3 Common Cold Calling Pricing Plans

Pay Per Sale Telemarketing vs Per Appointment, Per Commission

Which Works Best For You: Pay Per Sale Telemarketing, Pay Per Appointment, Or Pay Per Commission?

Many business owners are typically looking for quick ways to boost their sales. Almost 60% of marketing managers in fortune 500 companies say telemarketing is “very effective” for cost per call leads and customer outreach. On the other hand, there are also over 90% of those who say it is only “effective”.

Either of the 3 models is effective as proven by the statement above. 

It is safe to say now that you are curious as to which is the “very effective” one for you. You might even find yourself a part of fortune 500 companies in the near future once you understood that there is at least one, if not all, telemarketing models that are more than “very effective”.

Pay Per Sale

The pay is $40 U.S. dollars per sale/qualified appointment with no base salary and no limit on earning. This is strictly pay for performance telemarketing based.

The advertiser will typically close the sale via inbound telephone calls as opposed to directly through its online channel. 

To track the pay-per-sale lead to a publisher, a cookie-based rotating system of telephone numbers is used to generate unique telephone numbers for the online visitor.

Each telephone number generated can be traced back to a keyword search term or advertisement that generated the phone call.

If you are an advertiser, maximize your sales coming from pay-per-sale generated leads. You can consider automating your lead generation program. The second thing is that you should have the right lead nurturing strategies. This ensures a qualified lead can be quickly converted into a client. Furthermore, you should also optimize your website design and navigation to maximize conversion.

You can even use direct response marketing strategies strategies to quickly convert the lead into a customer.

On the other hand, if you are a publisher, there are countless pay-per-sale affiliate programs out there to choose from.

If you are going to promote a product or a service to your audience, you want to give them value and not cheat them for a few bucks. You probably have an audience because they trust you. If you sell a product that is not good or of low quality, you may tarnish your own reputation, so make sure you select the right product to promote.

The other best practice is to segment your audience in such a way that you tailor your content and pay-per-sale advertising to them.

Succeeding in a PPS model is not just sending random traffic over to the advertiser. You want to send traffic that has a high potential for conversion into sales. If you segment your audience well, target them with the right message so they take your call to action. If that happens, you know that you’ve just sent a highly relevant and qualified lead over to the advertiser. 

If the advertiser does its job well, you can be getting a sale commission soon after that.

Pay Per Appointment

The cost of pay per call lead generation services are either billed between $0.82 – $1.13 per minute or by the appointment. Billing per each appointment set can range from $9 – $25 depending on the industry.

Many B2B businesses will look to outsource their inside sales teams. It allows you to connect with other businesses, which in turn can become your business partners. These businesses can also introduce you to possible customers.

Contracting an agency to set appointments for you will give you additional time to focus on your business. It costs you less compared to having an in-house appointment setter.

Appointment setting is not limited to cold calling. It is not only about selling but also helping your target customers to meet their actual needs. 

Magellan Solutions as an appointment setter, our main goal is to generate sales and especially appointments. Furthermore, pay per call lead generation setters:

  • Create interest in a better service and always seek a sale agreement to all sales appointment
  • Work and Master the script and list of contacts to assist goods and services by telephone
  • Set for the process and despatch of products and services samples and information to customers
  • Record notes for follow up and update the market database to reflect the changes in the status of customers or prospects
  • Submit the periodic reports on telemarketing activities and results

Pay Per Commission

Depending on the compensation scheme, a salesperson may be paid a sales commission. This could be based on a percentage of the amount of the sale. 

Here are some common ssales commission options

  • 100% Commission
  • Base Salary + Commission
  • Tiered Commission
  • Revenue Commission
  • Gross Margin Commission Model
  • Commission Draw
  • Base Rate Only

The best sales commission plan is the one that will drive your salespeople to perform their best. But it’s not a black-and-white decision. Many companies often end up with a hybrid of the commission structures stated above.


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Pay Per Sale

Pay Per Sale essentially tells an advertiser how much they are paying for each sale. With PPC as popular as it is, it’s very easy today to focus on clicks. However, clicks don’t tell you very much at all. In fact, a click can very often be accidental. 

