause of death in America. Doctors make real-time clinical decisions. These are being based on these numbers. Accurate results are important to diagnose and treat patients.

Patients prefer to have the ability to

  • Schedule appointments
  • Fill out forms
  • Access test results online.

This is advisable in the current pandemic situation.

Order Taking

Inefficiencies and errors are leading to:

  • Delayed order cycles
  • Slower payments
  • Smaller profit margins
  • Decrease in customer loyalty

Most orders need at least one or more manual recording. But with more manual work, comes the presence of errors.

It is best to practice on relying on web portals for a small number of customers. Customers may turn to different companies elsewhere. This is due to errors. As a result, they are losing a potential sale increase.


It is important to be accurate and up to date. It is so that you can determine success, estimate failures, and figure out the true picture of the company. To save the company time, money, and effort, keep a backup of business transactions. Outsource your accountants with Magellan Solutions. Our professionals perform more complex jobs such as payroll reporting and many more.

Legal Outsourcing

Data entry in the legal industry is a confidential thing, and it requires a special concern. All information and processes are sensitive and confidential between client and customer. Outsourcers have been putting their trust in data entry clerks. We guarantee not to expose any information. Our data entry clerk only serves the note taker in the whole process.

Loan Services

For small businesses, efficient loan management helps both the business and the economy at large. 

Higher numbers of manual entries are being required. This results in daily loan repayment data taking a long time. Converting loan statements from PDF to Excel makes it easier to record data. It allows data entry clerks in filtering loan records based on individual names.

Some industries use and work on more data than others. That’s why outsourced data services might be more popular to specific industries.

Our reason on why you should choose our outsourcing data entry projects

Data entry is the most important repetitive task for any business.

At Magellan Solutions, we provide an array of data entry work for SMEs.

Due to the diverse requirements of the data industry, different specializations exist. There are entry-level data entry roles that require only basic computer skills. While some roles need specific skill sets.

We are aware that a leak of information may damage consumer trust and company reputation. This is why we guarantee strict confidentiality between your office and ours. Our ISO 27001 certification and HIPAA compliance proves this statement.

Leave us a message and find the perfect data entry professional today!