3 Initial Questions Before Choosing A Customer Support Outsourcing Service

3 Initial Questions Before Choosing A Customer Support Outsourcing Service

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What makes the best customer support outsourcing service

We know how important it is to find the right partner, especially for SMEs. Magellan Solutions currently is one of the strongest and most diversified when it comes to having a global presence for almost two decades.

Being in the business of customer support outsourcing for small business, we guarantee that we have mastered ways for you to stay close to your customers and be in control of your brand. Furthermore, our mastery helps you scale up with our technology.

Cultural differences? That’s the least of your worries with us.


How do you start to outsource customer support services?

There is some inevitable negativity when it comes to outsourcing. But this only proves how you may lack a deeper understanding of the industry and the painstaking process it involves. 

You might need a refresher course about what it means to start a customer care outsourcing services for SME like you.

Here at Magellan Solutions, we ask these important questions for you and help you understand how our partnership will work.


1. Remote or physical call center?

Outsourcing to a BPO with a physical call center means there is a chance you risk missing out on certain customer support benefits

On the other hand, a physical call center like ours can solve one major challenge of having remote employees. Unlike remote options that need extra effort, outsourcing will give you one less worry in creating camaraderie and much more stable connections.

Connections are not just towards clients and customers, but also with your internal team. Even if technically a separate entity from yours, we go the extra mile and adjust our work attitude to be on par with your in-house team.


2. Offshore or domestic outsourcing?

Outsourcing often means shifting your work to another country. But there are situations wherein outsourcing could mean working instead with a domestic BPO. 

A domestic BPO might make you think that it would make more sense. But offshoring is usually more affordable.

Offshoring services, though affordable, does not always equate to poor results. It just so happens that the cost of the company is patterned after its own home country. In our case, the Philippines, which is one of the top choices for outsourcing because the cost of living is not as expensive. 

Furthermore, you will find a large pool of talent that spans multiple time zones.

But don’t think that the only options are international or domestic outsourcing. There are instances where both international and domestic customer service agents can produce great results. 


3. Dedicated or shared agents?

A number of customer support services 24/7 use shared agents who respond to customer service tickets for other accounts. This option may be unnecessary and it might bring some understandable difficulties in the long run.

But if you choose to have a dedicated team with us, it doesn’t matter if your ticket volume is really low. We guarantee you that your team will solely be focused on your business. There won’t be a worry that there might be internal conflicts because of another ‘boss’ demanding the time of your employee.


Outsource customer support services to Magellan Solutions

According to one of our clients of almost 10 years, “Outsourcing something that’s so close to your brand is always going to make you nervous. But outsourcing with Magellan Solutions provides flexibility that a company like ours just doesn’t have.”

Offering a combination of a uniquely talented, flexible, and scalable Human Cloud, AI-based technology, and actionable intelligence. 

Magellan Solutions lead in empowering SMEs to expand their customer service capacity. Moreso, our agents help engage customers with speed, empathy, and precision.

Regardless of which industry you belong in, we turn your browsers into buyers! 

Fill up the form below for a 60-minute consultation and we’ll get you set up with a team.


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