Why Should You Invest In A 24 7 Answering Service?

Why Should You Invest In A 24 7 Answering Service?

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Invest In A 24 7 Answering Service For Proper Work-Life Balance

We are well aware that working overtime has physical and mental risks to be wary of. But how bad can it be? 

Deterioration in physical health? Work-life balance is hampered? Decreased productivity and lesser job satisfaction?

But our employees at Magellan Solutions can guarantee that they have not experienced the hassles of working unusual hours. That is not what makes up our 24 7 answering service for small business.  


What are the different pricing plans that you can invest in?

The basic question for when you think of 24/7 services is “How much do they cost?”

We want to remind you that the prices for an answering service can vary quite a bit and depend on many factors. There will be instances that transparent pricing isn’t available. Which is why it’s important to measure the company’s offerings compared to others. 

Fortunately, we have done extensive research and came up with the common pricing that will be used for the rest of 2021 and the coming years. 

The average cost for a 24 7 answering service for small business is $1.12 per minute or around $1.75 per phone call.

Answering services are mainly dependent on the pricing plan you choose. Listed below are the plans that we commonly offer for SMEs:


Per-Minute Billing

This plan charges clients for the time they spend on the phone speaking with callers. Thus, this is what most believe to be the fairest way of billing. 

But what exactly makes it “fair”? When you outsourced your 24 Hour Answering services, we only ask to be compensated for the time consumed during the call. 

Most answering services have three to five standard plans to choose from. Clients choose which of these to invest in based on their expected call volume. Here at Magellan Solutions, we also offer to scale up the plan up or down as we deem fit. 


Per-Call Billing

This is a usual billing method that shoppers may come across. Clients are charged a given amount based on how many calls they receive. The rates may also fluctuate according to the call volume. 

An example would be when a service opts to advertise a “per call rate” of $1. It seems straightforward enough. But we should consider that clients are often charged for hang-ups and wrong numbers, which can add up rapidly. 

Moreso, a 24 7 answering service for SMEs, finds it difficult to provide quality service using this billing method. Thus, it isn’t uncommon for their service levels to suffer, which reflects poorly on the businesses they answer for.


Per-Unit Billing

The per-unit billing plan should not be confused with the per call rate. 

If a service advertises a rate of $1, it may sound good. But the bill piles up much faster than you think. 

  • A “unit” can be:
  • A call 
  • A message delivered
  • A call transferred 
  • Any number of other integral items to the call handling process

With per unit billing, don’t expect to be charged only for inbound calls.


Inbound Vs Outbound 24 7 Answering Service

After having an understanding of the general pricing plans, we further discuss below in detail the cost of what you pay when you outsourced your 24 Hour Answering services.

Inbound CallingOutbound Calling
Answering ServiceNearly all their procedures are covered by insurance and the average cost is about $100-$150 per call.Telemarketing ServicesAverage price between $12-$20 per hour.
Virtual Receptionist Servicepricing:

• No calls – $20/month

• With calls – $2.99 per call

Lead Generation ServicesAverage cost between $35-$60 per lead.
Phone Answering ServiceTypical call plan pricing range:

• 100-150 minutes – $150 and $300

• 200-250 minutes – $250 and $500/month

• 500 minutes – $525 and $1,050/month

Appointment Setting ServicesThe cost of appointment setting services is either billed between $0.82 – $1.13 per minute or by the appointment. Billing per each appointment set can range from $9 – $25 depending on the industry.
Customer Support OutsourcingPricing ranges from as low as $4-5 per hour up to a more typical $10-15 per hour for those with moderate experience.

Common customer support call centers role and their rate:

• General Customer Service $10-$25

• Clerical/Secretarial Duties $10-$30

• Sales Assistant $15-$65

• Dedicated Customer Support $10-$22

Cold Calling ServicesAverage price between $12-$20 per hour.
Outsourced Technical SupportAverage cost $70-80 per hour.Outsource TelesalesRanging to $28-$40 per hour.
Omnichannel Contact Center• Phone support: $8-$14 per agent

• Chat: $15-$60 per month

• Social media: $399-$5,000+ per month

• Email: $2.50-$5 per contract

Market Research ServicesAverage cost: $15,000 – $35,000.
Multilingual Call Center ServicesRates start at $10 per hourSurvey Processing Services• E-mail / online surveys: $3,000-$5,000

• Phone surveys: $5,000-$15,000 with an average cost of $40 per interview/surveyed.

• Mail: Costs per response is between $20-$40

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Choosing the Philippines as top choice and outsourced your 24 hour answering services

The world continues to face challenges due to the pandemic. Industries have limited their work operations. 

Lockdowns and health protocols leave firms no other choice but to employ remote work settings or file for the temporary shutdown. These events have already affected many. But one industry continues to thrive despite this dilemma—the outsourcing industry in the Philippines.

The threat of global recession is adamant as recently. But on the other hand, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) expects the resurgence of the answering service industry in the country in the coming months. Furthermore, a number of call centers and BPOs have started posting thousands of job vacancies due to the growing demand.

Additionally, foreign investors also see the potential of outsourcing to the Philippines. An ANC News report states that British investors and foreign BPO clients see a lot of business prospects in the country. This only adds more to the growing list as to why the Philippines is the next top BPO destination amidst the outbreak.

As the trends continue to change for the better despite Covid-19, the 24 7 answering service industry in the Philippines will also continually thrive for years to come. 

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