Why Get a Transcription BPO?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled Outsource Transcription Philippines: Freelancers vs BPO Employees?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled Outsource Transcription Philippines: Freelancers vs BPO Employees?

Would you go to freelancers or full time BPO employees when looking for an outsource transcription Philippines?


Finding trusted people to work for your medical transcription is not an easy feat. That’s why many companies that offer outsource transcription Philippines provide several options to choose from.


However, some small businesses take the affordability to the next level by outsourcing their transcription tasks to some freelancers. Yet it provides another set of disadvantages for many SMEs.


With this in mind, let’s discuss the pros and cons of freelancers vs hiring BPO employees.

Cost of Outsourcing Transcription Philippines

You can definitely save more when you hire freelancers. You can cut around 20% to 30% of the manpower fund when you reduce some expenses like health benefits and retirement.


Freelancers don’t have these kinds of perks since technically they’re not your “employees”. On top of that, you also don’t have to pay for any office supply costs as most freelancers can work remotely.


Despite this, BPO employees right now can also work virtually. The current pandemic situation proves that an agent can still produce quality outcomes while remotely working. 


So, it is also a deduction on your expenses when you hire a BPO transcription agent.

Multi-tasking in Multiple Transcriptions

Since freelancers offer more affordable pricing they usually get most of their salary from multiple clients. 


Thus it will be hard to make a request from a freelancer to work special tasks for your company.


You always need to worry if your hired freelance agents can make it on time since they’re working with a lot of clients. 


There might be some possibilities of mix up with your transcribed recording.


Thus, it is better to partner up with a call center company. They’re also dealing up with several small companies through their shared service. 


However, they can control how many clients an agent can work on unlike freelancers. Freelance agents can get as much work as they can and you have no control over it.

Relationship with Outsourcing Transcription Philippines

Freelancers are not the ideal outsourcing employees for you if you want to build a harmonious relationship with your agents. 


You need a strong relationship especially in medical transcription.  It is because you’re trusting these agents to transcribe any recorded information for your patients.


Furthermore, it might take you more time to re-check the transcribed record if you don’t trust the freelancer you hired. It is counter-productive and defeats the purpose of outsourcing.


Meanwhile, you can guarantee trusted agents from BPO companies since they went through several training before going in live. 


Besides, it is easier to disseminate any information for your team since the call center management can do it for you.


Who should you call when your freelance transcriber suddenly disappears and you need something to transcribe? No one! 


That’s the risk that you need to take when you hire freelancers. There’s no solid accountability on the side of the freelance agent. They can just disappear without any notice.


The risk doubles when you hire someone overseas. You almost have no power with them and it will be lost on your part.


You need to exert time again finding a replacement transcriber. Meanwhile, all you have is a pile of workloads and tons of medical records to transcribe.


This is the best benefit that you can get when partnering up with a BPO company. They could provide accountability whenever something unfortunate happens.


 On top of that, they can easily hire another agent for your business if the first one left. Since they have shared service, call center companies already have agents ready to work for you. All they need is a bit of introduction about your services.


How Important is an Accurate Medical Transcription Services for Small Clinics?

Medical transcription is important as it will help doctors to collaborate and discuss patients’ condition. Even if you go to small clinics, you can see several medical practitioners handle your case.


They need the transcription to review the record, provide possible solutions, or make further tests.


Of course the accuracy of the records will make it easier for doctors and nurses to come up with solutions.


To ensure accuracy, you need to partner up with a BPO company that complies with HIPAA standards. 


Transcription Outsourcing Services Provider for SMEs in the Philippines

If you  are a small or medium clinic looking to outsource transcription Philippines then go to Magellan Solutions. 


We have more than 18 years of experience providing medical BPO needs for SMEs in US, Asia, Australia, and Europe.


We are an ISO certified BPO company that strictly follows a high standard of service from recruitment to on-boarding process. 


Our team makes sure that only qualified applicants should proceed with our training program. 


Qualifications include experience from the industry they will work on like medical background or training for your dental virtual receptionist.


Magellan Solutions is also a HIPAA compliant to ensure the total protection for your patients and prospect clients. 


We will secure all the information that you will give to us as we have the top of the line technology to prevent data breaching and phishing schemes.


Our Business Developers can help you in setting up your key performance indicators (KPI). KPIs will guide you and monitor the progress of your business with us.


We also offer guaranteed flexible pricing options based on several factors like service and number of agents you need. 


Magellan Solutions understands that start-up businesses have limited funds in outsourcing services.


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