Impressions don’t tell you much either. These tell you how many people are seeing your ad. Moreso, it just may mean that the ad is loaded and never actually brought to a point on the page where it can be read.

So instead, you should focus on sales. This tells you what the actual ROI is for your PPC campaign. You can compare how much you’re spending with how much you’re earning.

Amazon Associates is the oldest pay-per-sale affiliate network and it is associated with the world’s largest online shopping company Amazon.com. They pay up to 10% sale commission for each and every qualified sale. Startup affiliates will receive only a 4% flat affiliate commission. 

Growing from a mere selling platform, they now have the power to promote the selected products or recommended products on their website/app. Furthermore, provide various tools to help publishers to promote the products. This includes standard banner ads, Amazon recommendation widget, mobile pop over and native ads. Apart from these, the affiliate can create a custom ad to promote selected products.

From one sale to another, Amazon became a household name especially for the eCommerce industry.

Pay Per Appointment

Companies offering pay per appointment (PPA) commit to generating a specific number of leads for an up-front cost. After they’re paid, they deliver the leads or appointments to the client as promised. Although PPA sounds good and appears risk-free, it can be anything but.

But Brad, a former professional football player, decided to take the risk. Sooner than later, he became one of the top 100 tech entrepreneurs in Australia.

He got kicked out of the first startup he founded, NoQ, which made him resilient, more experienced, and set the course for founding CitrusAd

CitrusAd is one of the fastest retail media platforms. It is an advertising tool for retailers and brands that monetizes retailer’s digital “shelf space,” provides relevant products for customers, and real-time reporting for brands and retailers.

So what did CitrusAd face as a new SME? Modern consumers are quite jaded because of the variety of choices they’re offered. There is something for everyone. Ads pop up at every corner. Business mailboxes get filled with sales offers from various companies on a daily basis. In these conditions, finding a way to your prospects’ hearts through all that white noise becomes challenging. 

CitrusAd’s CEO, Brad Moran, joined forces with Belkins’ team within a LinkedIn Influencer Program delivered the following results:

  • produced 53 appointments;
  • gained 350k views;
  • generated 25,000 engagements;
  • got featured by LinkedIn;
  • increased SSI score to 85 (top 1% in the client’s industry);
  • effectively nurtured leads to close high-value deals with Brad’s sales team.

The client had a massive base of ideal customers (around 10,000 prospects). With a pay for performance appointment setting, relevant subjects and make each post generate around 10,000 — 20,000 views.

Pay Per Commission

Everyone knows that PPC helps to increase sales. After all, PPC almost always drives incremental traffic to a website and some of those visitors are likely to convert. Much was made of Google’s 2011 Search Ads Pause study.

The advertiser in this study is a B2B ecommerce advertiser. Let’s say they sell widgets to businesses via their website. The advertiser recently launched a new site and wanted to test using PPC to boost sales. The test lasted 10 weeks.

Multiple sellers often sell the same thing, frequently at different prices. PPC is almost a must in order to appear in the search results.

During the test, the advertiser bid on brand and non-brand terms. While brand terms usually perform better than non-brand, it’s important to bid on brand terms anyway, especially in a competitive ecommerce environment where competitors may be bidding on your brand name.

With PPC, site visits increased by 17 percent. Furthermore, sales increased by a whopping 136 percent with PPC.

One may think that the increase came from other channels, as well as from PPC. In this case, the advertiser was indeed doing other marketing. Few marketers use only one advertising channel at any given time.


Magellan Solutions is the best choice for commission only telesales companies

With us, you get more than just telemarketing. The best part? Our pay for performance sales outsourcing agents doesn’t read scripts. Instead, they learn active listening skills for establishing rapport with customers. These sales skills help them use personalized and persuasive techniques.

By adding a human touch to these calls, customers are much more engaged than they would be from listening to a script.

Common industries that outsource to pay per lead telemarketing companies include:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Education
  • B2B sales and service
  • Communications
  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Nonprofit
  • Publishing

So is telemarketing really advisable? The answer is one big YES. These industries have seen an increase in sales with telemarketing. But of course, it’s not purely telemarketing. 

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