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Internet Phone Answering Service

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Despite the ubiquity of call centers and the prevalence of phone calls in customer service, businesses can’t afford to neglect their online channels. They should still provide customers with points of contact on the Internet, as well as a click-to-call option in case they need to speak with an agent for further clarification.

Live web chat

This makes use of live chat applications through which agents can give online assistance to web visitors. This lets companies take a proactive approach to customers, since live chat sessions can be initiated with pop-up windows.

Email Response

As the name suggests, this involves adequate responses to incoming emails from customers. This may or may not make use of automated email management systems. Unlike live web chat, which lets agents respond to customers in real time, email response is often delayed.

Social Media Monitoring

This involves the close monitoring of customers’ behavior on social media channels. This is done with the goal of gathering information, observing the public’s opinion of the brand, as well as detecting negative posts or comments that should be addressed.

Virtual Receptionist Service

Sometimes when a company requires an Internet Answering process, they also mean a virtual assistant. Think of a virtual receptionist as a type of virtual assistant and you’ll get an idea why the two are sometimes confused. Go to the link provided for the full suite of services done by an outsourced virtual assistant.

Outsourcing Internet Answering Service

Magellan Solutions, a Manila-based live answering services company, can provide you with a skilled and highly committed workforce. We can assemble a dedicated team or a shared project with custom hourly rates on your behalf.

Internet answering services are only as good as the agents who render them, and so it’s important to make sure that they’re qualified for the position. Magellan Solutions can give you access to a talent pool of skilled and experienced agents.

We take charge of hiring, training and managing the offshore team so that you can focus on your core expertise. We also make use of the latest communication technologies.

Our internet answering service caters to the following industries:

• Law firms
• Clinics and hospitals
• Limousine and car rentals
• Accounting firms and banks
• Insurance companies
• Telecommunications
• Hospitality
• Media and communications
• Marketing and advertising
• Mobile
The Benefits of Outsourcing

Businesses can expect to cut back on costs when outsourcing to the Philippines. The country’s contact centers offer competitive prices. The local currency’s relatively low exchange rate also gives clients more purchasing power, enabling them to maximize their budget.

Philippine contact centers operate 24/7 throughout the year, including national and international holidays. They adjust to the client’s time zone to ensure seamless operations. This lets businesses extend their internet answering services beyond fixed office hours, which means customers will have reliable support around the clock.

Contact our Business Development Manager for more information on how our answering services can help your business, or call our toll-free nos. +1-800-371-6224(in the United States). Request for cost estimate and other information today.