Why you shouldn’t skip social media customer support

Why you shouldn’t skip social media customer support

social media customer service


Gone were the days when customer support was synonymous only to taking and making phone calls and emails. The rise of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ has paved the way to a brand new experience – an impression of being connected to the world 24/7. That being the case, companies felt that the global market and business ventures are continually moving to more avenues. Social media has now become a great platform for customer service.

It’s not surprising because customers are immersed in social media. Customers are the market. And where the market is, there is an opportunity for profit. Despite this truth, most companies still ignore the power of social media customer support.


Here’s why you would be missing a lot if your company continues to ignore social media customer support:


  1. People rant on social media

Most of us are guilty of this. When we bought a product or availed a service that turned out to be disappointing, we tend to rant on social media – telling the whole world how bad that product or service is. You don’t want those bad reviews to keep coming. Finding those feedback on social media is one of the best ways to utilize customer support and handle damage control. There are a lot of times when a customer’s negative feedback is only due to a lack of information on the product or service bought. That’s when social media customer support comes in. Social media can be a quick way to connect to customers and help them with their issues on your products and services. With this, customers’ loyalty can be regained.


  1. Customers want immediate responses

According to research by The Social Habit, 24% of American internet users aged 12 years old and above who have contacted a brand in social media expect a reply within 30 minutes, regardless of when the contact was made.

Because of the “convenient” nature of social media, most customers would go to this platform for a quick solution to their product or service problems. This is a very good avenue to build brand integrity by assisting customers well and promptly – enhancing the customer experience of your brand.


  1. Social media customer support is a good venue for publicity, brand recognition, and personal brand experience

Social media encourages more mentions and shares of content. Businesses shouldn’t miss the opportunity of free publicity and customer engagement. Social media customer support offers endless ways of maximizing business-to-customer opportunities through live chat, apps, and other interactions that will not only be of help to customers’ concerns but will also encourage the customers to share with the online world how your brand delivers good products and services.


  1. Data tracked from social media customer support platforms is a valuable starting point for growth and development.

There are a lot of ways to track how your company’s social media sites engage with customers. The analysis of patterns from the data can greatly help your business with its marketing, sales, customer acquisition, and customer retention strategies and decisions.


Outsource your social media customer support to the experts

Now that the importance of social media customer support is established, you might want your business to give it a shot. If you’re new to the ins and outs of this platform, there’s no better option but to outsource your social media customer service to the experts. The Philippines is a great destination for outsourcing this kind of service. With its population as one of the most active social media users on the globe, you can expect that your outsourced staff knows the tricks of taking your business to success through social media. With excellent training; years of experience in customer service; and background in sales and marketing, Filipino social media customer support representatives can give your business that extra oomph you’ve been missing all this time.


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